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The Forgotten Message

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 06, 2017

Is she, the true church and not the religious body, but rather the apostolic body of real disciples, not forgetting one of the clearest messages the Bible has to offer about the power placed in her hands? When the tide of evil seems to be sweeping over the land like a flood, in comes the Lord God with a new covenant move, which will change the face of the earth forever.

This is what covenant moves are all about. The Lord forges another swift move rooted in the bond between Him and His little band of the house of Israel working together as one, along the path of the Way to the kingdom on earth. It is a narrow way and few are they who find it.

The book of 1 Samuel gives us a microcosmic look into God’s covenant move for the end days, in which we presently find ourselves as the church, the nation and its people. The Christian church, which was really never the true church, is about to crack wide open and, like a beautiful butterfly, allow the church of Jesus Christ to make its exodus from its own cocoon, in readiness for flight. This ‘butterfly’ is brought forth by a woman who, like Hannah, will bypass a corrupt priesthood, like that of Eli and his two sons, to speak directly to God in prayer, with the voice of God, Himself, eventually being heard.

In the time when the book of 1 Samuel was written, God was dealing with a nation called by His name, which was rejecting Him in her desire to have a king like the other nations of the world, instead of being under only the ruler-ship of God. If there had been a United Nations at the time, the Hebrew children would have complained about not being allowed to be part of it, even though they had far more given to them than any union of nations would ever have to offer them.

Was it not by the power of God that, as a young nation, they had come through the Red Sea to be set free from the control of Egypt, the empire ruling in their day, which had enslaved them? This incredible miracle was not enough for them; they still wanted to leave God behind and be like the other nations of the world, having a king of their own whose strength would be in the sword and the size of his army. Eventually, as a nation which trusts in its manpower, it would go the way of all nations, being forced to move aside and make way for the next nation with the greater power in its time. Empires of the world always rise and fall, as easily and as quickly as God decrees it.

This brings us to a situation where the son, Samuel, whom the woman, Hannah, had longed for, was born and grew up to take the place of the high priest, Eli, and his two wicked sons, one son, a symbol of the state of Israel, and the other, a symbol of the spiritual house of Israel, the church. Both would play the harlot and reject God’s rule. One would ask for a king like their enemies had, and the other would prefer to join the coming One World Order of nations, serving not God, but rather the devil, himself, and the empire gods of man.

And so God gave the people their hearts’ desire and commanded Samuel to anoint Saul as king over Israel. In Samuel, the role of judge crossed over to that of the prophet, with God’s voice of the prophet being the voice by which God would speak to His people, Israel, in the future. With the son of this woman, God was making a new move, of replacing a corrupt priesthood, not with a priest at all, but rather with a man committed by the woman to be an agent to serve only God.

The religious system and its priesthood today, which is called ‘church’, is no longer a church standing on its original, apostolic, solid, rock foundation of truth alone. Nor is it built of the smooth, un-tooled stones Jesus used to build His church, of which He is the Chief Cornerstone and High Priest. The greater part of the priesthood of the false church is spiritually far from what Jesus called His church.

King Saul, of course, was like all the kings of the world. He did not keep his reign in line with the dictates of God, so God decided it was time to look for a shepherd of men, who would keep the flock safely on the narrow pathway leading back to the kingdom of God on earth. He found His man in a young, shepherd boy called David whom God had Samuel anoint to rule in place of Saul. One day, He would provide a Son for David from his own loins to rule over Israel long after David was dead and resting with his fathers. In point of fact, this Son would rule over all of the other kings of the world.

Then one day, David’s father called him to come out of the shepherd’s field and take some grain and bread to his brothers, among the cringing soldiers in the army of Saul, who were camped out and supposedly ready for battle with the enemy. The army was hiding with Saul from the mighty power of their enemy, which, in those days, was that of the Philistines of the same Gaza Strip, which houses the Palestinians today, just west toward the sea in the Promised Land. The Philistines were blocking the way of Israel from possessing the entire Promised Land, which God gave to Abraham as an inheritance belonging to David along with the rest of the Israelites. The Promised Land was the symbol of God’s kingdom paradise.

When David arrived in the camp with the bread for his brothers, he discovered an army before him, which was a bunch of cowards doing the politically correct thing of attributing power to the enemy and not to their God. He knew the power of God in him, for he had already slain both lion and bear single-handedly, while being trained in the field to fight with God as His partner (as did America fight in WWII for God and country and the freedoms God’s rule gave to His people). He would know that a nation fighting with God as its partner could take on an entire world and be victorious.

Today the world is pushing toward just such a world-wide unity of nations, but one, which will never have God for its partner; for it is the desire of Satan to rule the world to become the one worshiped like the Most High God, whom he can never be. Adam and Eve submitted to the lies of the devil in the Garden to turn man over from the ruler-ship of God to that of Satan, which resulted in his fallen angels filling man with the spirit of the lies of religion leading to death. They were the same spirits, which had entered the daughters of man to bring forth the giants of old, which were at work in the Philistines, those mighty giants of people who had once frightened the spies whom Moses had sent in to spy out the Land. Now they were still frightening Saul’s army, which had lost the support of God.

