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The Useful Idiots

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

December 15, 2017

The useful idiots of what we recognize as complete idiocy will discover that their roots go all the way back to the Garden of Eden and, specifically, to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve are the parents of the entire human race, which has been unable to produce anything other than Satan’s useful idiots in what we call ‘religion’.

Little do they know religion is associated with the lie, for this is the evil Satan mixed with good, to become a belief system. He did a miraculous job of laying out an argument for a belief system, which totally disguised the truth of God by weaving his religious lies throughout it. The problem is that God’s truth is pure and righteous and He will not allow it to be contaminated by religion. He spoke clearly to man in the Garden, telling him that if he were to forsake His truth and replace it with the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (the religious combo), he would surely die. Religious belief systems are all based on that first lie of the serpent in the Garden, which deceived Eve.

It all began when the angel of light, Lucifer, an angel of perfection in whom God discovered pride, was driven from heaven into the darkness beneath when God dealt with his idiocy, forcing him to leave the worship chambers above. He formed his own temples and altars of worship beneath, so that he could be worshiped like the Most High God. Such chambers are the religious houses of worship today, which, for the most part adhere to a growing progressive liberalism from God. There is no liberty in it for the rule of Satan in darkness is a rule of the empire-building of big government and religion controlling all human activity.

In biblical terms, it produces the goats on the left, and, in political terms, it creates political parties, which will ultimately and ferociously declare the truth of God to be forbidden reading. Religion will always declare that black is white and white is black, that religion is about the truth of God and biblical truths are actually nothing but nice stories without any factual truth in them.

This is why today we have the so-called churches of the religious system of Christianity denying the truth of God’s Word and adhering to the lies, which come from many members of the religious, Christian priesthood. In the same way, the lies came from the religious, Judaic priesthood of Jesus’ day, called the Pharisees. They hated Jesus because He declared not only the truth, but that He was the Word made flesh and the Son of the God of truth. As religious men, Jesus went on further to declare that they were the sons of their chosen father, the devil, known as Satan and the beast, and were nothing more than a den of vipers as He declared the truth about the priestly religious leaders.

To this day, Christianity is shrouded in the lie that the religious system, formed by the Babylonian Empire of Rome and then called the Christian Church, is the unfailing apostolic church of Jesus Christ, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. Jesus never named His church the Christian Church, which is full of divisions and apostate doctrines. It is nothing more than Rome’s continuance of Babylon the Great, mother of all harlots to God, who are caught up in the religious lies of the serpent’s belief system.

In politics, this harlotry permeates the establishment of the subversive promotion of world governance, or a ‘back-to-Babel’ move of the final, rising Revived Roman Empire, which is about to materialize. In fact, the religion of Christianity is the glue, which has been cementing the two legs of the last of the Babylonian System of Empires together throughout the dark ages of this religious church system. It is not, and never was, the apostolic church of Jesus Christ, the only true church. Like the lies of the serpent, the church looks good on the surface, but the root of evil is found at its very core, promoting division and apostate doctrines. Presently, it is showing its true colors concerning Jesus and His true church.

As the leaven grows within the loaf, like the Pharisees of Judaism, the religious priesthood actually believes itself to be the keeper of the Scriptures, but, in point of fact, is little more than a body of do-gooders preferring the company of the Roman culture more than that of Jesus. It comes in His name, but, for the most part, denies His truth. The priesthood would rather cut a deal financially with the government and agree not to involve itself with the affairs of the nation under God in order to give the money changers’ tables a place of deal-making with the culture. This is a priesthood, which prefers the golden rule, “You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.”

And so the swamp creatures of the Establishment have found their way into the heart of religious Christianity. Of course, there is always a remnant, which today is the true, rising Revived Apostolic Church and only Church of Jesus Christ, which is looking upon the growing darkness in her midst, with sheer disgust at the total blindness engulfing the religious Christians of little or no understanding.

A blast of light and understanding is needed for the Saul’s of religion in order to remove the religious scales from their eyes and allow in the light of truth for the transformation of the Saul’s into Paul’s. That light of understanding can come only from the Light of the World, Himself, called Jesus; it can never come from the religious seminaries of Christianity, embedded in the cum-biotic cultures of sheer idiocy today, as the Day of the Lord and of thick darkness draws near.

