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Why does the Anger of the American Negro Live On?

EDITORIAL – By Yvonne Adams

February 17, 2018, 3:00 P.M.

Imagine this! You have spent a life-time being told that you are less than human, that you are incapable of thinking for yourself, that you are not allowed to learn to read or write, that you are to live like animals on dirt floors, with the pickings for food. You know that at any moment in your lifetime you could be put up for sale like a prize pig and be taken from your family who would not be allowed to find or see you ever again. That was the life of an American black slave, at the mercy of the generally white slave owner.

Imagine the hatred, which would build over the years toward anyone who would commit such horrendous acts of inhumanity against another human being, all of whom were created alike by God! Have you ever considered what it is like to be a black person? Actually, I prefer to use the term Negro, which more closely identifies with the race. Black is not a race, but rather a color, in the same way as white is not a race, but rather a color, with the correct racial terminology being Caucasian.

Why are Negroes so angry? I would like to focus on the Negroes in America – not the hyphenated terminology of African-American, but rather Americans of the Negro race. Most Negro-Americans have never seen the shores of Africa. Is anger an inherent trait in the Negro man or woman and, if so, what is the root of it? To answer these questions it would be advisable for us to go back through the history of America to discover why there is such a large population of Negroes in America.

On January 23, 1977, millions of viewers tuned in to the television miniseries “Roots” for the first time, which traced the slave ancestry of author Alex Haley, resulting in becoming an instant success as Americans were transfixed by the unfolding of history. Since then, several movies and documentaries have been made relating to the centuries-old slave trade – the movie, Amazing Grace being one of many.

African men, women, children, and, sometimes, young children alone, were captured and sold to evil men who transported them around the world, but particularly to the western hemisphere, under extremely deprived conditions. It was in 1619 that the first were known to have been brought to America on board a Dutch ship carrying twenty African slaves to the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia. These twenty, along with the subsequent thousands of African slaves, helped to build the new nation of the United States into an economic powerhouse, through hard work, sadly, under such severe conditions.

Over the centuries, many voices have been raised against human bondage, but still the problem exists and Negroes are still full of rage over their intense suffering at the hands of ‘the white man’. There have been several Movements established with the hope of getting the Caucasians to acknowledge that the Negroes are, indeed, human beings who are owed to this day that long-awaited, national apology for the treatment they were forced to endure at the hands of the slave owners. One could say that, if they were alive today, they would be owed a considerable amount of money for the salaries they never received.

The non-violent American Civil Rights Movement, led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to have the Negro American afforded the same rights as those of the white American, but to no avail. Could it be that leaders of this great country, who acknowledge God by saying “In God We Trust” are just paying lip service and, in so doing, show themselves to be nothing more than hypocrites? How can the Negroes not be angry when they were so inhumanely mistreated in the past and, in many cases, are still being mistreated? To the best of my knowledge, no one, on a national scale, has ever apologized in earnest to the Negro for his/her pain and suffering during all those years of slavery to the white man.

With the abolition of the slave trade, the freedom of the slaves came with no guidelines on how to live in a free society, following enforced dependency and illiteracy. Ultimately, the black man became ghettoized in impoverished communities to become victims of gangs, which were, and are to this day, vulnerable to every drug pusher and criminal activist who come their way. I say to you, that the answer is evident as to why these conditions still exist.

How many more symposiums will it take before we realize how simple the answer to the problem is? Can you not see why our streets are full of violence among black youths, the ancestors of whom, merely a couple of generations ago, were set free overnight, with no skills and no ability to earn a living, having been deprived of family continuity and support, to be suddenly thrown into a business world, without one earthly belonging to their name?

Leaders of America, elected members of government and pastors, is the God in whom you claim to trust calling you to repentance in connection with the Negro situation? Has the time come for you, and all citizens of North America, to humble yourselves and apologize to the Americans of Negro descent? Should they not be acknowledged as equal to any other human being in the sight of God after years of declaring them to be otherwise? For America to become great again, she must acknowledge her sin against the black people and repent of it.

To date, has any descendant of the slave-owners, and white community in general, ever offered a heart-felt expression of regret on behalf of the nation for what has been done to an entire race of people in this land? I would suggest that an attempt be made for some special retribution to these people through a state offer of free education and job training. An official statement is long overdue, as I speak for my American brothers and sisters who still harbor anger for the injustices committed against my people.

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– As seen on “Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro” – Sat. Feb/17/2018 –

Yvonne Adams is editor of the Conservative newsletter, News n Blues, a free publication distributed every Monday and Thursday wherein we share items of the news and commentaries, pertinent to our times, especially on North American political interests. The newsletter has been operating since September 2005.

Yvonne is a Canadian citizen, having lived in Canada for more than 50 years, first leaving her home country of Guyana to move to London, England, then to Nigeria and finally to Canada. She has four children, eight grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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