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Building the Wall in Troublesome Times

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

September 11, 2017

There is only one way to successfully build the wall in America; she must eject the enemy from her midst and not live in appeasement with him.

Without Jesus, East and West will never come together. There is a necessary division or separation between the two, for the same reasons God established His covenant with Abraham, telling him clearly to get out of his country, from his kindred and from his father’s house and go to a land God would show him. He originally came from Ur in the land of Persia, a land today, which is dominated by the eastern religion of Islam.

Idolatry ruled Persia then, just as Islamic idolatry rules modern-day Iraq/Iran, once known as Persia. God was about to make a covenant with Abraham, which would henceforth bring separation between the two factions of the East with its gods and the West with her God. He would lead Abraham westward to a land He promised to his descendants who would follow him. God would rule over this land allowing no other gods before Him.

In the beginning, the Garden of creation was God’s paradise where He ruled over mankind in His kingdom on earth. When man rebelled to the truth in an attempt to bring religion into the Garden, along with God’s truth, God made it very clear that man was then doomed to die. Pure, spiritual, life-giving water from above can no more share a place in a glass with inky, muddy water from beneath and still remain pure, than a sow’s ear can be turned into a silk purse. Man was driven eastward from the Garden paradise on the east side of Eden where it was sealed off from entry on that same side and guarded by cherubim. There would be no access back to the Garden from the East.

But, in His mercy, God established a Way through history to allow man to be reconciled to Him. It was after the flood that Noah and his family left the ark to populate the entire world with his descendants – Promised Land and all. There was a second rebellion at Babel where man formed a One World Order of government, religion and trade in the mercantile system. They had their own religion and temple building program for reaching into the heavens, so God divided their tongues into separate languages and scattered them over the whole face of the earth to form the nations, known as the gentile nations of religion.

God planned to build a nation ruled by Himself for Abraham’s inheritance, liberating them from the empire wars of power-hungry antichrists wanting to rule their own empire of the world again as did their father of religion, Satan. He had desired to rule like God in conjunction with man, whom only God could create but into whom Satan could pour out his evil spirit of death. His vehicle for doing such is religion. He was once a privileged and blessed angel of God who was driven from the heavens above to the earth beneath where his spirit would rule through the spiritual waters from beneath, the river waters of the empires of man. Pride was his undoing with the desire for man to do his bidding.

He drew a third of the angels from heaven with him, who became the great, living beings who roamed the earth; you could even call them the sons of God – living, spiritual beings gone awry. They saw the beauty of the women God had created and spiritually entered into them, so that they bore spiritual children for their father the devil (see Genesis 6:1-4). Mankind, in this progressive liberalism from God, which accompanies religion, became as violent and wicked as he is again becoming in America, today. It was because of this terror and violence, which had filled the earth that God destroyed man with a great flood, all except one righteous man called Noah, his family and the pairs of animals he saved to repopulate the earth.

Now the Promised Land had been repopulated with the cursed line of Noah’s second son, Ham’s son called Canaan – the land once a garden paradise eastward in Eden, the place of God’s six-day creation. This national land was eventually called Israel, west of which, and across the sea, would be the final westward thrust of God’s covenant with Abraham. America would one day become the wilderness finale to the Way before Jesus and His bride would enter the kingdom.

This land was to become a resting place in troubled times, when the seawaters would be released to the winds, to bring destruction upon mankind, with a roar like that of a lion. He would be judged for his wicked ways in the end time after 6000 years of God struggling with man and with His people, Jacob in particular. The Lord will reconcile those who seek Him, removing the darkness from eyes clouded with blindness to the truth.

On the dawn of this, the 21st century, many centuries after Jesus was with us in the world, and on the dawn of the 6000 years mark of living with the pain, terror and destruction of Satan and his beastly sons, we remember when the towers went down and the light of liberty went out in America. On this same day, God is in the process of bringing judgment on a people called out to be ruled by Him. America was to be the light of liberty to all the nations as a sign of kingdom-type living under Him and His Law versus ruler-ship under the demonic tyranny of religion and man’s laws. It will all come together in a One World Order of religion and government without God.

However, America, like Abraham’s great nation, Israel, made the same fatal mistake as did Adam and Eve make in the Garden. The nation rejected God’s truth in the person of His Son, Jesus, (sent/Siloam) as the pure water of salvation with none of the religious waters from beneath in Him. In His spiritual purity, it meant that He could shed His blood, which paid the ransom price for all mankind who would repent of sin and trust in Him for the salvation they never could have in their own blood contaminated by sin.

Israel had the blessing in her very hand, if she had only kept the Law and then had accepted the Messiah, Jesus, and have made the crossover blessing upon Jacob’s spiritual nation, a blessing for her as well, to be found only in the shed blood of Jesus. But no, she never kept the law and continuously brought idols and other gods into God’s Land where she worshiped them along with a greatly apostatized worship of her one and only true God. The nation was forbidden to have any other gods before Him (see Exodus 20:3).

Ezra and Nehemiah knew that the wall of Jerusalem would be useless if other gods were inside the city and on their side of it, instead of being outside and on the other side of the wall, with their gentile gods expelled from the city of Jerusalem and from any contact with the temple. The Lord goes ahead of His people of Israel in battle and defeats only the enemy when it is in total separation from His own people. He then uses plagues of sorts to destroy them so that the glory of victory goes only to Him, with His people receiving the blessing of His mighty power over heaven and earth.

