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Garden Paradise, In the Kingdom of Hoover Land, in the U.S. of America

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Once upon a time there was a town called Garden Paradise, in the kingdom of Hoover Land, in the U.S. of America. It was like most other towns in the U.S., but the Lord of the Manor House of Garden Paradise was called “Boss Hoover” who was a benevolent and kind man whom the people loved and served well. In fact, he reigned over the town like a king on his throne.

He had once had a little, leather factory known as the Tannery, which employed many of the town-folk and went on to acquire a great deal ofthe land-holdings of the town, which he had turned into farmland for the citizens to work and till as if it were their own. They received the bulk of the produce of the land, taking great pride in their community.

Boss Hoover also provided large stables for the horses to be bred and cared foralong with the other animals, which,along with the produce, provided more than enough food for all. The rolling hills were beautifully groomed, and large, stately pines surrounded their homes. Boss had provided a lodge, an enormous building constructed with logs (not unlike the cedar house of King David), for the enjoyment of all his townspeople and their families to come together and celebrate special occasions with the Lord of the Manor and his family. Indeed, it was the envy of those who lived in the surrounding cities, which did not have a benevolent Boss man like Boss Hoover.

As time went by, the Lord of the Manor heard about a man with allergies who was responsible for building maintenance and was suffering from the dust, which his sweeper stirred up, to the point he decided to do something about it. He attached a sheet like a bag to a pole and some kind of machinery, which he believed would suck up the dust into his dust bag as he passed its makeshift roller-brush over the floors and carpet. Voilà! In the hands of this man rested the rudimentary form of what, one day, would become, for almost every housekeeper in the land, the prized tool, the vacuum cleaner, which beat, as it swept, as it cleaned. It was to become the grand-daddy of the first dust-buster in the world today.

Now, Boss Hoover approached this man and made a generous offer to purchase the right to own the invention, improve upon it and begin production of what would become known as the first vacuum cleaner ever constructed, called the Hoover vacuum cleaner. The Tannery was transformed into a ‘vacuum cleaner’ factory. It grew and grew as the vacuum was perfected and Boss Hoover became a very rich man, indeed, one of the richest men in all of America. However, he never ceased to be the kind father-figure of the town of Garden Paradise and he made sure his people had lots of parks and schools, which he so generously provided for them.

These people were his friends and he wanted them to always have a means of providing for themselves, along with the opportunity to become a part of the management team, rather than bring in other people from other businesses, to displace his own people. As one would expect, Hoover Land became the envy of their neighbors, especially one neighboring developer who was known as the “Anti-boss”.

The Anti-boss was a man of a totally different spirit from that of Boss Hoover. He desired to acquire land and position for himself by offering the promise of less work and assured box lunches for all. He was a ruler over religious cults with the aim of gaining the entire world, one day, as his possession. He knew who his opponents were against his world-control plan, and Boss Hoover was one of his greatest opponents. It was his philanthropic nature, which was so maddening to the Anti-boss, and the first thing he would do if he could acquire Hoover Land would be to develop it in the way the rest of the world was going.

First of all, he would deceive the people with ideas about a utopia where the government provided everyone with box lunches and government housing, as long as the people worked for government. Security in government control was the central idea of the Anti-boss plan. He called it multiculturalism, for there were enough religious cults to fill the entire world, including Hoover Land, if he could only get control over these obstinate people who loved their lives in Garden Paradise and were loyal and faithful to their Boss man.

As time moved on, the usual thing happened. The Hoover vacuum cleaner became such a success that it spread its wings to other parts of the world, gaining new markets and greater success, only to earn much more money for its owner. But the inevitable happened; younger generations of Hoovers neither had the same will to produce the vacuums and grow the company, nor did they have any need to amass fortunes. They were born into the Manor House and would inherit it all one day.

Boss Hoover had to make a very tough decision as to whether or not to sell, and he finally chose to sell to the only people who could afford to buy. They were his competitors of the cultic world where the Anti-boss was lurking behind the trees, licking his lips at the thought of getting rid of benevolent Boss Hoover once and for all. He would put an end to the apple pie, pie-in-the-sky, patchwork-quilt kind of small-town America, and begin development in readiness for the cults to move in and take possession of the town, which was now looking good for the town’s new immigrants who were thrilled at the prospect of the Anti-boss’ box-lunch promises. But in the end the people of Garden Paradise would receive nothing more than just that, a paid for, box-lunch type of existence, far removed from that of the elite.

