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The Grain of Understanding

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out…from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

December 27, 2019

One might call these times the time of the fullness of deception. Satan is pouring out his deception upon mankind in the most devious ways. He has set up the false church within the religious, Babylonian system of Christianity as his prime tool for spreading the lies of deception.

What is the false church? It is one that is glued to a pew, glued to a one-day-a-week event and programmed to not ruffle feathers of other religions. It will comply with the silencing, government tax program, which does not allow religion and government to have a common voice, but rather depends on separation of state and church in deference to all religions of every stripe and color. Religions today are deemed by government to all be of equal value. Of course, this is but one of the many deceptions, which keeps Christianity and government in separate compartments so that God has no effective rule over this country, which claims Him to be Ruler from sea to sea.

America is riddled with hypocritical talk, especially around the time of Christmas. Heaven forbid that churchgoers are so insensitive as to actually raise the name of Jesus when they are specifically celebrating His birthday. It is more important to offend Him by not saying His name than it is to offend any religious cult that does not recognize Him.

The body called the Christian church actually honors a religion that denies Him when it takes up the practice of saying, “Happy Hanukkah” at the same time as it says, “Merry Christmas”. For the true church, Christmas serves no other purpose than to honor the birth of Jesus and His Word. Satan wants the world to denigrate Christmas by lumping it together with other celebrations, which are more pagan than anything else. Satan is thrilled with every such salutation, in which Jesus gets relegated once again to little more than a festival of lights. The candle itself becomes more important than the substance of the Man.

Hallmark has come up with a winning formula of producing seasonal movies all year long. Its purpose is to produce family-friendly, situational, love stories, which demonstrate Christmas as going far beyond that most wonderful time of the year. Because of the heart-warming appeal at the very center of these movies, the goodness of man is depicted as the reason all ends triumphantly, always climaxing in happy endings. This is the escape from worldly conflict that keeps a nation glued to Hallmark movies, which are capturing audiences of some 70,000,000 viewers on a regular basis.

However, let us look closely at what they are really about. I have yet to hear the name of Jesus mentioned in any realistic way, so as to speak of the salvation of man. However, I have seen the Christian church ministry in them promoting a homosexual priest and his so-called, male spouse drooling over their adopted baby as they pretend to be mother and father of the child, as though God would ever endorse such a symbol of the family.

Of course, you would obviously become the village bigot if you did not comply with the social norm Satan promotes! It is called deception and is in complete disagreement with what the Bible has to say on this topic, where it clearly denounces such sexual immorality to the point of declaring that there will be no sexual immorality found in heaven. Such is an abomination in God’s eyes. But, if it is pushed enough and often enough in family-friendly movies and television programs, then Satan can soon bring people around to believing that such a lifestyle is the norm, while you and your fundamentalism become the target of the good church people even within their own church and broader, social circles.

Slowly, but surely, Christianity is falling in line, just as the progressive, liberal media wants its audiences to do. Liberalism is in the business of spreading the message of the Garden tree of the knowledge of good and evil until the darkness of the message takes over the entire world from the light. It will be then that Progressive Liberalism will have reached its goal for the One World Order of government and religion united in purpose of being free of, or liberated from, God and His Son, Jesus Christ, until one day, not so very far away, it will be declared that they are only a myth.

Do not be deceived! Liberalism will not stop there. It will be progressively more and more destructive of all the values we hold dear in this country, which is quickly losing its freedoms to the enemy of democracy. It will ultimately take the form of having zero tolerance for any truth found only in the Word of God. The purpose of the Antichrist always has been to ultimately eradicate all truth in this world in the name of religion.

The main religions of this world are Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, along with many other religions or ideologies such as Communism, and yes, Christianity. Christianity is a product of the Roman emperor, not of Jesus. It comes out of the empires ruled by Satan, in particular, the Babylonian system of empires employing the name of Christian. Such was first used as a mocking term in Antioch to describe the followers of Jesus, known as the Way. The Revived Roman Empire is the last of the satanic empires, which is presently beginning its revival in the final stages of world history.

History is His story, the story of Jesus and the salvation of mankind restoring God’s lost world to Himself. Revelation calls Babylon the Great, the mother of harlots to God. Make no mistake! A church against which the gates of hell prevail is not the church at all. It is nothing more than a deception as its members sit glued to their pews once a week feeling good about their goodness in doing so. The Word says that their goodness before God is considered as nothing more than filthy rags (see Isaiah 64:6). We are all like an unclean thing and need to come out of her, the seductress, Babylon the Great, lest we share in her sins, and lest we receive of her plagues (see Revelation 18:4).

Now is the time, as has never been before, to raise the name of Jesus over all other names as the revived, pure, apostolic church, the apostles of which defied the edicts of Rome, when they subjected themselves to the point of death. Where, in America under God, do you see such faith today, willing to speak the truth rather than support the lies of religion? Sin is sin, with no other name for it. Beware of taking the mark of the beast! Its number is 666, the number of man–his government system, his religious system and his economic system, all under the ruler-ship of the devil.

Is it really a Happy New Year we need or one that is free of deception, with understanding that will prevent the gates of hell from prevailing against the true church? Take a good look as you look around you while sitting in those pews, and ask yourself just what the message is that you are receiving in such comfort, and, in many cases, with such opulence around you. Is it really truth or a convenient ideology with no substance whatsoever to it, when it comes to the salvation of mankind? You might as well take a walk in the woods and contemplate Mother Nature rather than enter these so-called churches where we should be contemplating Father God, our Creator and Deliverer. He is the One and only true God; there is no other way to heaven than through the death, of Jesus, His resurrection and a trust in Him for eternal life.

Have a truly blessed year in truth and the knowledge of who the Lord God is! Ask yourself if it is Him you serve by being His church, or have you been deceived into believing that the church is a place to which you go, rather than you being a part of its foundation. If you want to be a part of His church, He will offer you the grain of understanding and the joy that comes from knowing Him. All you have to do is ask Him into your life so that you can truly know Him. He is so much more than a picture in a stained-glass window, which one might call a stained-glass Jesus.


Elinor Montgomery:

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