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Is The Golden Age of Hollywood Over only to be Replaced by a Sewer?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 10, 2017

Again, this week, the Golden Globes Awards were televised across the world by Hollywood. Many of us were hardly aware that there was another honor-the-stars night. For me, the days of anticipating Oscar night, and other such movie-award-nights ceased when Bob Hope no longer was the Master of Ceremonies, which speaks of my age.

It would appear that the days of a Hollywood talent scout discovering a good-looking, glamour queen, such as Lana Turner, sitting at a Hollywood soda fountain, are also over. How easy it was for a star to be born! However, it was best they did not have too much to say publically, beyond their movie scripts, or we might have been faced with a situation as portrayed in the movie Born Yesterday, in which Judy Holliday so magnificently portrays the rather brassy, dizzy blond, Billie Dawn. It was a brilliant, Oscar-winning performance.

Most of the soda fountain glamour queens knew that their strength and appeal were in the body and the face, and they did not try to pretend that the ‘space’ between their ears was the fullest part of their bodies.

They knew their faces were responsible for filling their pocket books, or their bank accounts, for the younger generation. But, like Judy Holliday, they were born yesterday, and today, the face has slowly given way to the ‘space’, Hollywood, today, seems to be embracing the ‘space program’, which has taken over from the entertainment program.

“Voilà!” Now we have it – a Meryl Streep coming onto the scene, one who is much more than just a pretty face. She is an ‘artiste’ with what she would consider to be a political bent. Heaven forbid that she should not use her newly found strength, found in the ‘space’, to flex her newly-found political muscle while embellishing her profundity, with a little of her ‘artiste’ qualities thrown in, in order to cover all the bases available to her.

Somehow, somewhere along the line, when stardom became confused with political smarts, we have all been forced to listen to ‘bubble gum for the mind’ that lies in the ‘space’ behind the face. Of course, today, that has all changed as the soda fountain glamour crowd has given way to star-quality discoveries more likely to be found seated in bars among the drug-dealers and alcoholic flunkies.

The problem with these great pundits of stardom is that their so-called political expertise is all wrapped up in hypocrisy. While they slink about in the world of drugs and alcohol, participating in vile movies full of foul language and explicit, sexual immorality, not to mention the never-ending terror and violence on the screen, the face of the ‘artiste’ attempts to hide this messy sewer behind a face of sweetness and charm. And it is all done in order to smear the likes of Donald Trump and those who do not share their liberal ideology, when their victims are absent from the stage and without defense, or the face of the ‘artiste’ just might be turned into a sow’s ear.

Donald Trump is simply not fit to rule the nation, so they say, these much-less-than-perfect icons of a moral society. They pollute the minds of our children for the sake of the almighty dollar while, at the same time, degrading the President-elect who has spent millions of his own hard-earned dollars to better the lives of millions of American families, instead of taking their tax dollars to benefit himself and his children.

And so, in our mighty movie industry today, we have the bar-type thugs of stardom and the aging soda fountain queens represented in the person of Meryl Streep. She stood before a world-wide, television audience this week, in a carefully planned and orchestrated move to turn her into a so-called political pundit, which she believes herself to be, though she most definitely is not. It was skillfully arranged ahead of time for Fallon to prepare the way for Streep’s big moment on stage by managing to get some introductory digs in against Trump beforehand.

Then the simpering, emotional rant began, which, I, for one, felt was more than overly acted, especially the cue-card bit from the heart when she almost whispered her way through her speech. She might have made us want to weep, if she had not been so pathetic in describing this terrible man whom she could only identify as ‘he’, in view of how unfit ‘he’ is, of course, in contrast to how clever and fit she is in analyzing the political scene.

As a liberal, leftist, this Hillary-sycophant has been supporting Hillary for years and hasn’t yet come to grips with the fact that the American people, by the due process of the presidential election, soundly rejected Hillary Clinton to overwhelmingly endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States. In Streep’s view, she sees the American people as a nation of ‘deplorables’ and, of course, what better place to turn on the crocodile tears than on a world stage prepared for a drama queen?

These Hollywood types do love it when the bright lights are shining on them. We mustn’t forget how Hillary ran to her Hollywood friends, thinking they could pull her out of the terrible mess she had created before her ship would go down. But the truth is that the ‘deplorables’ rejected both Hillary and her Hollywood connection. Could it be that the lights of Hollywood aren’t quite as bright as they once were? Is Meryl Streep’s ship now listing alongside of Hillary’s sunken ship? Are a few of these dreamers, in the world of unreality, going to find the stardom they depend upon to be disappearing before their very eyes?

I can assure you that I, for one, would rather be a ‘deplorable’ on the Donald Trump ship, than a captain and his crew in a Hollywood Titanic full of elitist liberals. Donald could well be about to drain the Hollywood sewer of elitist stars so caught up in their own glow that they fail to see the public can move, and has moved, on as the Trump star glows more brightly than that of Streep and her cohorts.

