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An Easter Bunny from the Hat Tricks of the U.N. and the Pelosi Crew – For April Fools

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

April 1, 2020

What is it that drives Nancy Pelosi and her ilk to finance the killing of aborted American babies in astronomical numbers, claiming it is the right of the young mothers of America to kill them? “It is all about the rights of the women,” the Democrat women’s group of Congress cries. Yet in times of a plague, it is all about stripping the people of their rights.

“Now, it is lock-up time for all Americans,” they would say, “but it is also time to loose the hardened criminals into society, including the murderers,” they shout at us. Criminals can steal the guns and commit whatever crimes they want, so it would appear, but there is no recourse for the citizens who are unable to buy guns to defend themselves. If allowed to have guns, Americans are sure to become the murderers that the freed criminals already are. This could all be equated to the logic of Joe Biden these days, into whose hands the Dems want to commit the leadership of this nation, when we are not sure if he even knows his wife from his sister. And it doesn’t get any better as one goes down the list of candidates for the office.

They were the people of Israel who sealed their own death warrants before God for calling for the convicted criminal, Barabbas, to be released from prison, with Jesus being taken into custody in his place and, ultimately, being sent to the cross. The Pelosi crew wants the world elite to rule the world, so that America, like Israel, would not be ruled by Him. Their desire is for the United Nations of this world to govern this country in conjunction with all the other nations, and do so on American soil. Are we not at the point where the recovery of America’s greatness must begin to take place now, if it is ever going to happen? This organization cannot remain in God’s land any more than the Canaanites could remain in Israel’s Promised Land. Every last one was to be driven out, along with all their animals, which could be described as the beasts of burden, which served their cause.

Today, we are talking about a One World Religious Organization, which will worship nothing but idols. The Lord God is not religion, and He hates anything to do with religious idols and religious mountain-top altars. The United Nations is a blight on American soil. New York is its location, as is Rome the location of today’s rising Revived Roman Empire, which has been sleeping during the church age while Christianity kept Rome alive. Has not the pope claimed Rome to be his domain while God claims America to be under His rule by the covenant promises of her Constitutions?

Do Nancy Pelosi and her lot not seek to destroy and reshape the American Constitution according to Progressive Liberalism, meaning liberalism from God? Has her political party not captured Congress with their sleazy crew of sex offenders, law breakers, liars and aliens in head-hiding gear in case you might see just how very deviant they really are? They raise taxes on the good, business people and give the money over to the enemies of America by the plane-loads, and then dole out food stamps in return for destroying the local businesses of the family bread-winners of the nation. The same tax dollars and stamps go to the illegals for subsidized living and the perpetuation of their crimes upon the nation, in exchange for their votes. They recognize the fools when they see them.

They make the people the slaves of government as they become the prisoners of the world system. This should never happen under the rule of God. He came to set the prisoners of just such a world empire system free. This is why He separated His people in the first place, so they could demonstrate His light of liberty to the world. This is when the path of God’s government meet–where the government of man becomes one with the government of God, so that the covenant is unbroken and the two become one on a straight path called the way to kingdom living again as it was in the Garden at Creation.

Are we not following directly on the path Israel took? She ignored the plague, which killed off the spies who spied out the Promised Land at God’s command so they could see the blessings He had in store for them–the blessing of the covenant. But they refused to go in and possess it because of the fact that all they could see was the size of the enemy, the giants to which they bowed, as did Obama bow to the potentates of the East. However, there was a king one day, called David, whom God blessed to become a king forever. He stood before a very formidable giant in that same Promised Land, not seeing his threatening size, but rather feeling his own superior power by being in battle with his God on his side.

What happened to those spies who refused to obey God and possess the land? The condemned still tried to claim the power of God, but to no avail. The plague wiped out the entire lot of those who presumed to be their own gods. They would die in the wilderness, all except for Caleb of the tribe of Judah and Joshua of the tribe of Ephraim, the single sticks of the joined stick of the nation and crossover, spiritual nation–the national salvation and that of the crossover, spiritual blessing of the full house of Israel. America was as the kingdom of light and blessing of the covenant, becoming a symbol of the return of the King of truth and not of the curse of the liar, Satan, who deceives with promises never intended to be fulfilled.

In the book of Deuteronomy, it is well laid out with the blessings resounding from Mount Gerizim and the curses from Mount Ebal. God had given the commandments and they were not just suggestions. Blessings were for keeping the commandments, and curses were for breaking them. The plague came upon those who refused to obey and be faithful to the Law of God, making their own policies according to their collective will and not that of God. And so, the plagues, which fell upon the Egyptians fell on the Israelites there and then, a nation, which, one day, would likewise prove to not accept the blood of Jesus on the doorposts of their hearts.

The jezebel spirit of Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton is still alive and well, but is, perhaps, not quite as potent as it once was. Could it be that they are being made ready for the dogs? These two wear the cross around their necks as jewellery and carry the Bible while all the time sneering at both. It is interesting to note that the hot spots of today’s plague are New York, a stronghold of Progressive Liberalism with its hatred for President Trump, and Rome, the symbol of the Babylonian system of empires for today. It is the last empire to rise up yet again in revival of great evil.

Does America really want the union of nations (U.N.) standing as the symbol of the newly forming Reich, within this nation of God’s? Wake up, America, before it is too late! Toss the U.N. and the rest of New York’s useless leadership into the seawaters where they belong, and you might be amazed at the immunity she will have from the plagues to come. They are coming, to be sure! She must restore constitutional justice, so that all foreigners in the land are ejected from every branch of government meant for the people and by the people–not meant for foreigners wearing pagan headgear.

I could not say it any better than the Bible says it: “One ordinance shall be for you of the congregation and for the stranger who sojourns with you, an ordinance forever throughout your generations; as you are, so shall the stranger be before the Lord. One law and one custom shall be for you and for the stranger who sojourns with you (Numbers 15:15-16).” Thus says the Lord, not I, who is but His humble servant.

One nation under God has but one Law, one Word and one moral compass. The customs of cultic nations mean multiculturalism and customs that include killing one another, as well as you. God says to get them out of the land before they steal it from you and then kill you. This means the judiciary must apply the principle of one custom for the land–one custom, one law for all, one nation indivisible set apart from all the other nations of the world. Her ruler is God’s Word and His name is Jesus. The antithesis to this is a unity of nations with an antichrist ruler-ship blending the customs of the religions into becoming a singular, religious force from out of the presently forming Revived Roman Empire.

You can see that the coming One World Order and America are like oil and vinegar. It was sour wine, or vinegar, that the soldiers of Rome gave to Jesus on the cross. He took the judgement for us, those who deserved to die and He said, “It is finished!” Bowing His head, He gave up the Spirit of life so that we would not have it taken from us for our sins.

May America see the Christ in Easter as opposed to the rabbit about to be pulled out of the hatful of tricks from Pelosi and her gang in conjunction with the United Nations, to be plunked down on precious American soil! Let them go elsewhere to perform; for there is no room for their witchcraft in this blessed land of America under God.

May your Easter be clothed in truth and new life in Jesus!

Elinor Montgomery:

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