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by Elinor Montgomery

June 18, 2017

Imagine this! Two, opposing, major league, baseball teams are scheduled to play together in the final games of the season to determine which one will win and be declared the winner overall. But we have a major problem here; one team plays by one set of rules and, the other, by another set of rules. Would it even be possible to play the game under such conditions? I think not. The umpires would never be able to do their job, when faced with conflicting rules of play.

Hence, there is one set of rules for all players, to which the players of both teams are required to adhere. It would be an impossibility to do otherwise.

Now, imagine this! Suppose you have drivers on the roads of America, coming from different countries with different sets of laws for the road. But these drivers refuse to drive according to American law, insisting on their rights to adhere to the laws of the countries from which they have come, regardless of the fact that they have chosen to immigrate to our country. Consider the chaos it would create, to the point of probable, multiple deaths with some drivers driving on the left side of the road, and some on the right. Certain countries have no speed limits at all on some highways, while other countries have consistent speed limits on all roadways. Some might allow a left turn on a red light, while, in America, we are allowed only a right turn on a red light.

Imagine the chaos and deaths, which would occur, not only to the passengers in the cars, but also to pedestrians trying to cross from one side of the road to the other in such mayhem! Of course, none of these examples is a workable situation, or are those situations workable where people demand that our laws be replaced to accommodate their religious belief systems.

Now imagine this! Two cultures come together with different rules on marriage. One culture allows a man to have several wives, altering the nature of the family to include all these wives and their children. The other culture considers marriage to be between one man and one woman. When it comes to paying taxes, one culture receives many more tax exemptions and privileges than the single parent family of one mom and one dad. It is not difficult to see which family carries the other. It is a fact, too, that the husband with the multiple wives and children receives infinitely more family health care through social health benefits, making it more and more difficult for the monogamous family to receive its due share of access to proper medical treatment.

We can readily see that combining cultures presents major problems for nations. It will always, not likely or possibly, but most certainly always, will ultimately bring about an end to the culture of the hosting country of America. In her presently enforced tolerance for all cultures, she grants the right to Muslims to immigrate to America and become citizens, and then declare their right to bring their culture with them. What they receive by becoming Americans are all the benefits of a free society, until they out-populate the nation to turn it into just another warring Muslim nation of the world.

The clash of cultures leads to terrorism, causing mayhem and violence for the very hosting country, which so foolishly marches to the tune of Progressive Liberalism, which will ultimately bring about her own destruction. For some, most illogical reason, Americans fear upsetting the very enemy, which will kill at the first opportunity that comes its way as its numbers increase. Do not fail to see it happening in Europe. The pundits among the Brits are desperately trying to warn us about what is happening due to their own folly, while the American media continues to misinform the public.

HOW STUPID HAS AMERICA BECOME? Why are freedom-loving people so afraid of standing for, and protecting, their own, hard-earned freedoms, when their ancestors fought and gave their lives, so that we, today, could lead peaceful lives, free of state and religious controls? Why are these same people afraid to defend their Constitutions rooted, not in the religions of the East, like the goats on the left, which always seek the high places, but rather rooted, as sheep on the right, in the truth and commandments of God Who alone is seated on high?

It is to the heights where the goats always will go in their attempt at tower-building, as was the case at Babel, before God drove them into the nations. They will always reject the real Peacemaker of this world, His Word and His gospels of truth. He alone is the Prince of Peace, behind the greatness of America, the only country in the world, which was established under His Law to set the rules for moral conduct in this land. They are words of truth, given to us by the prophet Moses, those many centuries ago, and are as valid today, as they were yesterday. This is the foundation for America’s greatness, but, unfortunately, the church of Jesus Christ has become mired in her captivity to Babylon through the Roman Empire and its religion of Romanism called Christianity.

She must shed the scales of religion from her eyes and set herself free of them, as the apostle Paul was set free before her from the scales of the religions of Israel, called Judaism. Unless the church is liberated to stand against the invading forces of Progressive Liberalism, which is nothing more than the religion, which separates God from man, then the glory will depart from this great nation. With it will go the blessing, which she received only for keeping His Law in faith and obedience; in its place, she will receive the curse of the Law.

The first of the Ten Commandments reigns supreme; God will allow no other gods before Him. He has warned man, over and over again, in the gospels of truth that there is only one way to the kingdom of heaven on earth, which the other nations want but have no way of achieving. For it is only found in a nation under God and His Law where the Bible, and not religion at all, rules supreme.

America, at last, is beginning to discover that she is not rooted in a Judeo-Christian culture, at all; she is rooted in the truth of the Bible, which is at the other end of the spectrum from religion. This country has nothing in common with the religious leaders of our day, any more than Jesus had in common with the Pharisees of His day. This is the reason why we are seeing Christianity falling away, and just as quickly, God is bringing forth from the ruins His true church and bride of the revived apostolic church to be His voice for the times.

She knows the truth, for He has washed the scales away as He purifies her in readiness for the Day of Judgment. It is called the Lord’s Day, when the nations, which were driven out of Babel, will go down. There will be no such thing as religious rights on that day, any more than they are found to be in the Bible. No such thing, other than the truth, rules supreme.

His last words were to His people to separate and come out of her, Babylon the Great, Mother of all harlots. Adam and Eve didn’t make the cut, neither did the nation Israel, which God took out of the East, away from religion, as He moved her westward into the Promised Land. Now, spiritual Israel, the church of Puritans, which He brought west to Plymouth and the shores of America, is reverting back to Mother Rome and will fall away as surely as the other two fell before her, but not until the butterfly is set free of the cocoon.

Wake up, America, before you go down in the judgment with the rest of the nations! You either see that truth is reborn in this land and tell the politically correct to integrate and keep our laws, or get out and return with their baggage whence they have come. There is no room for two sets of laws in this country, and no longer is there room for a double standard of two different cultures just for the sake of not offending the enemy. I am speaking of the same enemy, which is killing those in the East who embrace the principles of a life culture such as we embrace in this land.

The enemy be darned, for God has assured us that those who adhere to death cultures will be damned, and in no way does He ever give His people license to prop up the dead gods and the religious cultures of other nations.

Do you know of one Muslim nation, which tolerates the Law of God in their country? Do you know of any Muslim woman who will willingly remove her head and face gear, within this country, so that people can be identified for safety purposes? A Muslim man could be hiding behind such gear with a knife ready to carry out a terrorist attack, and we, the citizens of America are being given no protection from such possibilities, as the likelihood of it grows daily. President Donald Trump is absolutely right. It is his job to protect the people of this land and stop pandering to an enemy, which is instructed by its unholy Koran to kill us for being infidels.

I live in an apartment building with an indoor pool. There are strict, health rules posted, which do not allow anyone to swim in the pool, wearing street clothing, or are we allowed to wear street shoes in the pool area. Yet a Muslim woman swam in this same pool in her long Muslim coverings with even her head and face gear on. I am the citizen in this situation, yet my rights are not being respected, while the Muslim woman, who in all likelihood is not a citizen, was allowed to break the rules of this building. I would be evicted if I were to insist upon doing such a thing, even though my own belief system is consistent with keeping the laws of the land.

We are one people under God, and the America, which consists of the United States and Canada, is as one nation under God. SHE SHALL HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE HIM. When this becomes a fact, then, and only then, shall America be great again. Let us stop hiding from His truth and begin shouting His name across this land! God keep this land, glorious and free, and let us truly stand on guard for Thee! Sing it and mean it, and stop being hypocrites!

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