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The Seventh Thunder – Prophecy #7; Commentary on The Seventh Thunder—Prophecy #7 The Commissioning

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks outfrom a different perspective

By Elinor Montgomery

January 29, 2020

The bride’s voice will be heard above the others concerning the exodus of the families from all nations. She has the seventh thunder—the voice of the Spirit and the bride–to complete the covenant promise of blessings upon the inheritance of Abraham.

First, the nation Israel crossed over the Jordan River with the blessing upon Joshua and the people of Israel when they entered into the Promised Land from out of the wilderness. This was the first-born son’s blessing upon the nation, represented in the book of Genesis by the blessing of Jacob upon the sons of Joseph. Jacob laid his hand upon the head of the second-born son, Ephraim, representing the church, and crossed his other hand over to the head of the first-born son, Manasseh, representing the nation. Together, the blessing upon both boys represents the blessing upon the full house of Israel.

Jacob, who had been renamed Israel by the Angel of the Lord, claimed these two boys to be half tribes within his inheritance, which would now go to them along with the twelve tribes of his other sons. At this point, together, they make up the full house of Judah/Ephraim, which then becomes one nation (see Ezekiel 37:15-23), fulfilling the Abrahamic covenant with God. Families from all the nations of the world will be able to cross over into the kingdom. Make no mistake! Jacob clearly stated that the blessing upon the tribes of Israel, along with that upon the two sons of Joseph, was meant for these, the latter days.

All of mankind’s wilderness experience began with a grand Exodus, the departure of a fledgling nation, called Israel, from the Egyptian Empire. The nation was the bloodline inheritance of Abraham through his son Isaac and, in turn, his son Jacob who was given the name Israel. It all began with one man, Abraham, a descendant of Adam and Eve who had been driven eastward from the Garden and apart from God due to their sin of disobedience to Him. God made a covenant with Abraham for the purpose of restoring the inheritance of eternal life for His children of creation in His eternal kingdom with Him.

The movement of an exodus out of Egypt and into a wilderness experience was meant to initiate a greater, all-encompassing movement of God’s people ever westward, which for the nation was a journey to a Promised Land, to be ruled again as it was in a Garden of bountiful fruit and grain in the Eden of God, where all things were created good.

Of the twelve spies, one man for each tribe, sent in to spy out this land, only Caleb and Joshua were willing to obey God’s command to go in and possess it. Because of their obedience, their tribes of Judah and Ephraim would receive a special place within the full house of Israel, within the kingdom rule. The spies from the other tribes died in the wilderness, never to see the Land, though their families received their inheritance in it. Joshua was a type of Jesus, the Son of Man and Son of God, who would deliver the full house of Israel into the eternal kingdom. By having faithfully fulfilled His duty of conquering His wilderness testing in perfect obedience to the Father, the old covenant with the nation would make the crossover to the new covenant with the church, at the cross.

“This, My child, is how I accomplished it. Tell them that I pressed ever forward toward the setting sun in the West from the time of the failure of the nation to accept her chosen role of serving her Messiah but instead, declared Caesar, the ruler of the Roman Empire, to be her only king. It is in the West that the light of the Bridegroom and His bride will be seen no more and darkness will cover the entire earth.

I had reserved an untouched land in the New World of the West for this time, which was named America, not after Columbus, but rather given the feminine form of the Latin name, Americus, in honor of the Italian explorer, Amerigo Vespucci. Like the nation, I would take My church, the spiritual nation and full house of Israel from all the nations of the world, and I will make this nation great.

One might compare America, within the rest of the world, as was Goshen within the empire of Egypt. Because it will be a full house, it will not be from one culture, but rather from all the cultures of the world, as I collect My people from both the East and the West. They are the ones who want a new world over which I will rule in truth, instead of having Satan rule over them in his empires of religion.

He can have his empirical kings of evil, but I will have My pure bride who will choose Me as Lord and King–a pure, apostolic church set free of religious Christianity, which took My church captive to Rome during her growing period of the church age. The true church has not known real freedom since the days when I, the Lord, dwelt on earth with her.

This will be a church escaping from the religion of Christianity that began with the pagan priest of Rome becoming the first high priest of this new religious system, which renamed him the Pope. It was mainly the emerging church of Protestantism, which settled My colonies in America, after defeating the Roman element in Canada in a war fought on the Plains of Abraham for the right to the land. My foolish people failed to stamp out the spiritual Romanism of Babylon completely, and, instead, partnered with its religious hierarchy.

In the United States, liberal leadership sullied its immigration policy by dropping the protective border walls to allow those into My land who refused to swear allegiance on the Bible to My Laws and to Me—the Supreme Authority of the land. I will not allow any of their other gods to rule beside Me.