We are in the century when the Day of the Lord is at our door and the mercantile trade towers have come down, demonstrating His power over the power of man to be the Provider as He was in the Garden. He supplied all our needs but, instead, we think we can provide for ourselves when all can be lost in one hour and in one day. Still, we ignore the prophecy of the Word by which He warns about what is to come and surely will transpire regarding Babylon the Great (see Revelation 18:9-19). The secular world has no earthly idea of what God is telling us with the felling of these trade towers, which were to be seen no more on the horizon of the United States of America in the heart of New York, the capital of trade for the world.

America plays the fool as did the nation of Israel before her. We have allowed Political Correctness to condone the fundamentalism of the Islamic religion, which teaches killing in mosques, as the Imams follow the fundamental tenets of the religion of killing. At the same time, we, the fools, speak as if there is a difference between fundamentalism and radicalism, and, rather than being one and the same thing, we believe that they produce ‘good and bad’ Muslims. All Muslims learn to be a killing, restricting society, the goal of which is Jihad, that is to say, a method of Islam killing its way to enforced Islamic, world rule in a One World Order of Islam. Of course they do not integrate into our society, for we are tolerable only until there are enough of them in our country to take it over by whatever means necessary.

There is but one culture in Islam; it is a culture of death. If the United States wishes to keep America free under God, then it will require an extreme vetting such as that employed in the time of Ezra and Nehemiah. The only possible way to guarantee success is by having the religion of Islam and all of its followers uprooted in an Ezra-type vetting, with every vestige of it removed from among us. Every mosque must then be burned to the ground lest it raise its ugly head ever again.

Unbelievably, we are teaching the doctrines of Islam to our children in the schools, which should be stopped immediately by the stroke of the President’s pen and the agreement of a government under God. It is time for severe vetting and taking the carpet out from under an enemy bent on destroying this land from within. President Obama had to be stopped from promoting the hand-over of the nation to Islam while transforming it at the same time into a Communist/Islamic/American triumvirate, allowing his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to leak information through emails to the enemy. This would ultimately benefit her and her husband financially, as she sold 20% of the United States’ uranium supply to Russia, which is also a killing culture like that of Islam.

Don’t think these two weren’t instrumental in sending American hard-earned tax-dollars, in monstrously large sums, to the enemy who has been killing the sons of America at the same time as they fought to bring peace and freedom in the Middle East from these same killing cultures.

And, still, we teach our children about the glories of the Islamic ideology based on killing, teaching them to have complete tolerance for such sin and evil, all within the classrooms of America, a nation supposedly under God and His Law. We need to get the understanding now, concerning the Light blocked out by the moon. When this happened as a solar eclipse, it portrayed the divide in America with God’s people who are loyal and true to His Son receiving the light on one side of the moon, as described in Genesis 37:5-11, with the progressive liberals, bent on terror and destruction, being represented in the darkness on the other side of it.

Unless we severely vet the evil in the land and remove it, liberalism from God will grow with every illegal, unacceptable person who tries to cross her borders supporting the terror of liberalism rather than swearing allegiance to our God and country and voting to keep our lands glorious and free.

The winds of change are now blowing, even as I write, and the dark seawaters full of serpents and vile things are pouring in over the land. The tribulation is at hand and the East/West divide will be made for us when God drives the rebellion from His people for the last time.

Those who want religion and the waters beneath, full of deadly serpents, will go down with the harlot, Babylon the Great, wearing her priestly robes of fine linen, purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold, precious stones and pearls. Don’t think she won’t go down in the class of a rich priesthood, like that which turned over Jesus to the dead wood of Satan in order to keep the religious system alive, while claiming no other king but Caesar! He was an emperor like Pharaoh and like all the other emperors of this earth.

They were the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, and they are the priestly Pharisees still in our day who have no idea that the truth of Jesus is not religion now, or was it ever religion, or will it ever be religion. The day Adam and Eve decided to reject the truth for a death sentence, they believed the first religious lies of the first religious belief system straight from the pit of hell.

It first came from the mouth of a serpent, the same serpent, which sealed the forehead of Pharaoh. Before the hurricane winds are allowed to blow on the nations of America, God will seal the foreheads of His bride, the church, with the seal of wisdom and understanding so she will come out of her, the religious system of Babylon the Great, lest she share in her sins and receive of her plagues.

For America is the land and four corners of the world where all the nations meet, fulfilling the covenant promise of God to Abraham of a blessing for all the families of the world. The bride of the church is on the last leg of the Way, with her Beloved leading her all the way to the gates of the kingdom. These gates will lift up their heads, and be lifted up, the everlasting doors, and the King of glory shall enter in. Who is the King of glory? He is not Mohammed, He is not Caesar and He is not Pharaoh; He is the Lord of hosts and the King of glory (see Psalm 24:7-10). No true believer should ever pay homage or worship any of the false prophets, or king/priests, whom we tend to set on undeserved pedestals. Jesus, alone, rules supreme in this land from sea to shining sea.

Elinor Montgomery:

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