Their new boss man was a developer at heart, who would take down crosses along with those miserable, white buildings with their steeples upon which the crosses stood. The old statues, which represented the battles and the peoples who had fought for liberty and families in other little towns similar to Garden Paradise would also have to come down, if the idea of the land of liberty was to be erased by the multi-cults of religion.

Most certainly, mosques would have to be built, along with pagan temples of all sorts and kinds, to appease the religious rights demands of the immigrants, that is to say, for at least the time being. But most importantly, names, such as those of Boss Hoover, would have to be erased from the memories of the good people of Garden Paradise, forever. The homes of its former citizens would be left standing in ruin so the people would come to believe that the past represented an evil time and the future of the world order to come would be good for all and that all would have a box lunch and government housing so that they would never need to worry about food or lodging again.

Factories like the Hoover plant would be turned into government housing as Anti-boss moved forward in full action to transform America, with all its towns, such as Garden Paradise, and its lands, such as Hoover Land, into a multicultural disaster. The first to go would be Detroit (Auto Land) and, following on its heels, California (Hollywood Land). They would all be speaking the common language of Political Correctness before they knew it, if Anti-boss had his way in the matter.

And so, Garden Paradise became a hub of development while the Hoover houses moved into a state of slow decay. The elite of Garden Paradise, as always where box-lunch cities develop, built their gated community on a beautiful hill of tall pines, with multi-million dollar homes being erected to separate the haves from the have-nots. The home of Anti-boss was built on the pinnacle of the hill for he wanted the same adulation the people had demonstrated for Boss Hoover.

The old breed of Hoover-type, corporate bosses are now all but gone, as corporate America grew more in line with the government-controlled, box-lunch mentality than with the benevolent, family-orientated corporations, which once had broken down the barriers between management and workers. They had worked together as though they were a part of one, big, happy family. Will the dust be scattered around on floors and dry land, or will it be gathered as it is sucked into those amazing, Hoover receptacle bags, cleansing the air of that which could ultimately become very dangerous for the allergy-ridden people who struggle for their very breath of life.

But then, recently, only a few days ago, an interesting thing happened in Garden Paradise. There was a meeting of witnesses who met from all across America to discuss how such places as Garden Paradise had lost their Boss Hoovers, along with other matters of concern regarding the work of the Anti-boss. How had they allowed multiculturalism to invade the land, with its box-lunch mentality and plans for a One World Order to take shape? Could the damage be reversed? Can the One World Order be pushed back to allow for a new kind of revival in Hoover Land? The big question is, as to whether or not the witnesses will hear the voice of the Spirit and the bride, as they call together, saying “Come!” The spiritual water of life, which leads to the Royal Crown is given freely to all who desire it.

The Kingfisher of men wants a pure bride who will come out of Babylon the Great, Mother of all harlots, and out of the religious empires of the world. She must be pure and free of all cultic religions, for this is the final call and the last covenant move of the exodus, which began with Israel, the nation, coming out of Egypt, and will conclude with the house of Israel coming out of the Romanism of the Roman Empire, the last of the Babylonian system of empires, in readiness for entering the kingdom.

It is interesting to note that there was a ‘coach’ at the leadership of the meeting of the witnesses, who wisely chose Garden Paradise, with all its symbolism, of the times, to be the location for his meeting. Whether or not one sees real revival in America will be determined by whether or not one thirsts for the water of life, which Jesus, at this moment, is offering freely to whomever so desires it. There is no question about this, for Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God (John 3:5).”

The waters parted for Israel to leave Egypt, while the waters in our lives must be completely changed before the church, the house of Israel, will ever enter into the kingdom. Not only the spirit of Elijah (in purity), but also, the spirit of Moses (in separation) must be at the heart of this final baptismal call, which will precede the final move of the covenant led by the now broken light of Jesus (the rainbow) who was broken for man’s salvation. It will be that when God looks upon this light of the rainbow, He will remember those who are His true sons and daughters of the covenant promise to Abraham.

The Way goes all the way back to Adam and to the closure on the east side of the Garden to protect the Way of truth for a new Garden Paradise, a new kingdom and a New World Order. It will be the only lasting One World Order, which God established when He created His Garden Paradise, over which Jesus will be Lord of lords and King of kings. He is the true Lord of the Manor House and He is the Way to it, found only in truth, but never in religion.

Religion began with the first religious message of the serpent, presented to that woman, called Eve, whom God gave to Adam. After all, was it not God’s fault for creating her in the first place? Surely Adam was off the hook for any wrong-doing, or so he thought. The second Adam will lead His bride along the Way back to the tree of life and the good fruit intended for her from the beginning.

Elinor Montgomery:

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