My precious Shulamite, tell them the truth. Tell them I never accept the lie, and your nation is full of the lies of Progressive Liberalism. It has grown like the leaven in bread, which is leavened like the religion of the Pharisees. Their father was the devil, and their flesh was spiritually tattooed with the mark of the beast and the snake, the number of man—666. But I AM defined by the fullness of time with the completeness of the number 7.

The decade beginning with 20/20 is about a restoration and rebuilding of My apostolic church on the rock of truth from which it has fallen. The lies of Progressive Liberalism fill the church, while eastern religion devours it. My people willingly sit compromised within the Babylonian system and think they are rich, wealthy and have no need of saving grace. They do not know they are in the grip of Babylon itself. They are wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.

I will quote My Word, which they have stolen from My children, children who should be an example to the world of excellent behavior, but they cause property damage and injure and kill people like wild men and then beg their schools for crying rooms for themselves. Here is My counsel—buy from Me your gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich, wearing white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve that you may see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore, be zealous and repent.

Stop making everything all about you, and become an overcomer of strength in Me. How can you do this? You can listen! Listen is My Word for today. He who has an ear, let him listen to what the Spirit and the bride are saying to the church. To whom else would I give the scepter of the King, if not to My bride, to plead for the nation in the same manner as the king gave the scepter to Esther, when she prayed for her condemned nation to be saved, no matter whether she should live or die?

Listen! I repeat. This is a voice raised up for Me. So, too, were the voices of the prophets, as were the voices of the apostles. Now, the voice belongs to that of the bride.

Moses and Elijah who appeared in glory while seen in the Transfiguration, spoke with Me about My coming decease, which I was about to accomplish in Jerusalem. The bride, like John the Baptist, will call in the same spirit of Elijah, as well as that of Moses, to make straight the way for Me in purity without any detours on the broad way, for I AM about to return for My own.

Tell them, precious one, that what you write are words coming from Me. I dictate them to you. You are commissioned to write them.” Thus says the Lord.

Elinor Montgomery: – author of Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness – available from and Amazon.

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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

By Elinor Montgomery

January 29, 2020

Never for a minute forget that the glory of God accompanies every move the Lord makes. It is all about His power as opposed to anything man can do. All victories over the enemy come to reveal the power and glory of the Lord. Hence, His people never engage the enemy in war unless the Lord specifically calls them to do so.

He separates them from empire rule so He can show the difference in the liberty, freedom and blessings a nation receives under His rule. His intention is for them to become a shining beacon of light to all the nations. Therefore, they cannot make treaties with other nations, which are not ruled by Him, and do only His bidding at the same time.

Every step of the route of the Exodus along the Way was surrounded with miracles of God’s glory. By the nation Israel being faithful to obey Him, victory was sure to follow. But if, like Lucifer, she should decide to implement her own plans, then she would surely fail and the victory would go to the enemy, for He is the Master Planner, and, like demonic interference with God’s will, all opposition to the Lord was as refusing to give to Him the glory.

The Lord God does not freely give the power of His right hand to many, for pride of self gets in the way. His people are agents of His successes, not of their own. How humble the Lord was as He praised the Father, saying He does nothing His Father has not shown Him to do! These were the words of the Man, Jesus, apart from His glory while on earth.

So, let us take a look at the route of the Exodus of the nation and the importance of the water obstructions on route. This chronicles the journey to greatness for the people of God who will exit this world, to enter into the kingdom of the next. The Lord could have led the nation Israel from out of Egypt and from the land of Goshen to go straight eastward from Qantir on the way of the Philistines along the Gaza Strip, leading to the very gates of Jerusalem, perhaps known then as Salem.

How would delivering God’s people from their slavery in Egypt to freedom in the wilderness demonstrate the Lord’s authority over the spiritual waters of the sea, governed by the religious lies of the devil? All spiritual power, which comes from the Lord, rests in the spiritual power of the waters from above, and not from beneath.

He would demonstrate this by leading Israel out of Egypt by way of the Red Sea where He would take command over it. It was there that He caused a strong east wind to come up to divide the sea and create a path on dry land to allow His people to cross over. There is no mistaking such a miracle, which no man could perform. God accomplished this by placing the power in the rod in the right hand of His prophet, Moses, while providing the words for his mouth.

And a strong east wind came up to part the sea, and after the Israelites had crossed over, the waters came back to cover over the Egyptian army, which tried to follow on the same path intended only for the Lord’s people. Even the Egyptians knew that the victory was the Lord’s, for He had fought for them and had delivered a victory to them, a victory, which no man could deliver, as they crossed over to the other side, and to freedom.

Now consider the same situation, but one, instead, in which Pharaoh had made a peace treaty with Moses bringing about an alliance between Satan’s, empire people and God’s nation. There would have been no victory for the Lord, which would demonstrate His truth, His light, His power and His glory. God never fights for Satan, but rather demolishes his forces. One only has to consider the error of Joshua in making a treaty with the Gibeonites, at the time when the nation entered into the Promised Land without consulting first with God, and the far reaching problems it presented for the people of Israel.

