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The Eclipse, Hurricane Irma and Romanism on the Rise

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

September 14, 2017

The direction Hurricane Irma would take kept us all guessing, up until the moment she finally hit Florida. When we look back upon the direction she travelled we will see that God had a perfectly, planned route for her from the beginning, with a most prophetic message in it for us.

One is like the blind man Jesus healed with the clay, which He made from His spittle, if one cannot see that the judgment route, prophesied in the book of Daniel for the Babylonian system of empires, is now drawing to an end with the rise of the Revived Roman Empire resting just beyond the horizon. The wrath of the Lord against America has reached its zenith and she is beginning to experience warning signs of the coming tribulation and the Day of the Lord with His judgment at hand.

Can we not understand that all our worldly goods for which we have strived are as garbage lying on wet, less-than-manicured, front lawns? Our life’s work lies there, in many cases destroyed by the serpent-filled, spiritual waters we chose when we could have had the pure water from above with nothing other than peace and joy in the knowledge of the Lord. We have had thousands of years of warnings about what is to come with our choice to walk away from God, the Father of His precious children whom He created for Himself in His image, but now, by choice, have become children of the devil, wicked to the core.

The prophet Daniel warned that there would be four evil empires to come, each like a beast growing stronger and fiercer, with the final empire being a two-legged version of the Roman Empire. In its first form as the Early Roman Empire, Caesar reigned in the days of Jesus when He came to establish His apostolic church against which, He said, the gates of hell would not prevail. He never founded a church to be part of the religious, Roman system of Christianity, nor did He ever name His church the Christian church. In fact, He removed His apostles from the religious system of His day, where the nation was held captive within the temple to the religious priesthood of Judaism.

Israel missed their Messiah who came, not to save the nation Israel, but rather for the families of all nations who would willingly trust in Him for their salvation and freedom from the captivity of death to which they had subjected themselves under empire rule. As usual, the Israelites bowed to Roman religious idolatry as much as they had bowed to that of Egyptian idolatry. If the truth be known, the people of Israel longed to return to Egypt and to the physical comforts of the Empire with its food, rather than eat the manna, which had come down from God, and they so loathed.

From the day the Israelites entered the Promised Land with a stunning show of God’s power and miracles, they chose not to obey Him, to the point of taking the forbidden Babylonian garment. But Babylon they loved, and they love her to this day, so God is going to allow the last and final leg of the Roman Empire, the Revived Roman Empire, to come to life again in a spiritually declining world, which is rejecting Him. Even those who have made God ruler over this nation in Canada, who claim that He has dominion from sea to sea and in the United States of America, where the people declare that it is in God they trust, there is nothing but disdain for His name and for that of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Names of people and cities are not given by chance; there is meaning and reason for each choice. Rome is at the heart of this final empire about to rise as a world order of one government, one religion and one economic system as it was in the days of Babel before God divided the people and scattered them into nations over the face of the entire earth. And, as Daniel clearly saw in the dream statue of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of the first empire, Babylon, of the Babylonian system of empires, they each rose and fell exactly as he prophesied they would do, with the exception of the final empire, which is yet to appear.

It has had a road-block of unanticipated power come against it, in the person of President Donald Trump and his little band of a chosen, few, loyal men around him. He stands alone and without support in his battle to make America great again, against a surging rise of Romanism. It is not only within America, but throughout an entire world of evil, over which Satan rules, increasingly ‘upping the ante” against the Jew of the perceived nation and the true Jew of spiritual Israel, captive within the Roman-based system of religion called Christianity.

Italy is often referred to as the boot of Europe because of the shape of the country in relationship to the rest of the land. It could be said of Caesar that he was the king of the North, with respect to the nation Israel’s position, in what was the heart or middle of the known world of Jesus’ day. As the empire began to decline, the Caesar of the time, called Constantine, took the church, to which the people of Antioch, a Roman-governed holding, attached the mocking term, “Christian”, making the true, apostolic church captive to the failing Roman Empire.

There was a new pagan high priest in town, who had been the former pagan high priest of Rome, installed as leader along with his priesthood being placed over this newly formed, religious system, called Christianity, which had taken the church of Christ, captive. In point of fact, it had no connection whatsoever with the truth espoused by the gospels of Jesus and His apostles. Christianity was founded as an apostate religious system with a so-called inerrant pope who dared to subvert the authority of the one and only High Priest and Lord of lords in the person of Jesus. This religious system of Romanism would prove to be the glue, which would keep the early Roman Empire alive until the latter day Revived Roman Empire was ready to regroup. We call this time the time of the fullness of the gentiles.

