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The Gate Before Which They Stand, The Tree From Which They Eat

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

February 02, 2018

Which shall it be – the American dreamer or the illegal dreamer? With this choice comes the decision to be made concerning our children and all future generations. Will they live under a Constitution, which declares the Bible to be our moral compass for truth, for the laws of the land, for the justice system and for the principles surrounding the work ethic? As a people of all Americans entrusted with the keeping of the two Constitutions of Canada and the United States, we will either maintain the blessings encrypted within them or, to the contrary, we will bring a curse on this land by turning away from them.

It is not all about just DACA for which the government of the United States is presently being held in a stranglehold. It is about all the dreamers of ages past, who immigrated to this land to actually settle and establish it as two nations ruled by God. In many cases, they left family and friends whom they had known and loved in order to escape the tyranny of the East, the religious empires with their religious controls, which grew out of war after war, after war. Always their victims were victims of violence and terror. No one came out of wars without feeling the enormous pain they inflict upon whole populations.

They were not Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists, who settled this land. They were the believers in Jesus, who wanted a land, like His promised kingdom, modeled after God’s Law and His life-giving message, so that their children and the children of others who had dreams like theirs could join in the vision, as the kind of immigrants who would keep this vision alive.

American settlers were, for the most part, peace-loving immigrants who wanted a life separate and apart from the ruler-ship of man. They wanted a land that would not be ruled by satanic influence; they wanted a land ruled like the biblically promised kingdom of God, on earth as it is in heaven. They set about to create a society separated from the cultic cultures of Satan’s empires.

These North American Constitutions reflect the hopes and dreams of the peace-loving immigrants who were responsible for settling this western wilderness, only to establish the greatest country this world has ever known. She was great because she had chosen to live in covenant with God, whereby He was made Supreme Ruler over the land. She was a land of many nations coming together under one life-driven, life-loving nation of people who had come out of the cultic governments of the world and into a wilderness crying out to be conquered and tamed.

It were as though God had reserved this land over the centuries for His church, allowing no one to claim it, not even the indigenous, native peoples who, in their nomadic nature, lived on the land but could put no claim upon that which belonged to God alone. As Creator, all lands belonged to Him from the beginning of time, just awaiting the time when the cross would be planted across the entire land to claim it for the Lord Jesus Christ. In the North, the crosses told the world that God would have dominion from sea to sea, while in the South they declared that these people would trust in God and not in any religion or any idolatrous gods of religion.

Americans became God’s covenanting people, who, to this day, still run to God in prayer whenever disaster strikes. They cannot have it both ways. It is either God in whom they trust and to whom they pray, or it is to some foreign god whom the Lord God will not tolerate beside Him according to the First Commandment of His Law. Now we would have to conclude that this would be a swampland of hypocrites, if it were not the God of the Bible to whom we pray, but rather some other, idolatrous god, like those mythical gods of Olympus, which are the same totally powerless gods, who rule over the Olympic games magnifying the flesh of man, rather than his soul. They have no power whatsoever to make America great again, no matter how many gold medals might come their way.

This was a land of opportunity for the dreamers of God reaching out to other dreamers who, at the border of entry, could swear allegiance to the same God and to His nation, leaving the gods and governments of this world and their wars far behind. They wanted the hope, someday, of the salvation of Jesus and His kingdom rule to come on earth as it is in heaven. There will never be another nation on earth, which will ever come closer to seeing that kingdom come, before a new day dawns in the East, and Jesus becomes the bright and morning star of that day.

These two Constitutions demand obedience to God as law-abiding nations under God, something Israel was never able to achieve. She wanted a king of the world, a man to rule over her, like the other nations of the world. At that moment, she rejected God’s rule and began her spiral fall, which would ultimately lead to her rejection by God, whose Word then went out to the nations through the witness of His Church. Israel had broken covenant with Him and became a harlot to her God.

When a nation declares covenant with God, it is like declaring a marriage between the two. Its people are to love, honor and obey Him and, in turn, He promises the blessings, with which He wants to endow His bride. With these blessings she is to be His reflected light of liberty in their marriage and show the entire world the blessings, which come with such a marriage. The important thing to note here is that they are non-transferable to the killing cults of the cultures of this world, which do not live by His Laws and His principles. The problem for them goes all the way back to the Garden of Creation, and the gate before which they stand and the tree from which they eat.

Jesus said to His forming apostolic church that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. This means the pure church must be revived from out of the religious system called Christianity, which is old, tired and full of religion to the point of destruction. She became entwined with the Romanism of the Babylonian system of empires, and though she has begun the final stages of her exodus, out from under Satan’s rule, she has not fully made her exodus from the ways of this world for the Way only of the Lord God. He will now prepare her, Himself, washing her clean as only He, alone, can wash His church in readiness to enter in purity into the kingdom of God on earth.

