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The Transfiguration – Prophecy #4; Commentary on The Transfiguration – Prophecy #4

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 24, 2020

I looked up to see the Lord coming out of the mist with Moses and Elijah. And they walked toward me as I stood alone before them. It was as though I were standing in the center of the Transfiguration, when the Lord said to me that this is exactly where I am standing. And I said, “Who am I, Lord, that I should be here witnessing this?” And the Lord said that it was always intended to be for me, as well as for the apostles, but they had done the unthinkable.

Then I saw the three apostles, a very sleepy church of the church age within the Roman system of churches called Christianity. It had been a long, hard wilderness journey for two millennia, but the journey was nearly over and these true, church leaders were weary of traveling on Roman roads to spread the gospels of truth.

They wondered what it was they should do, and so Peter asked the unthinkable. To paraphrase his thought, he said to himself, should we simply return to Babel? Then he asked if they should get busy building altars, or their own worship centers, up here on the high mountain. Perhaps this was the way to reach out to God, and should they, in the same manner, build altars for the prophets as well? This way they would be sure to have all their bases covered. Peter must have realized that they had been taken into heavenly places in the Spirit and wondered just what one was to do in such a situation.

But God became angry, and said, “Do not concern yourselves with the works of the devil,” said the Lord. Yes, they were wearied from their long journey, but this was the mortal sin of man, to bow before the urging of the devil to build places of worship and sacrifice to the gods of man alongside of an altar for the Lord. What place is there for preoccupation of Jesus’ church with the works of the devil?

A cloud came to overshadow them and a clear voice said, “This is My beloved Son. Hear Him!” When Peter and the others heard, they fell to the ground on their faces in mortal fear. Was I supposed to be at this transfiguration, I wondered.

As though God had heard my thoughts, He said, “My little Shulamite, you are standing here on a solid rock foundation of truth two days later (with a day being as a thousand years). I am awakening you from your sleep while you have been in captivity within the Roman system of Christianity, for it is time for renovation and restoration of My church. Elijah had My voice, Moses had My voice and the apostles had my voice, but now it is the time of love for the most beautiful of brides. Rise up, My fair one and come away with Me, for lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone and you have appeared like a flower of the garden. My dove, in the cleft of the rock, let Me hear your voice!”

“Lord,” I said, “they will not listen. They talk of dark things. They know every move of the devil, but they do not want to hear my voice, for I am but a woman and can think only about You. I am lovesick!”

“You dwell in the gardens with Me, precious one, and your companions who are there with you will listen for your voice.”

“This is the promise, my Lord, by which faith will sustain me. What care I for Solomon and his temple, or any temple, which the kings of this world might build? He has many in his harem, but You, my Beloved, are like our father, Jacob, who only wanted one bride of consuming love. She knew how to do the dance of the double camp. She was victorious at the end of her struggle through the night, as will Jacob be, who is called Israel.”

Then Jesus stood before me and took my hand as we headed toward the glory cloud.

Elinor Montgomery: emontgomery@cogeco.caauthor of Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness – available from and Amazon.

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 24, 2020

For whom was the Transfiguration intended? Was the Lord speaking to the apostles, or was He speaking to a revived apostolic church of the end days? Then, there is another possibility, which is that He was speaking to the church of His day with a prophetic message for the end-days church as well. There is a great deal of evidence to substantiate the latter.

The books of Matthew and Mark describe the Transfiguration as being an event, which took place six days after Jesus called out His church to give it apostolic bone structure on the rock of truth. To the contrary, in Luke he describes it as an event, which took place about eight days later. If a day is as a thousand years, then two millennia after Jesus took His apostles on high, He would take His bride, or revived apostolic church, on high. Of course, this ties in with the different natures of the books of Matthew and Luke.

To begin with, Matthew is the male, apostolic church going out as Jesus rides on the donkey–His beast of burden, the mother church over which the apostles laid their clothing. The book of Matthew tells us that He rode them, the donkey and the colt, into Jerusalem. Was it possible for Him to ride both at one time? The answer is “No.” So, what does this mean?