In attendance at the Golden Globes Awards, were two faces that were a delight to see. They looked to be most disdainful of the prima donna’s use of an artist’s platform for a personal, political vendetta. Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn looked like they had both just been forced to eat lemons, and rightfully so. And there’s more.

The political prima donna was barely through when the insinuations would fly that Sylvester Stallone was another one of those right-wing racists, which all Republicans must be, according to the Hollywood political pundits and the liberal press ideologues. They conveniently concluded that Sylvester Stallone was averse to handling an award that was to be given for a film about Blacks. They had to do a rather large job of side-stepping the truth in order to paint the face of racism upon him. But their artistic brains seemed to be able to do the miraculous, by making left, right and right, wrong. However, once a goat on the left, always an old goat on the left, to which Bernie Sanders can attest.

Where, may I ask, are our simpering Meryl and her ilk when it comes to the Hollywood filth on which she and her Hollywood, leftist friends thrive continuously in the indoctrination of our children? Where are the bleeding hearts for the very lifeblood of the young people of America and the rest of the world? It would appear that their sights are set on making mega bucks, without a care in the world for what is going into their young minds. I would venture to say our ‘empty space pundits’ are afraid Donald might just take some real steps to stop the liberal indoctrination by an industry politicizing that which is anything but golden.

The movie industry has become a Hollywood sewer running parallel to the Washington swamp. Let the rest of us pray that Donald just might decide to clean up the sewer, sweeping away the ideology pouring from out of it to ruin lives. Who knows, perhaps the ‘deplorables’ led by Donald, with God’s help on their side, could take down the mighty giant called Hollywood, which has just spit in the eye of the forthcoming elected shepherd of the flock.

Could it be that the God whom they no longer want among them is getting ready to stomp on Hollywood along with the rest of the liberal leftists who are scurrying in all directions, just trying to retain some sense of political relevance? With leaders like the Clintons and voices like that of Meryl Streep, they have a long road back to regain any credibility, which is sadly lacking after this disastrous election year for progressive liberalism. Like the shepherd boy, David, Donald Trump suddenly appeared on the political scene to single-handedly take down the giant and flattened it to the ground.

Being president will cost him dearly, unlike the Clintons and Obamas who have in the past feathered, and will continue to feather, their own nests with millions of dollars simply by using their former office of the presidency to do so. The days of Harry and Bess Truman are long gone, when President Truman used to turn off the lights in the White House at night time, to save the American people energy costs.

The Clintons and Obamas have attached themselves to the gravy train and the bright lights of Hollywood. Until Donald Trump came on the scene, they have done very well at the art of pilfering from the Americans. Hillary thought she had it all sewn up and in the bag. Michelle most certainly did have it in the bag when she and her president husband decided to have a little snack away from White House cooking one night.

Apparently that little treat out added up in expenses for the taxpayers to the tune of $20,000 plus, and that was just for the two of them. Hillary and Billie were forced to return $200,000 of pilfered goods, which they tried to squeeze into their suitcases before leaving the White House, which hopefully has happened for the last time. Why shouldn’t they have taken advantage of the gravy train to the end, as long as they could, before Donald begins his clean-up?

But then, this blatant, progressive liberalism, which came straight from the mouth of the serpent in the Garden, is just a fact of life in Washington and Hollywood, as long as we have progressives there. Any Hollywood icon who does not participate now in their antics is quickly targeted to become ineligible for further employment within the acting community. Such brought a curse on Adam and Eve, and don’t think for a minute that God is not going to stomp on the head of the beast again, without bruising His heel.

Donald Trump may laugh all the way to the bank as he draws out more funds to help the American people who are fed up with Hollywood’s tainted productions and the hypocrisy of such Hollywood queens as Meryl Streep. God has raised up and destroyed nations before Him. Do not think that He cannot bring Hollywood to its knees as His eye searches everywhere for righteousness. He will ultimately leave no giants of an elitist crowd in the swamp or the sewer.

There is hope that President Donald Trump may be able to indeed clean it all up, as long as the American people turn back to God and hold Donald up in prayer to keep the destroyers away from him. He is far from perfect, but has become as strong a soldier marching to war as has ever been seen taking on, not one, but the entire giant population. With God, nothing is impossible, and victory is assured. Without Him, this nation is quite likely to be squashed like an ant beneath His feet. It all boils down to what Americans themselves choose – an existence in the muck of the dark forest, or life in the palace with the King on the other side of the great divide.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a great divide looming ahead but there truly is the Ancient of Days on the other side with a huge bag of rewards and gifts beyond our imaginations for those who believed and trusted in Him to provide for them. Yes, Virginia, you can live in the palace with the King, even you, too, Meryl Streep, if you give up the cash for reward points on your credit card with God. You could say it is rather like the Capital One credit rewards, which Donald seems to have chosen when he chose the White House. Only time will tell!