Without purity, or, should we say, with the impurity of the belief system, the fruit of the forbidden tree of the Garden, which has the seeds of destruction within it, there is no cure for its deadly poison except that found in the shed blood of Jesus. He, alone, can take our sin upon Himself and then take our place in the courts of judgment upon man’s sin and rebellion against God’s commandment to not eat of it. Daniel explains to us at the outset that the food of the kings of the empires is what causes man to become sick and unhealthy, even a sickness unto death. It has been definitely terminal for both the empires of Satan and for God’s people Israel, without accepting Jesus.

But it all changes with His communion table to which He calls mankind to eat of His flesh and drink of His blood. They are the food and drink, which keep the enemy from destroying the true church, which loves Him for His goodness like a bride would love her husband. She will never eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil when Satan tempts her. She will love and, in faith, obey her Beloved Lord Jesus, for her training is not left in the hands of a priesthood of Christianity, little different from the religious, Pharisaical priesthood of Judaism of which Jesus said their father was the devil (see John 8:44).

Jesus, Himself, will teach her, so that she can teach the others, by taking her into the heavenlies, as He did for her counterpart, Paul, the apostle, leaving her commissioning to no one, but Himself. Only He can take away that curse of the religious belief system, one pile of refuse dumped on the tracks or straight way set in place for Adam and Eve. This was their derailment from God with the religious liberalism full of the bloating leaven, which would separate them from the straight way of God. They would fall away to the broad road of destruction, which leads directly to the gate of hell.

To this day, progressive liberalism from God is leading nations to their destruction. Nothing has changed, with the goats on the Left, along with darkness, deception, violence and terror, all stemming from the forbidden tree of the Garden. It is the one and only source for a world-wide curse on all of rebellious mankind, coming from the deadly, forbidden fruit, which the Left so loves as its delicacies of spiritual food. These delicacies are made up of the same old lies, which accuse those on the Right in such a wily fashion as has only been seen once before with the voice of the serpent.

Surely the government of God’s people is struggling to rid itself of the demonic grip, which is like leaven when truth is rejected for the lie and God’s Word is taken from His people to make room for the killing fields of the religious cults of multiculturalism. It is called Religious Rights by its other name. God sees all nations, which came from their source of Babel, as nothing, even less than nothing and worthless (see Isaiah 40:17). Unfortunately for Israel, like Adam and Eve, she chose to eat the same fruit in rejection of God’s Promised Land as they, before her, had rejected life in the Garden. All were evicted and separated from this blessed provision of God.

This beautiful land and garden of America is again in the process of rejecting God with the people being deceived by the media, which refuses to be honest about the facts. Like the fools Adam and Eve were, Americans are being ensnared by a web of lies. Satan is licking his lips as a gullible people actually put their trust in a Progressive Liberal program, because they are a tolerant people. But the things of which they are tolerant are, for the most part, sin and rebellion against God. With any luck at all, Satan will be able to persuade the people that the cults of religion are worthy of being placed on equal footing with the truth of God.

How foolish the nation is to alter her immigration laws from those which embraced the patriotic, legal dreamers, to open the gate wide for the illegal dreamers who knowingly commit crimes to enter into this country! Of course, the progressive liberals, no matter what their political party, will fully support them for they are all in Satan’s camp together, trying to break down a nation of constitutional laws, upheld by the courts. Of course, the two will vote as one for what will ultimately bring about the breakdown of the freedom-loving, western world.

This is a sure result of embracing immorality and lawlessness, with an actual hatred for peace under God. They want the One World Order of Babylon back, with its sword power and endless, empire-building wars. We must never be allowed to forget that they are killing cults and cultures. It is hard to believe that any people would ever choose to be harlots, only to give up all the blessings of God for the curse of the devil, when they could be a bride who will inherit all good things planned by Him for her, His people.

The United Nations will never bring peace, but rather it will bring its Babylonian curse upon this land, as long as it remains in God’s territory. Wake up America and build that wall between you and the devil and the deep blue sea. Without keeping religion and lawlessness on the other side, and the truth of God within our borders, there will be nothing but killing and violence as a curse upon this people. This nation will surely find herself at the gate of Hell with all her filthy refuse dumped there before it. This will be her ticket to enter in.

What can one say to add to this? It is time to tell the United Nations to pack up all its belongings and move itself back to Babylon in the East where it belongs. We see the result of her being in the city of New York, drawing the terrorists right to her doors. This great land is reserved for God’s people and not for the cults of this world. The United Nations, along with all progressive liberalism is definitely on the wrong side of the dividing wall. God’s blessings are never for those who belong to the lying devil, standing before his gate, having eaten of the forbidden tree.

Elinor Montgomery:

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