How did Israel cross over from the wilderness into the Land? The priesthood stepped into the Jordan’s fast-running water with the ark of the covenant, and God then piled up the waters all the way back to Adam so that His people could cross over the river on dry land.

It was like a baptism of the same people who entered into what should have been dark, muddy waters leading to the Dead Sea, but, in fact, came out on the other side by the strength of the Spirit of life and the work of the breath of the Lord Himself. He took them on the early part of the Way of a very green valley, which stretches all the way to the kingdom of heaven. It runs back through the Garden closure of Eden on the east side, keeping all religions on the broad road to destruction separated in the East from the Israelites, unable to pass through and settle in the Promised Land. One day the Way would continue westward as the Lord would lead His people of the full house of Israel and of the covenant with Abraham across a great sea, where the sun finally sets in the West.

To this day, one refers to death as being the experience of crossing over the dark river. The new believers come out of the muddy waters to experience new birth into the kingdom by the change of the waters in their lives, going from death in the spirit to life in the kingdom. Man could never pile these waters up, with all the glory going to God. Only the Man, Jesus, and Son of God could ever pile up such waters, all the way back to Adam to allow all mankind to crossover at the cross.

Jesus came performing miracles of healing—the biggest one of all occurring when He imparted His Spirit of life on the cross to all who would believe on His name for salvation. First, He requires repentance from us for our sins, to clear and make straight the way to the kingdom.

Many centuries later, at the end of the church age, His fallen church would begin her exodus from her captivity to Rome, a part of BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH, which captured the church, creating of it a new religion called Christianity. This served as the glue, which has kept the Roman Empire alive until the present time when a revival of the empire, in the form of a One World Order of government, religion and economics, is now at hand. Its number—666–is the number of man who fell in the Garden from truth into religion to begin his seven-millennia-long journey on the broad road of worshiping false, religious gods, to the point of his own destruction and death.

There lies straight ahead yet, the revival of the Roman Empire out of the ashes of the early Roman Empire of the Babylonian system of empires. At the same time, the pure, apostolic church will come out of her, BABYLON THE GREAT, before the ashes of Christianity lie smoldering before her. She will finally cut all ties to religion, so she can stand back on her solid, rock foundation of truth.

There first had to be a point in recorded history of the crossing of the great ocean with its big seawaters by men of great faith who longed to worship God in a manner that separated them from the controls of Roman religion, which hindered their worship in spirit and in truth. The first settlers crossed over into a new-world wilderness of the West where they would settle with their families in separation from the East.

Was this not a land belonging to God, which was claimed by the very early believers in the saving grace of Jesus, who planted crosses across the entire country? Many people of all nations came to the land to share in her blessings and the first freedom from empire oppression, which many of them had ever known. They all had to overcome their journey on the sea, which claimed many of their lives. Still, they praised God for the miracle that saved their lives by allowing them to reach this unknown land.

New immigrants often knelt on arrival to kiss the ground where God ruled over the land. Pulpits quickly sprang up, all over America, burning with the power of godly, biblical preaching, while the nation flourished in blessings beyond measure. At last, it seemed, there was peace on earth, as there was in heaven.

Then the cults of the East began to move west, bringing with them the leaven of creeping Progressive Liberalism. This is the religion of the serpent in the Garden, which preached liberalism from God, the same liberalism, which is attacking the church today, with the same old sermon. As it attacks Christianity, the politics of our times is seeking to destroy this nation under God who allows no other gods beside Him.

Now the path of America is no longer leading straight to the kingdom. It has fallen away onto the broad road of destruction. Satan has confused the people by filling their minds with deception, causing them to take the wrong road leading backward and into the dark ways of the East.

The enemy is trying to break down all the walls of protection, which had been raised while pulpits were still alive with a passion for God, His truth, His judgments and His Law. Satan has a foothold in the nation and Progressive Liberalism is welcoming him with undisguised, open arms, in its attempt to trash the government and every monument that belongs to the history of what has made America great. The goal of liberalism is to erase God from all human memory.

Do not drink from the cup of the devil’s empire rivers and seawaters. Seek ye the Lord and His cup, which overflows with life and all good things. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

And to Him be given all the glory! Then His kingdom will come and the works of the devil will disappear forever. You have the most important choice you will ever make, before you, with the future of America, and perhaps even that of the world, resting in your hands.


Elinor Montgomery: – author of Where the Paths Meet on the Road to Greatness – available from and Amazon.

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This is an amazing story of a fictitious president and a fictitious woman. His story is based on the actual political scenario we are facing in the United States and the world today. Hers is based on the true facts of the life of our own commentator who has written for us from a different perspective for years under the label of the Voice of the Kingfisher. What is that perspective? The story will grip you to the end where their paths finally meet. I have never read a story before quite like it.

Yvonne Adams

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