Once again, under this antichrist, religious system, it will come alive with its own false high priest, the Pope, at the helm of the religious partnership of Vatican and world government. The coming, one-world ruler/king will rise out of the ashes of the Roman Caesar’s line of ancient Rome to join with the Pope in the Vatican. He has always been the false Christ and apostate high priest of that great harlot, Babylon the Great, and partner in a killing-destroying culture, the worst this world will ever see. The king of the North, the newly crowned Caesar, will bring about world unity among the killing cultures of the world. Russia will join into the process of forging the alliance between Rome (the Vatican) and the Antichrist empire ruler-ship seeking the throne belonging to God.

Under God, America has been a thorn in the side of Rome’s rise toward her empire power for the second time, as well as being a thorn in the side of Islam and its kings of the South. That so-called, superior, intellectual body of Roman Catholic priests, called the Jesuits, is the group from which the present-day Pope has emerged to assume the role of inerrancy, in which he is presently pushing for a bond between Romanism and Communism. His aim is to get a hold in America by the promotion of keeping her southern borders open to illegals, for there is most certainly going to be a Catholic majority of people coming from the Mexican side to fill the empty pews in the churches and to vote for the kind of transformation in America, which former President Obama tried to bring about.

And so we see the darkness looming on the horizon in the West, with a sharp division in the United States between those in darkness and those who have come out of it and into the light. That wicked Jezebel spirit has risen up to the call of the serpent to enter into Progressive Liberalism, which whores against God.

The final covenant move of the Lord made with Abraham begins as the Light shines fully on the face of His bride to give her understanding so He can seal her on her forehead. This must happen before the angels standing at the four corners of the earth are allowed to release the winds. America is the nation where all nations meet; one could describe her as the four corners of the world (see Revelation 7:1-3).

She is not named for Columbus, but rather for an Italian named Amerigo Vespucci, the Latin masculine of which is Americus and the feminine, America. He was trained in the monastery of San Marco. With the eclipse, the time has come to allow the winds to blow over the land. What better place than that of Florida, which looks like a leg with a tiny foot of the Keys to support it. For judgment will begin in the house of a false and corrupted church, as the bride comes forth and into the light, as did Paul the apostle, but darkness falls where the winds blow.

And blow she did as Irma crossed, first, the Communist thorn of Cuba beneath the foot of the American leg of the rising Revived Roman Empire, symbolized by the shape of the state. At the same time, the Pope of Romanism makes more politically correct statements, which are totally anti-Christ in nature. And the winds leveled their wrath on Cuba to lessen its pressure somewhat and, to the dismay of our weather forecasters, who can talk in terms of global warming and Mother Earth, God fooled them, allowing them no knowledge of where His spiritually-laden winds would blow. They were full of the seawaters, which they had picked up and were directed where God willed, to show the real problem behind His wrath. Mother Earth had nothing to do with this display of power, nor is there, in fact, such a godless idol.

And so, God was ready to show the path of His wrath. It was thought Miami would receive the full force of Irma, but that city represents a strong Hebrew, or ‘Jewish’ presence on the east coast of America. It speaks of the people of the nation of Israel, but this is not the target of the Lord’s wrath at this moment. He is disgusted with a church, which has allowed Romanism to rule over it. Together, with the help of Lutherism, she is planning to return the Protestant church back to Mother Babylon and, with a tawdry agreement, Rome is beginning the process of wiping out the gains made by the Protestant Reformation in response to the call of the true church to come out of her, Babylon the Great, and become purified in the truth of the Word.

After a Communist flattening, the winds headed for Key West, just off the east coast; for it represented the pure church of the apostles, as did the Puritans, when they arrived on the shores of Plymouth, in the West. Were the keys to the kingdom not resting in their hands, as they sought new life for the church, free and in defiance of the Roman control, which had brought the dark ages upon the world with Rome’s limitations on the rights of the people to the Word of God? Had it not been the duty of the church to spread the good news of the gospels of truth, and not lock them into the controls of a corrupt priesthood seeking control over the enslaved church, which Jesus had set free from the controls of religion?

I am of an age, when my parents feared nothing greater than the election of government officials in America, which might open up a direct route for Rome, and the Pope, in particular, to interfere and meddle in her affairs. Even Christopher Columbus, like the Puritans, was at odds with the Roman priesthood of Spain and Rome, which tried to put roadblocks in his way. But now, the keys to the kingdom, which Jesus gave to His church have been lost in the West and so Key West took her hit as a symbol of a church, which has dropped the keys to seek unity with Communism, more aptly described as a church having a love affair with radical socialism, and with Mother Rome, as well as with all the sexual perversion, which comes with the package.

So the winds blew and the rains came, and with them came the floods, which symbolized God’s judgment against Romanism, beginning with Marco Island, only to have Irma blow her way up the west coast instead of making land fall on the east side of the state. Next, she hit Naples, also located toward the southern part of the leg of the west coast of America as is Naples on the lower west coast of the leg or boot of Italy.

