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The Darkest Night – More Than Three quarters of a Century Ago

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

March 25, 2020

“You stupid government leaders, why are you submitting to the enemy? Are you going to let it define victory for you? Is Hitler as fierce as his countenance or are you diminishing the role of victory you have as a God-fearing nation?”

Churchill was nearly reduced to tears as he pleaded with his American friends for just the smallest form of participation in the war cause, which was so badly needed to change the direction of the war. Here they were, a nation of church-going people, yet they continued to play the role of neutrality between two opposing world views. Did they not know that this tiny island of people was actually fighting the war on their behalf too? They were coming for the Brits yesterday, and Churchill knew in his heart that it would be for America tomorrow, and tomorrow has now come to America as despots plot to complete the job of forming a One World Dictatorship. They call it by the new name of World Peace, which fits their new language of Political Correctness.

This was the scene of Churchill grovelling for help from his ‘godly allies’ in the West, as war-time leader of the mother nation from which America sprang. But she had become like a child that had grown up in the process of forgetting her inheritance from the Father in heaven who gave her so many blessings from birth. She had ceased to remember and had neglected to be grateful as she listened to that age-old devil who claimed there was a better way in Progressive Liberalism from God, by moving the modern route of secularism with the message that there really is no God. We simply are a product of evolution. Once again, that wicked serpent was stretching its reach to the people of God.

How easily God can bring darkness down upon His sons and daughters in one hour in one day, in the same way as the plagues of Egypt happened overnight!

Churchill loved his wife dearly, his bride of old age, whom he could only see through the eyes of love. He could never have achieved greatness without her. Now, he is like an icon, a savior of the free world from a One World Order of evil. He never allowed himself to look at the power of the occult in Hitler. He only saw the power of the goodness of the little people of England who mustered every rowboat and low-powered skiff to go into battle for the salvation of a morally-aligned people with God, who believed in His goodness and a victory in Him as little David’s with no armor, only pebbles and a slingshot against an armor-covered giant, marching across the earth.

From where did David receive his power? He knew victory for Israel always lay in her trust in God and her obedience to His Law. He had everything he needed to face the greatest technologies of war in his day. Churchill had God on his side, so he never ever contemplated defeat by the occultic aliens of Germany, Rome and Japan. Are they not receiving their share in full of the plague today? Will America receive her share of the plague?

Yet Churchill lives on in our memories today, still puffing his cigar while being immortalized in the annals of world history’s great men who have steered the course of history itself. Well do I remember a chubby man wearing his military bomber jacket with his hand outstretched in the sign of a ‘V for Victory’! At the same time he was the picture of dignity and pride of country as he dressed formally for his role as Prime Minister of a brave people who saw victory under a God they praised and never ceased to worship during the best and worst of times.

Wake up America! This is only the beginning. The Exodus of God’s people is not over.

Elinor Montgomery:

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