David took one look at the giant Goliath from Gath, and perhaps had a momentary vision of the victory that would one day overcome him and his ilk at Golgotha, so named for Goliath of Gath. So David spoke to King Saul and proceeded to shake up the cowards by saying just who did this giant think he was to take on God, the true Ruler over Israel, and think he could get away with it. Goliath had no ability whatsoever to part the seawaters and open up the dry land for the crossing of the Hebrew people. In fact, the Philistines were to David, as the Egyptians were to Moses. Goliath proved to be a wimp, just like Pharaoh had proven to be when coming against the power of God.

David simply needed his slingshot and some stones. The stones were symbols of the power, which Jesus would one day give to His church, before her power was directed as a witness of the truth toward the nations of the world. Today, those nations would take the form of a One World Order of nations, which would become the last empire of the Babylonian system of empires called the Revived Roman Empire. It would be this last part of the 4th empire, which would require the 5th smooth stone in David’s pouch, reserved for the bride of the church.

This empire would become the One World Order, which Satan has always wanted from the day God divided and scattered the people of Babel around the world to form the nations of many different languages. Jesus said of His church that the gates of hell would not prevail against it, any more than Goliath could prevail against David, for God would give His power to her, as He had given it to David.

The gates of hell are prevailing daily against Christianity in America because, as such, the church is not living up to its true calling to be solid, smooth stones directed by Jesus into the nations to witness to the truth of the gospels of the Lord. The Christian church of America, instead of being like David, is cowering like the army of Saul, hiding in shame behind her weakness, but the true church, like the ‘butterfly’ from the cocoon, will come forth to make her move. Like David, rejecting the armor of man, she will put on the armor of God with the truth as rock-solid as it can be with none of the lies of Political Correctness and Progressive Liberalism in her.

And David took up his slingshot and collected five, smooth stones, one for himself and one for the David’s of each successive empire, which would conquer Judah and enslave her until Babylon the Great finally will go down in defeat before the Lord. She is the mother of all harlots who have their heads full of religion and lies. They are the religious lies, which leave her head open to the attack of the stones directed at their target by the power of God.

How could America have lost sight of such truth? The answer to this is very simple; the true church went into captivity, long ago, to the religion founded by the Roman emperor, Constantine, to become known as the Christian church, a far cry from the apostolic church of Jesus Christ. Today, His apostolic church must be revived and then make her exodus from that religious harlot, Babylon the Great, before the Revived Roman Empire, as a One World Order, is taken down into the seawaters, which will consume it. Otherwise, she could share in Babylon’s sin and receive of her plagues, just as Egypt had received before her (see Revelation 18:4).

It has taken one Donald Trump to remind America that, even if she has lost sight of her greatness, she can be great again. The thing President Trump needs now, as ruler, is for the true church, like David, to walk into camp with some bread for his brother Americans, which might give them some understanding as to what it means to have a truly smooth stone from David in hand.

The church could throw a wild pitch, as far off target as possible, but if her partner is God, He will redirect it straight to the head of the giant to reach its intended mark. No one will be able to touch the head of either Donald Trump or the modern-day David as long as the Lord God controls the direction of the stones.

May the church remember who she is in David who has preserved the final stone for her, as today’s line of David, and even for Sean Hannity if he, as well as the President, holds his ground, puts on the armor of God and stands up to the giant who has targeted them with his sword, which he is still flashing around, looking for any head he can find? But it won’t be their heads if they fight the battle in partnership with God. The victory is as sure as they are sure tomorrow will come and the kingdom on earth will be theirs for the taking. For the Lord Jesus gave the keys of the kingdom to His church to open wide or bind, depending on whether or not her brothers will accept the bread of life or reject it.

God has always provided a covenant voice and fishers of men. But from the man and woman in the Garden, right through to the woman, the bride, the world has rejected God’s provision for the fruit the serpent has to offer. Even Noah showed mankind an actual ark of God’s covenant and, until the day the flood came, they laughed at him and scorned him, thinking him to be a clown. Who had ever heard of building an ark, one could say, in partnership with God in a land, which never saw rain?

I wonder how they will react the day the earth starts to tremble and shake, and the fire begins to heat up the oven. What good will their Political Correctness of lies serve them during the global warming of the Day of the Lord, when He vents His wrath on a world, which has refused to be a giant slayer? It has chosen to not accept the smooth stones, which David so carefully took time to provide for God’s people, so that they would be ready for the last giant and brother of Goliath, when he would surface again in that Palestinian strip of Gaza.

Does the church not know that this worldwide giant will stand in front of her in defeat before the battle ever begins? Don’t let this message from the pages of His story be forgotten for it could mean the difference between a nation failing and one returning to its former greatness and glory in God.

It is time for the true church to step up to the plate and take a swing at the ball. It could result in a home run and a win, which just might lead to the pennant, victory celebration in the kingdom. After all, this is America’s game, for which she is best known in the world. For she is a nation, which ‘trusts in God’ – or so she says.


Elinor Montgomery:

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