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The Great Coronavirus Hoax

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

May 17, 2020

What best defines the growing One World Order of government today, if not the Coronavirus Lockdown and its ensuing destruction of the national, economic growth and strength of a single nation experiencing greatness in liberty under God? It was created and distributed by Communist China, a locked-down society where none is free except government leaders and a trained police force to keep the proletariat, known as ‘the despensibles’, under the control of government. It is a dictatorship that has the authority to dictate who shall live and prosper and who will die in locked-down poverty.

In America, in the state of California, the elite live like Nancy Pelosi, while the rest live in conditions varying downward to make-shift tents in the streets, in dire poverty. While they live amidst refuse and drugs, she has her designer ice cream storage bins full. While her constituents are struggling to get out from under state control, which depends on illegals and their vote, she feels none of the pain in her multi-million-dollar residences with the ability to travel land and air to wherever she wants to go, on American gas and oil. She makes a show of having a bad hair day with the bald spots showing before cameras, but you can rest assured she will entertain her liberal cohorts in style with her hair thickened and coiffed. What is okay for the proletariat is not okay for her. This is a picture of the Communist-leftist style of government running rogue in a free America.

That of which we are getting a taste in all of this is the leftist political green world they think they can have under Mother Nature, just another term for the earth goddess, Gaia, adored by the Democrats. You will note they shout loud and clear the words “No God”, as they obsess over the green earth and ‘climate change’, once called ‘global warming’. This had to be changed for they could find no evidence to substantiate such a term. Nevertheless their love affair with this earth idol never wanes.

The Democrat voters do not understand that the Communist-style locked-down, daily controls are one and the same as the control, which the power-hungry Democrat government officials are enjoying with the Coronavirus Lockdown. The public suffers while the government thrives in power. Unattended, national farms are going to rack and ruin in both the United States and Canada, the very essence of a beautiful, green earth producing a bread basket for the rest of the world. In Communist China, to the contrary, the proletariat is forced to eat filthy dead bats, snakes, rats, cats and dogs. You can hardly compare the wet markets of Wuhan with the carefully-fed cattle ranches of the West or the rice paddies of subsistence living with the rich corn fields of Iowa and the waving grain of the Canadian prairies.

China would notice little, if any difference, between lockdown from the ‘pandemic’ and the daily political lockdown in poverty under the controls of a Communist political regime. It even goes so far as to enforce the deaths of unborn children, in order to limit the population growth by limiting the number of children any family is allowed to have.

With this Coronavirus Lockdown, America is being forced by progressive liberal governors, turned rogue dictators, to watch their farmers throw out their enormous bounty, the fruit of their works, and sadly feed it to the earth already rich with nutrients. At the same time, the people are left without food on their once, bountiful shelves, the quantities of which were the envy of the other cultures, which the Left is always promoting for immigration to America.

This gives us a window into a future in an America ruled by the liberal Left. We are getting a first taste of the fruits, or lack of them, from promoting a multicultural, one-world Communist regime with East and West coming together to flatten the round-world curve created by God who has kept the East separated from His people in the West. Don’t they all talk about the flattened curve of the Corona disease, especially that weaseling, little man called Dr. Fauci? His cohorts have described him as being guilty of previous, heinous crimes in connection with AIDS research. He certainly got it all wrong with this co-called pandemic, which has, in fact, left fewer dead than the number of deaths from an ordinary, annual flu bug. But then we only have the padded numbers from political hacks and ideologues who want to see America locked up permanently.

Every ad and every program in the media, along with most corporations and organizations, are now calling for peace through unity of nations and cultures. It is called the United Nations, but it is ruled by Communist and Muslim countries, the cultures of which are totalitarian in nature no matter what they call them. At the same time, the name of God is never mentioned as being the only Giver of peace. Heaven forbid that the name of the same God, who calls for the separation of the West from the false gods of the East, should ever be mentioned, or worse still, the name of His Son, Jesus.

This is the importance for America’s immediate withdrawal from the United Nations while, at the same time, giving it its marching orders to be removed from American soil. Its medical role with the WHO, which has ties with Communist China, is what is behind Dr. Fauci and all the other liberal lockdown artists who go so far as to put ‘padlocks’ on fathers’ ankles who play outdoors in the healthy fresh air with their children. This is hardly the America we all know and love – the land of the free. It has been taken hostage by activist governors and judges simply challenging the free world to see just how far they can go outside of the Law to change the very fibre and structure of the nation.

My friends, it is time to send them packing with padlocks on their own ankles, so that they can never rise up again, causing the rest of us to become victims of their treason against God and country. There was one, completely moronic judge who tried to shut down a businesswoman, acting upon her legal rights, according to American laws, to carry out her business as usual. For this he tried to padlock her in jail after she refused to bow to his majesty on the bench and beg forgiveness for her wayward ways. The Lord has His way of bringing such nincompoops as rogue judges to their knees, with true justice done. I wonder whether it will be the leftist governors or the rogue judges who will fall first.

The world is not made equal by lockdown. Satanic governments with world-empire rulers are not one and the same as a nation under God. One is always in lockdown under egomaniacal, would-be emperors or Caesars, and the other thrives in liberty within the freedom of the moral Law, which God delivers. Get off of the United Nations kick and back to the roadway of America on the path of truth, leaving the liars of religious nations with their lockdowns to themselves.

God is the God of truth, and it is upon His Word of the Law that government officials are sworn into government and judicial offices, swearing to uphold truth in the land. Let me correct myself! This was the case until those in head-cover came along demanding their religious rights and that their cultic laws be recognized as they illegally took office by being ‘sworn in’ on the religious book of cults.

And so, we have what can only be called a huge hoax on the world, to be forever known as the day of the great Coronavirus Hoax, by which millions lost their jobs with the carnage being very great, indeed. However, it will not be from the illness, but rather from the collapse of the most brilliantly guided and growing economic nation this world has ever known.

Wicked men can come under the name of wannabes who want to be kings and make sure that you, ‘the deplorables’ remain locked down as their slaves. Of course, our own Dr. Mengele of the Coronavirus plot, with his sinister little smile, can almost taste the crown he sees awaiting him at the end of the trail for this crew of Leftists, the only ones capable of concocting such a plan.

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