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Rattling the Saber

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

August 13, 2017

I’m guilty! My first response when President Trump began to rattle the saber in his hand and threatened Kim Jung-un, the despot of North Korea, was, “Good for you, Donald! We are tired of the ‘do-nothing’ former president who wanted to run America down the drain. At last someone is in the Oval Office who will take a stand and then back it up by doing what he says he will do. You go for it Donald! Don’t let a pip-squeak like that ‘fat head’ threaten the giant of the United States.”

Then God gently took hold of me, asking me if there is any evidence in His Word to back up the facts that would lead anyone to believe His position on the matter would be to counter Kim Jung-un’s actions by entering into war with North Korea, even though the enemy provoked it. Had God not just led our little group to examine King Hezekiah of Judah to see why the remnant of King David’s inheritance was successful in defending itself against the powerful, brutal empire of the Assyrians?

The Assyrians had conquered and destroyed the entire northern nation within Israel, along with all of the fortified cities of Judah in the south – all, that is, except Jerusalem, which was under the ruler-ship of the good King Hezekiah. He had turned this city, the delight of God, back to Him when the king destroyed the cults in the land by destroying their useless, lifeless gods and returned the reading of the Scriptures and the application of God’s Law back to the people.

Now the sabers of the Assyrian soldiers were rattling at the protecting wall of the city, which Hezekiah had sealed solidly by removing the illegals from the inside, just as President Trump wants to do for the people of America. This was the position in which a knee-shaking Hezekiah went before God to plead the case of the remnant of David’s line and of the covenants God had with David and with Abraham. Hezekiah had cleaned up his people and had removed the cursed things from among them. It was not until he was finished with sudsing them, and only then, did he turn to God in prayer, trusting in Him to save Jerusalem, as the Lord said He would do.

After all, is a covenant with God not a promise kept from the moment it is made until He has completed it? We can’t do it for ourselves, only God can keep covenant. That will be when the inheritance of Abraham, the remnant of the crossover blessing of Jacob upon the children of Joseph (a type of Jesus) and upon the other brothers is fulfilled, and the two sticks of Judah and of Ephraim become one stick in the hand of the Lord (see Genesis, chapters 48 and 49, and Ezekiel, chapter 37).

“’For out of Jerusalem shall go a remnant, and those who escape from Mount Zion. The zeal of the Lord of hosts shall do this.’ Therefore thus says the Lord concerning the king of Assyria: ‘He shall not come into this city, nor shoot an arrow there, nor come before it with shield, nor build a siege mound against it. By the way that he came, by the same shall he return; and he shall not come into this city,’ says the Lord. ‘For I will defend this city, to save it for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake (2 Kings 19:31-34).’”

During the night, after all the saber-rattling and talk by the enemy of Jerusalem, the angel of the Lord went out and killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers in the camp of Assyria with a plague of illness, which afflicted them while they were asleep. This took place just outside the walls of the city, which they never crossed, to thus fulfill the Word of God. Was it not President Ronald Reagan who described the United States of America as a shining city upon a hill? Would that not make her as Jerusalem today, the latter-day Zion of the times?

And what are the latter-day times? They are the time of the seven thunders when the last prophetic voice of the exodus of mankind is heard, and the 6000 days’ struggle of the angel with Jacob all through the darkness of nighttime is complete. God’s people are ready for the final leg of their journey along the Way before they make their exodus from the ruler-ship of Satan’s empires of this world into the kingdom, which will be under the reign of Jesus. It will be as the dawn of the 7th day, or the millennial rule, with a day being as 1000 days.

These are the days of the spirit of Moses and Elijah, in so far as God’s people will not depend on the strong arm of Moses or Israel to give them victory, but rather on the faithfulness and trust of the people in God’s ability to carry out the prophesied plagues to destroy the enemy by His power alone. The Elijah spirit encompassed trusting in the act of the Lord to take power over powerless gods and then apply the soap suds to clean up Israel infested with death cults and their gods, just as they are infesting America. Yes, the alpha and the omega are one in the Lord. In this, the nation can trust if she will make the choice to wash herself clean. It will take a change in the spiritual waters, which are ruling over her, in order to do so.

