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The Conference

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 15, 2017

It was nearly a week ago that seven of us left Kingston, ON, Canada, to drive to Wausau, WI. I had just purchased a red Hyundai, which uses the slogan, I like my safety well done, to which I add-in the blood of the Son.

What was there to fear? Perhaps, it was the fact that there were snow-storm warnings all around a tiny window of clear weather with storms both before and after our up-coming journey. But God had assured me He was going to part the waters for us. So, on this solid rock, the little church departed from the King’s Town to go out to another nation.

We had our first sign that this was no ordinary journey when we crossed over the border, and the border guard barely looked at our passports or at us. He was excited about the car, which had gone just before us. It was without precedence or border guidelines, for what were they to do with a driverless car crossing into the United States? We were told that never in the history of America had this happened before. Was this not three years before the driverless car was scheduled to be on the road?

After a rather harrowing trip around Chicago, we arrived safely on the other side and were on our way north to Wausau. We got there just minutes before Usama Dakdok began to speak. We were seated in the conference room for what would prove to be Spirit-filled, memorable moments with others who can only be described as ‘the Salt of the Earth’ and the real army of the One True God.

I can mention but the few I met, wishing there had been time enough to meet all the people gathered there. I spoke briefly with – Usama Dakdok, Coach Daubenmire, Peter LaBarbera, and Pastor Matt Trewhella, all of whom were most inspiring speakers. It was a pleasure for me to have time with, pastor Ron Johnson. He added a special presence to the conference.

I also spoke with Barbara Kilka, though ever so briefly. She had come with a group from Green Bay. Some of my most special moments of the conference were shared with a man called Arne Wolf. He has a fishing camp in Canada, and my family summered at a fishing camp when I was a child. Since arriving home, I have learned that the name of his camp is Kingfisher and the name of our group is Voice of the Kingfisher. It would seem we are joined in Spirit as fishers of men.

Last but not least, is Rob Pue, ‘the connector’ who made the conference a reality. He is at the heart of bringing all of these people together, which could never have happened unless he were a devoted, faithful servant of the Lord. I met him at the conference for the first time, having connected with him on the phone a couple of months earlier. He strikes me as being a relentless worker who has suffered abuse like all the others committed to Jesus. I am grateful to Rob for having made me aware of this very special conference, to which God was leading us; for we were there by divine appointment.

Dreams, visions, signs and wonders surrounded the entire event. While leaving home, the zipper on a new purse, which was zipped tightly, broke open. Only moments before, the zipper on my zipped fleece sweater broke open. Following that, the zipper on my zipped, lingerie bag broke open. God fully had my attention when my coat refused to zip up.

About a week before we left, I had a dream in which I saw a white snake coiled rigidly tight with its striped head standing up and facing away from me. Another woman in our group dreamed she had a white snake wrapped around her arm. Upon meeting Barb at the conference, I discovered that she, too, had had a vision of a white snake with its head raised, which she cut off with a sharp knife.

I would suggest the knife represents prayer, while God led me to believe that He had removed all power from Satan to interfere in the conference, making him white and powerless, as He placed protection all around the area. The woman who had the white snake around her arm in a dream, had another dream the second night, in which she saw a mall full of large, grey, snakes.

Before leaving, we made a last-minute decision to go the northern route home through Sault Ste. Marie, which proved to be a godsend when we saw the disastrous effects of the storm the next morning on television. It had crippled the traffic on the road we would have travelled. We made a second snap decision between two routes, with the one we chose, proving to be the better way. God had completely divided the waters as we travelled between and around the Great Lakes, missing the snow except for a couple of squalls from the lake effect. The snow began about an hour after we arrived home.

God also provided a small rainbow, which went before us in a sky of few clouds. As we went from driving east to south the rainbow was still before us. He had made a covenant promise to Noah that when He looked upon the rainbow, He would not forget. Was His covenant promise not with those whom He brought to that conference?

Exhausted, I crawled into bed, before midnight. About 2.30 A.M., God awoke me to say, “I am going to pour out My Spirit on all flesh.” So, I rushed to the computer to find the exact verse in the book of Joel, in which the prophet describes God pouring out His Spirit in the latter days, at the time of the Day of the Lord. He describes the remnant church, which He is going to bless before the judgment falls, but she is in a desperate state, having had her branches chewed and devoured by the locust of the enemy, which likes nothing better than to sink its teeth into her.

Like my zippers, the church has been tightly held within the grip of the religious, empire system, but now the Lord is going to pull the church and religion apart in the same way He separated His apostles from religion to become stones on a foundation of truth. Consider the ripping of Paul from the religious system of Judaism and then the washing of the scales of the Leviathan from his eyes so he could at last see and gain understanding of what he had been. He had been a victim of the serpent by believing the lies of religion. Perhaps he was the greatest apostle of all, trained in the heavenlies by Jesus, Himself.

This conference provided the venue for the beginning of a covenant move in which God had His eye upon the collected and the collector. God had me see that the apparently driverless car was a type of the Ark of the Covenant by which the pre-incarnate Jesus leads the way through the wilderness to guide the remnant, in the line of Abraham, going back to Noah and to Adam and, finally, back to God.

How blessed we are to have been part of this amazing conference, which God used so dramatically! Could this mark the beginning of many signs and wonders to come, with the Lord making His final move to fish men out of the seawaters of destruction by opening their eyes to the understanding of the truth, much in the way He removed the scales of religion from the eyes of Paul?

Has not the food been cut off before our eyes as the grain withers and the Bibles are taken away to remove the grain of truth given in the spirit of prophecy (see Joel 1:16 and Revelation 19:10)?

…For the day of the Lord is coming, for it is at hand…(Joel 2:1)

The land is like the Garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness (light before and darkness behind) Joel 2:3.

The final and great exodus is looming on the horizon, but before this, “And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days. And I will show wonders in the heavens and in the earth:….(Joel 2:29-30)”

Well done, Rob Pue, good and faithful servant!

Elinor Montgomery