And so, Roy Moore has come upon the political scene at a time such as this when America is rapidly moving into darkness – thick darkness. A lawyer who had office space near him described him, with an insistence, “as a man of unimpeachable character and one who feels strongly about his beliefs;” and these were the words of a Democrat who planned to vote for him. His words are in direct opposition to a certain 57-year-old woman, Janet Reeves, who has spoken of a time 40 years ago when Mr. Moore approached a young girl for her phone number, and Ms. Reeves thought he was ‘just a creepy old guy’, to use her own words.

Now, Mr. Moore was actually a very young man at the time this woman claimed that he looked like ‘a creepy old man’. There seems to be a slight inconsistency here, as often happens when one tries to misconstrue facts. But then, this is just one inconsistency, which permeated all of the stories of all the ‘bought-off’, foolish women who, like Eve, would reach up to pluck the forbidden fruit. God knows that the web of lies will close all around them, drawing them into the ranks of Satan’s useful idiots.

Then, there is the classic little lady of deception, the Washington Post reporter, who broke the hit-piece of news aimed at destroying Judge Roy Moore. This is a lady (if you will excuse the expression) who has a questionable record of her own, having been charged with four infractions of writing bad cheques in at least three different states. In North Carolina she was convicted of a crime punishable by up to six months in prison. Now, if I were a ‘Dem’ looking for a good fake news writer to introduce the carefully-orchestrated plot against Roy Moore, I could think of no better place to go than to the list of criminal charges for writing fake cheques. It is there you are likely to find the person skilled in the practice of deception (See reference to Chuck Baldwin).

The fix was on and the young, female ducks were set up in a row just waiting to be shot down by the truth. But nothing would stop the Establishment of the Left from attempting to destroy Judge Roy Moore, a power house of strength in his faith in God and His Law. This is a man of the Constitution who honored his country enough to allow himself to be removed from office twice for refusing to bow to unconstitutional judicial rulings. He took on the President and Vice President of the United States, the Senate Majority leader, McConnell, the entire media and Political Establishments and his own Republican Establishment to win the nomination as the Republican Party candidate for the office of Senator.

At last, the enemy of this man, who never ceased to stand for God’s truth, threw its full force at him at this most opportune time. To be labelled as a sexual predator of young girls is about as degrading as it can get among his supporting evangelical Christians, many of whom walked away from him and, worst of all, his fellow Republicans became part and parcel for the useful idiots of Satan by convicting this man of God without a trial. This is the difference between the church of Jesus Christ and the religious Christian system. Religion does not place a high value on the faithfulness of God’s people to stand on the rock-solid truth of His Word.

There they were – the female ducks all arranged together in a tight little row, with dollar signs for eyes. Pop, pop, pop! The guns sounded as the truth knocked out the ducks, one by one, but no one was paying any attention and the media hushed it up to continue the lie in order to get their man, now known as a sex predator of young girls, an image forged in cement by the useful idiots of Satan.

It was truly sad to see the well-meaning believers like Hannity and Laura Ingraham fall into the trap, which will catch the religiously-controlled every time. They become victims of the culture when they do not have the personal strength of a strong relationship with the truth of the Word. To the contrary, Judge Roy Moore does adhere to the dictates of the Word, and is fearless in doing so. He is like the prophet Daniel and the upright young Joseph of the Old Testament. For him, it is as impossible to be intimidated, as it was for them, by the mouths of lions and the powerhouse of the Egyptian Empire. Judge Moore knows who his God is and never is ashamed of His name, nor of that of His Son, Jesus Christ. God will honor this man’s faithfulness.

Would it not be wonderful, poetic justice to see Judge Roy Moore, a man of impeccable integrity with an ‘unimpeachable record’ lose the Senate seat he deserved in order to be marked for higher office? Roy Moore is the best choice any President of the United States could ever make, in my estimation, for an appointment to the bench of the Supreme Court.

Why do I believe this? It is because the ‘Dems’ and other useful idiots are more afraid of this man of God than any other person of the elected government. For they know that if he were to possibly get his hands on the Supreme Court gavel, he just might rule the swamp right out of Washington and back to the dark recesses of the world, whence they came, in order to allow the light to shine, once again, over Capitol Hill.

Then the new legal immigrants would have something for which to cheer, as they pass Lady Liberty upon arrival at the gateway to the Promised Land. God possibly opened up an opportunity for the people of America, and for the President, to make the right choice and support this faithful man of God, at all cost. For the rest of us, it would be time to just sit back, pray and simply wait to see our God perform a miracle, and do what they say can never be done. Such an opportunity may not come this way again.

Reference: – November 16, 2017

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