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Visions of Lust – Prophecy #5; Commentary on Visions of Lust – Prophecy #5

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 25, 2020

I felt a calm, as before a storm. The air was heavy with moisture, like a woman waiting for her water to break before the baby comes to time of birth. Is that Jacob I see, leaning on his stick while limping toward the Promised Land? No; his name is Israel, for he has a full house with him. The place is called Mahanaim, the place of the double camp. This is his meeting place with the angels of God.

It is also the meeting place of the brothers, you could say–twins of the same mother, and children of the inheritance of Abraham and Isaac. Jacob is very fearful of a dreadful battle coming between his people and those of his brother, which could completely destroy, not one, but both companies within Jacob’s camp.

I said, “But Lord, Jacob stole the inheritance by deception.”

“Indeed!” said the Lord. “What did Esau ever care for his inheritance from Me? He gave it away for ‘vittles’–for a bowl of game stew, just like Korah one day would try to reverse the direction of an entire nation, which I was setting free from the empire of Egypt. He simply wanted to return Israel to the good ‘vittles’ and comfort of Egypt. All of Israel would have rejected the manna from heaven if the nation had listened to him, and all for a few delicacies of leavened bread and the savory meat to which they had become so accustomed.

I cried for the people of Israel as I saw it all from my vantage point of many millennia later in time. I was looking at the root of the conflict in the Middle East, from God’s perspective. It was all about a rejection of the manna from heaven for lust of the delicacies of the food and the comforts of this world. “What care I for Your gift of life,” they say to God, “as compared to the good things of the empires of this world?” I’ll take religion any day.”

“Lord,” I said, “is it not like Daniel and his three friends? They knew to not eat the food of Babylon because they would then look like the Babylonians, even become like them, perhaps, and no longer have the good health God gives His own who must come out of her, Babylon the Great.”

“My precious one, the food means everything. You cannot eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and live; you will become like the emaciated cows of Pharaoh’s dream without any of the grain of life, which only I can provide.”

“But Lord,” I said, “we have taken Your grain from the children of America and, in its place, have given them the ideological food of Progressive Liberalism. It is the same ‘vittles’ of religion that the serpent offered Adam and Eve, with its ideological preaching in the Garden of separation from God, as they ate of the forbidden tree’s fruit.”

“Yes, My little one,” said the Lord. “America looks like a nation full of over-stuffed cows, like the cows of Bashan, but, in reality, they are lean, mean beasts in My eyes spiritually. They are without knowledge and have no understanding of their true condition. I hated Esau for his choice to give up his inheritance for momentary pleasure. Israel did the same when she said to Pilate that she had no king but Caesar.

They rejected My Son, the bread of life, whom I sent down to die for their well-being, even their very lives. So be it! They shall eat quail until it comes out of their noses, but they shall never enter My kingdom to share in the most lavish, heavenly feast, unlike any other that this world has ever known. It will be the wedding feast of My precious Lamb.”

“Lord, but they are your chosen people!”

“No, My little bride—you are My chosen one, for you have chosen Me.”

I cried for God’s beautiful land of America, the glorious land I had known so full of His blessings, which now is being eroded by floods and fires. The air was still, but seemed even heavier than ever as I sat weeping. I could feel it in my bones—a mighty storm was brewing and I wondered how great the destruction would be and whether or not we would ever recover from it.

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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

January 25, 2020

Joseph, Daniel and the bride, did they, and do we, not all face the same enemy with similar problems? If Joseph is a type of Jesus, then are the three friends of Daniel not as the prophet, the apostles and the bride? They are all in the same crushingly hot, burning oven of the dream of Abraham, in which he saw, as a vision, the heat of the judgment on the Day of the Lord. Yet, this entire group will walk out of the fire unscathed, with not even the scent of smoke on them, because they are walking with their Beloved. Those who served the king of Babylon, as agents of the devil, stoking up the flames seven times the usual heat, were then thrown in the fire, never to be seen again.

What do the three friends and Daniel have in common with Jesus? Is it that they are all in the same breadline for grain as were those who ate the grain Joseph stored in his form of grain elevators of Egypt for the salvation of the nation Israel? Similarly, the grain was stored in the manger for feeding the animals of this fallen world, who desire the truth in order to be born-again. Could it be the same breadline of the grain, which is presently being stored one more time, on the same premises where the grain elevators once stood in Canada, from where it was shipped out to the entire world? Canada is the only nation with the name of Cana in it, where the wedding feast was held, which Jesus attended with His apostles and mother. It is also the only nation with the leaf on its flag for the healing of the nations.

What kind of healing is necessary? It will require a healing salve, which is found only in Laodicea for eyes like those of a blind person, who is without spiritual understanding. The church is neither hot nor cold. She is lukewarm as one glued to her comfortable pew. She turns up her nose at any display or mention of the Spirit. In fact, it becomes squeamish for some to even mention the name of God or Jesus as Lord. She sits like a queen over which no one rules. She is like a proud mother of harlots, who has need of nothing.

But beware! The famine is coming as surely as it came to the world in the days of Pharaoh. It may take a few more floods and fires, but note how extensive the fire is in Australia. Have we seen one that big before? How many animals died, and how great was the damage to land and homes? I would venture to say many have lost homes and livelihood.

Will the floods wipe out the fruit of the fields? Foolish are the people who think that Mother Nature has anything to do with it. They are the same fools who stand on the foundation of lies directed toward Donald Trump in their death wish for him. They stand on the lies of global warming, which is about as plausible as the lies coming from Congress about a Russian collusion on the part of Donald Trump with Russia.

How is it that God gives a testimony of prophecy, combined with known, witnessed miracles, and we refuse to believe Him while, at the same time, the devil tells a lie, providing no evidence to support it at all, and the people believe him?

I say to you that our minds have been closed, having little or no understanding. The nation has chosen the food and delicacies of the world of empires and has rejected the grain stored like the manna from above. We would rather be in a Babylonian captivity with the world elitists than in the freedom of America with its bountiful grain fields, which the truth of the Bible offers to us. We are blindly living as though life will continue as usual, while the storm clouds are forming right before our eyes. Take advantage of the grain supply while the light is still with us, for dark days lie ahead when there will be no grain to be had.

The Lord tells us to eat His flesh, for He is the Word made flesh. The bride has stored the grain, and simply invites you to heed her call with the Spirit to come, and let him who has ears and is not too busy, come. You who fear death, come and eat, for you will never need to fear again.


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This is an amazing story of a fictitious president and a fictitious woman. His story is based on the actual political scenario we are facing in the United States and the world today. Hers is based on the true facts of the life of our own commentator who has written for us from a different perspective for years under the label of the Voice of the Kingfisher. What is that perspective? The story will grip you to the end where their paths finally meet. I have never read a story before quite like it.

Yvonne Adams

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