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Is Dancing with the Enemy Part of ‘the Art of the Deal’?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

May 21, 2017

Ann Coulter has got it so right! Donald Trump tramped the country-side of America, state by state, full of what seemed to be supernatural energy and it probably was. Who else could have managed two and three states a day, during the Primaries, holding huge rallies as he went? Certainly not Hillary Clinton! She had to be braced up and packed into her limousine by helpers, after one rally where she had little or no impact upon her audience.

But this was definitely not the case with Donald! He had the crowds in the tens of thousands shouting at most every rally, and what was that shout? First, he would ask the question, “What are we going to do?” and then, the answer, “Build the wall!” would come thundering back from the crowd. Next he would ask, “Who is going to pay for it?” The answer was always the same – “Mexico!”

There was no other voice heard across America and around the world as clearly as this one was heard. The entire world knew about ‘the wall’, causing all peoples to sit up and take notice that America could be on the verge of a huge change in foreign policy. She could be about to take a dramatic leap from her present pro-Islamic, pro-socialistic, radical, left-of-center leadership to one that would be pro-American, with her people’s well-being coming first and far beyond that of those outside ‘the wall’.

Donald Trump, the President, was about to take America in a totally different direction politically, something the Left would hate. He would focus on patriotism and a more isolationist point of view to a degree, which has not been taken in this country by other presidents, for the past 75 years.

The voters had become fed up with apologizing for who they are as Americans. The vast majority of Trump supporters see America as a country under God, and not one ruled as the eastern empires have been ruled with religion being the driving force behind them. Unlike America, they do not have courts of justice ruling in tandem with government. In this land of liberty both judges and elected members of the government assume office by being required to swear upon the Bible, making God and the truth of God’s Word the supreme Ruler and Judge in the land. This would mean that God and Allah cannot rule simultaneously together in this land. There will have to be a choice made between one or the other, and this President has made it clear that we are a nation under God.

Yet, yesterday, Judge Jeanine, on Fox TV, while interviewing Ann Coulter, seemed to question her as to whether or not she was faltering in her support of Donald Trump. Her response was that when she looks at the alternative, there is simply no choice to be made between them. However, her eyebrows seemed to be raised in puzzlement at the fact the President was overseas in Saudi Arabia carrying out a tribal, religious, ritual, martial dance with the sword in hand, in the process of looking rather ridiculous while trying to woo the Saudis. It is the same religious sword, which has killed millions of people and will likely kill many more millions who will not be forced into the death culture, which the Muslims espouse.

How could he claim allegiance to God and country while bowing to false gods and their religious practices? The two are incompatible. God will have no other gods before Him, and His people will not bow to religious regimes for any reason. Instead, the people of America will seal their borders from the illegals who have no right to be a part of America without first swearing allegiance to her God and His land called America.

American citizens cannot be citizens of two countries with America being merely one of them. American citizens are exactly what the words say; they are citizens with full rights of citizenship or they are not Americans, therefore having no rights to citizenship in this land.

As Ann Coulter questioned, “Where is the building of the wall?” It was the primary call of every rally, when all that was heard was, “the wall, the wall, the wall”, the rallying words, which seem to be heard no more. Local, unelected judges appear to be winning the battle against keeping undocumented, possible terrorists, certainly Muslims included, who are being taught to kill Christians, from entering the country.

I believe what Coulter is questioning, with her raised eyebrows, is why the President would be doing a religious, ritual, martial, sword dance with the enemy of our God and country, while there is still no evidence of the wall being put in progress. Yes, measures have been taken, which show that the number of illegals coming into the country is down dramatically, but still the wall does not seem to be in evidence as his number one priority, which you could say was his battle-cry for election.

Make no mistake! I, like Ann Coulter, support Donald Trump because I hate the evil criminal acts being carried out in the name of Progressive Liberalism. They are nothing short of the religious sin of the Garden, which led to religious, empirical, imperialism, in turn, leading back to Babel and a One World Order of evil rule.

The President cannot have it both ways. If he chooses to dance with the enemy, in order to pave the way to peace and victory, then God and His Son, who is the only way to peace in this world, will not dance with him. Jesus is the Way, the truth and the life; He is not the untrustworthy broad road of religion, as the untrustworthy author of the lies of religion, called the devil, from whom all death cultures proceed.

By putting any trust in a dance with the enemy of God, President Trump will find out all too soon that East is east and West is west and ne’er the twain shall meet. Didn’t Chamberlain do a bit of a dance with Hitler, only to discover, too late, that he had been deceived by the lies of the devil incarnate and that agreements made with him did not lead to peace at all in his time?

It is time for the President to build a wall, which will guarantee victory, as Nehemiah so clearly discovered when Israel drove the religious enemy out of her midst. Yes, Nehemiah dealt with the religious, but it was on God’s terms, and he never bowed to the religious gods of the enemy. Because of this, he managed to get the wall of the city of Jerusalem rebuilt in what was a miraculously short period of time, in spite of all the interference he encountered from the enemy. President Trump should try the approach of Nehemiah.

The sword of truth is the only sword, which the President should hold in his hand and then dance only with the Lord of this country and not with the warlords of the East. When he travels as President of America, he is primarily the ambassador for God. He should not make the mistake of forgetting who he is in God, in order to make a deal with the enemy. It caused Adam to lose his ‘garden paradise’ and be driven out of the Garden and into the East. If that is going to be the price of receiving the red-carpet treatment, then it is much too high a price to pay.

God has put Donald Trump in a negotiating position, so that he can make the call regarding the terms of the deal. But it is always with an eye to the fact that God does not negotiate His position as deal maker over all. God is the true Author of the art of making the deal, and His position is not negotiable. Pharaoh tried it, but Moses, denied it. I am afraid it would not have been a very pretty picture for Moses if he had swapped rods to take up one belonging to the magicians as a gesture toward making a deal with the enemy.

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