Well might you point to Joshua, the inheritor of the office of Moses who completed his task of giving Israel the Law. But Moses and no other man would ever be free of the curse of death upon him from his father Adam. Moses and the rest of mankind were doomed from the moment they were born, to be returned to dust. Only a man who was a type of Jesus would be called to deliver the people into the Land, but not until all the men of Israel were circumcised and cleansed in readiness to possess the Land in purity and freedom from the affliction of the flesh. Jesus was the cleansing suds of the Word, and the only One who could remove the curse of man to restore life to him.

So, how is it that a God who never changes told Joshua to go into the land and to battle with the saber and kill every last inhabitant of the Canaanites and all the other ‘ites’ who were all cursed after the flood of Noah? They were in a land God had created for His people and they carried a curse with them into this land, which God had reserved for a blessing upon His people. There was no common ground in Canaan for the blessed and the cursed to dwell together, one, a life culture and the other a death culture. It is like trying to blend left and right, and east and west into one, though it never can be done without the intervention of the Lord. For He stands between salvation of the sheep on the right and destruction of the goats on the left; between the enslaving empires of religion in the East and the freedom that comes with the liberating words of God’s truth in the West.

Remember Achan at the battle of Ai where he decided to take the accursed Babylonian garment, an act absolutely forbidden by God who had commanded the Israelites to take nothing for themselves from the enemy. Achan was killed on the spot because he disobeyed God in order to take the accursed thing for himself. The desire for those things of religion will grow like leaven in a loaf of bread unless they are completely separated. Truth cannot be compromised and coexist with a lie or it becomes apostasy and a killer. God will use His plagues to destroy the evil of religious empires in the end as He did in the beginning, when Israel prepared for her exodus from slavery in the Egyptian Empire.

So, the principle was clearly established with the nation Israel. God sent His people to war and the killing fields only when the land or city had been corrupted from within, in a territory God was delivering to His people, but was already full of dead men walking. He gave the signal to His people as to how and when to go ahead and possess the Land, evicting all who were in the way spiritually of the growth of His people.

We see the pattern in the story of Elijah, when Elijah called upon God for a mighty display of His power over that of the false god, Baal, who had no power whatsoever to carry out miracles. The Israelites were commanded to kill every last prophet of Baal, who was, in fact, causing the nation to be cursed instead of blessed by their God. The situation needed to be dealt with immediately before it would become a disaster for the nation.

Yet it was not Elijah who killed the 450 prophets of Baal; they were the people of Israel whose hearts were changed by the faith of Elijah who trusted in God for a miracle to change their hearts. And when God did so, they obeyed Elijah and destroyed the enemy within their nation, the false prophets of which were responsible for God’s anger, thanks to Jezebel, that wicked queen, herself, of radical feminism.

King Hezekiah’s situation was entirely different, where there was a wall around Jerusalem and the empire was on the outside, with no illegals on the inside. The Assyrians were saber-rattling and the Lord, true to His covenant with Israel, had preserved a remnant whose king was faithful to God alone, rejecting all false gods within the city in which his people would look to God for their salvation. The king knew it was a stretch to not believe that the people would be frightened either way, but his faith won out and he trusted totally in God. The Lord was ready to show the power of His right hand and His ability to destroy any enemy no matter how threatening it might appear to be. There would be no sabers involved in the battle, for vengeance belongs to the Lord.

Dr. Robert Jeffress is a very conscientious, inspiring advisor to Donald Trump, but in this matter he is not correct to advise President Trump that he has the authority of the Bible to meet a saber-rattling enemy in kind. Instead, the President needs to become a ruler like Hezekiah who, through the cleansing soap suds of truth in the nation, does not agree that all gods are the same and that religious rights, not even those of Christianity, trump the rule of the God of truth by placing other gods within their ranks.

He is definitely not the god of Islam or of Communism. Multiculturalism is the swamp feeder, which keeps the nation alive with reptiles and murderous illegals. God’s people can never tolerate them or, as in the days of Noah, crime, terror and violence will fill the nation. It is time for this nation of America to forget about the saber-rattling of Kim Jung-un, and instead, place all her strength in returning the people to God and His Word and allowing Him to protect His nation and do so by the work and power of His right hand.

As you can see, the media will have no power anymore than Hollywood will have, if President Donald Trump does everything within his power to return the nation to God, and then puts on the armor of God, rather than take up the battle of man’s technology, and trusts in the power of deadly missiles. The saying is that man’s greatest offense is his strongest defense. America’s strength never was in the strength of an armament race; it was always in her trust and faith in the God of Israel who will have His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven, and Jesus, His Son, will have His bride, a clean and pure church.