The storm did not miss Venice, a symbol of the city, which was the birthplace of Marco Polo, whence he departed on his eastern journeys to present-day Communist and Islamic countries to carry on trade with them, in the same way that foolish America has done today. She has given billions upon billions of American tax dollars to these same countries, which are the killing cultures with their big guns leveled toward America. When the enemy binds this nation with trade agreements, it binds her, indeed, with controlling chains.

But then the winds and the hurricane took another jog away from the Tampa Bay/Clearwater area for God will not allow the Clearwater of the Spirit-filled, true church to be darkened by the murky waters of this world. She is protected by the seal on her forehead. But once again, we see Cedar Key further up the west coast barely missed as the storm crossed over to the other side of the state. The House of Cedar is the true key to the covenant of Abraham, symbolic of the house of David and the promise of his eternal throne, through the line of Judah. God’s light will always shine on His covenant move until the end, and nothing will prevent Him from bringing forth a bride from mankind for His Beloved Son.

And again, we connect the eclipse of the sun with the light of it fully shining on the face of the moon, while darkness separates that which is behind it. This woman, the bride of the church, has the moon under her feet, clothed in the sun, and on her head, a garland of twelve stars, the crown of her apostolic brothers and the crown of the house of Israel(see Revelation, chapter 12). Jacob identified with the inheritance of this blessing – a spiritual one that crossed over to go to Jesus, as had the blessing he placed upon Ephraim, the second-born son of Joseph, crossed over from Manasseh, the first-born to go to the second son. Like Ephraim Jesus, too, was the second Son of God, but begotten of Him in the Spirit, as opposed to being created a living being like Adam. He was begotten of God in order to share, through His sacrifice, His throne with the house of cedar, the house of David. This is where the key to the kingdom lies – Cedar Key.

This all occurs at the same time as another sign appears in the heaven, the sign of the darkness that crosses over America from coast to coast with the rise of the last and final Revived Roman Empire to complete the Babylonian system of empires under the rule of Satan, the first of which began with Pharaoh’s death culture of Egypt. Hence the dragon has seven heads (emperors) and ten horns, like the divisions of the earth, as symbolized by the ten toes on the two legs of the final Roman Empire. These point to the world divisions of a One World Order, now reached with the full rule of the Antichrist, who always wanted to be worshiped like God (see Revelation, chapter 12). The two women of Revelation are divided between these two, the bride of Christ, His pure church in the light, and that mother of all harlots to the Lord God, Babylon the Great, mother throughout the six-millennia, wilderness journey of man from the Garden to the kingdom.

Surely God could find no greater way to make clear the times in which we find ourselves, than by giving us a complete solar eclipse over this nation dividing light from darkness. Then we have the release of the greatest recorded hurricane winds to hit the shores of America, leaving darkness and suffering in their wake. This is only a hint of the dark days to follow for rejecting God’s rule in this nation, in order to involve ourselves with the empires and their gods, allowing them to enter this land and stand beside our great God.

Very dark days lie ahead for the world, as we, in America, not only allow the enemy to permeate our land, but aid in the rise of the final Revived Roman Empire, which will see the Roman Pontiff, seated beside Satan, incarnate, as his false prophet (see Revelation, chapter 13). The beast, of course, spoken of here, speaks of the empire statue of the dream of Nebuchadnezzar recorded in the book of Daniel, described in its full beastly nature. How better could God reveal the urgency of the times and our need to repent and return to Him, by taking us on a Roman journey up the second leg of the dream statue, which is the second branch of the Roman Empire, being revealed right here in America?

Is it not enough for us that we have received a hint of the days to come from the direction of the Roman Hurricane winds of Irma following their Roman path? Should this not frighten us enough that we choose to turn back to the light and pleasure derived from following God, rather than embrace the darkness and suffering of Rome? Or will we choose to listen to the voices of the fools who still give credit to Mother Nature and her ridiculous ability to control the climate. It is that same old Jezebel spirit, which worked her way into the throne of Israel, bringing along with her the bevy of false prophets of Baal and Asherah. Today, they run footloose all over this nation in the guise of Climate Control and the green robes of the Mother Earth goddess, Gaia herself.

But the path of the just is like the shining sun, that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day. The way of the wicked is like darkness; they do not know what makes them stumble (Proverbs 4:18-19).

Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars (Revelation 12:1).

And so, the true church shall come forth in understanding while, at the same time, the wickedness increases in America and the reptilian waters are allowed to push up the rivers and overflow the land. God has used this Hurricane Irma to show that the corrupt system of Romanism is about to come to its fullness as signified by the direction of the path, which the loosed winds took. We are about to see the entire, corrupt, Babylonian, religious system of Christianity gather herself together to return to mother Rome and her dark apostasy, which comes only from the devil.

Elinor Montgomery:

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