It was a pregnant donkey, which He rode that would come to its time of the birth of the new, young bride of the church at the end of two millennia, which is to say, at the beginning of the 21st century. About this time, the Lord will ride victoriously into the city of Jerusalem on the colt, representing His bride, the full house of Israel. The two sticks of Judah and Ephraim will at last become as one, never to be separated again.

In the book of Luke, we note, first of all, that it is written by a physician—a man concerned with the healing of the apostles, particularly Paul, a spiritual brother of the bride, with a ministry to the Gentile nations, similar to that of his sister. Luke particularly addressed the most honored one, and so places John ahead of James as Peter’s companion, for John is like the marriage planner for the bride. James, the brother of Jesus, to the contrary, was the designated manager of the apostolic church in Jerusalem with some unbroken ties remaining to the Judaic priesthood, by trying to keep alive some of the religious practices of the Law.

Little had been heard of the voice of the women in Matthew; for, though the women traveled on occasion with Jesus and the apostles, they mainly were servants to the men’s needs and listened at the feet of Jesus. As the women were quietly present, so too, will the bride of the church today spend many years, like Paul, in the presence of the Lord, gaining understanding in the heavenlies. She has an enormous job ahead when the Lord will bring her forth, as He did with Paul, giving her new understanding from the opened scrolls. The final mysteries of the Bible will be revealed from within the opened scroll. Like Paul, she will have an extensive learning period in the presence of the Lord. Her time will be spent in private communion with Him and in teaching her brothers and sisters. Their understanding of the Word will increase dramatically under the tutelage of the Lord Himself.

Luke reveals this prophetically as he addresses Theophilus, the most honored one. Who might this be, if not the bride of Christ? Could there ever be a more blessed one than the queen of the King of the universe? The key to the message of Luke is the presence of the women at the cross and then at the tomb. They are with Jesus at the end, along with the one apostle, John, whom Jesus loved, and the women were the first to see the risen Lord. They were the ones to spread the good news to the others that Jesus had risen. They had no concern for Rome, Caesar or even Israel, the nation. Their focus was totally on Him.

Interestingly, John was allowed to remain in the world to a ripe old age beyond that of the other apostles, in order to prophesy into the end times by writing the incredible book of Revelation as the testimony of Jesus Christ. In this revelation, we see the rise of the woman wearing the crown of twelve stars, the crown of spiritual Israel, the fruit of whom is delivered to God’s throne. She would never build an altar to any man, though even the elect could be deceived by the devil unless the Lord was to return quickly. At the same time, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS, rises up with the beast out of the sea. She will have with her all the forces of the devil’s fallen angels for one last power play before they go down in defeat after having done all the damage they are able to do to this earth and its inhabitants.

The Lord’s bride will witness in the spirit of Elijah and Moses—the spirit of pure worship with no fence-sitting between that of serving God and serving Babylon (Rome) at the same time. These are the final hours of the Exodus, of the house of Israel from this world and into the kingdom of the next. Why then, I must ask, do those of the prophetic, today, who are so close to Jesus, still want to keep their eyes upon the treachery of the devil, while ignoring the message Jesus has for His voice at this time?

Wasn’t the message for the Samaritan woman at the well that worship, one day, would be like neither that of the Samaritans on the mountain top, nor that of Jerusalem and the nation? Worship will be of the Father only in spirit and in truth. Do not think that the devil will ever cease trying to push his cup of spiritual seawaters into the face of the bride to destroy her, but she will never cease in her efforts to push it away. She is the ultimate overcomer, trained by the Lord Himself, and she will only have eyes for Him.

Will she build altars to the gods of men? “No!” Nor would Elijah or Moses have done so. This is a woman who surely has no eyes for evil and cannot lie, for she is bone of her Beloved’s bone, and He is the Way, the truth and the life. He has extended the scepter to her with the words, “Let Me hear your voice.” The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” We are on the way to the glory cloud.

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