The Bible is a continuous story of the Way – the exodus of man from out of the contaminated, spiritual waters beneath of this world and into the kingdom where there are only the spiritual waters from above, as were the waters, which surrounded the Garden. The contamination of this earth has to come to its nuclear climax when the last plague will see the flesh of the wicked dissolve while they stand on their feet, their eyes dissolving in their sockets and their tongues dissolving in their mouths.

This is the plague of the end when the West is finally separated from the East by the blood of Jesus. It shall come to pass in that day that neighbor shall raise his hand against his own neighbor as they destroy each other (see Zechariah 14:12-13). But no longer will there be utter destruction, for the kingdom of God shall come on earth as it is in heaven and Jerusalem shall be safely inhabited (see Zechariah 14:9-11).

The crisis, today, is a result of the West not heeding the Word and obeying the principle of going into battle only when the Lord’s Word says to do so. America’s battle is not with North Korea and its ‘fat head’ leader, but rather with progressive liberalism and the satanic, creeping, spiritual enemy called Multiculturalism, which has crept into the nation belonging to God, while the religious so-called churches of Christianity were sleeping. He alone rules over America and His number one Commandment is this, which should be the number one lesson taught to every legal child of America, citizens of God’s country, ruled by His Law:

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me (Exodus 20:2-3).”

This is the principle of any victory the nation Israel ever had over the empires of this world. The first was Egypt, which, like all empires, was under the ruler-ship of Satan, the devil, in the person of Pharaoh. The last plague of the death of the first-borns became the deadly one.

Satan is in the process of planting a tree in America, the roots of which progressive liberalism is spreading throughout the nation. They are the same roots, which brought about the death of the first son and daughter of mankind, belonging to the Lord God, their Creator. It is the same root as that of the tree in the Garden, of the knowledge of good and evil. All are born once of that tree through the rebellion it incited in a weak Adam by that powerhouse of a Jezebel-spirited woman called Eve, who was the forerunner of today’s radical feminist, bent on the emotional and spiritual castration of the male.

All of mankind is born to die as the inheritors of the contaminated life-blood and seed of Adam delivered from the womb of the woman Eve, mother of all living beings. There must be a second, spiritual rebirth by a life-giving Spirit, which only God can provide, if man is to break away from the curse of death upon him. In this sense, the first born of every human being requires a rebirth, which allows him to be born again in the Spirit of life. This is what the different kinds of baptisms in the different kinds of churches are all about. I would dare to suggest their preachers have little or no understanding about true baptism.

Only Jesus can give this spiritual changing of the waters in our lives as the One who gave His perfect blood and life for us in our place before God, the Judge, as the ransom payment, that we might live. He was of the purity that would be required for an acceptable sacrifice before the Judge, who will never accept that which comes out of the rebellion of the mother of all harlots, Eve. Jesus was the perfect blood sacrifice, like that of the little lamb, the blood of which God required on the doorpost of the Hebrew children’s houses. Once that paves the way, God requires a spiritual rebirth in the spiritual waters, which come only from above before anyone can enter into the kingdom, as Jesus indicated to the Pharisee, Nicodemus in John 3:5.

At this point man is securely back on the Way to the kingdom, here on earth. The protective testimony of the Word given in the Spirit of prophecy is the healing required, better by far than the healing balm of Gilead. We desperately need to understand who the first-borns are, and, that without the blood of Jesus on the doorpost of hearts here in America, the nation will pick up the saber, begin rattling it and rush headlong into battle. This is because she has ignored the solid, reliable truth of the General of all generals’ advice, which comes from the Word of God on this matter.

Trust in the Lord, knowing that He means what He says when He says revenge is His, not ours. Americans merely need to understand that the plagues of the spiritual Exodus will totally follow the pattern of the plagues of Exodus, as the principle is laid down in the prophecy of the Word for the end days. Jesus has set His people free from the empires of this world by the blood on the doorposts of their hearts, so they may enter into the coming kingdom under His rule. The struggle may be tough and the going may get rough, but God’s Word and promises will never fail, nor does He ever change.


Elinor Montgomery:

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