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The Nets Have Been Set at Every Street Corner

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different Perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 01, 2020

We are now at Volume 1509 of News n Blues, and I have been writing biweekly commentaries for this online newsletter for almost fifteen years. They have been about the prophetic words of the Bible and how today’s headlines are fulfilling yesterday’s prophecy from this Book. It gives me no pleasure to say, “I warned you over and over about what is now happening on the streets of America.” Not that I am more capable of seeing the future, I simply have stood on the Word of God, the God of the universe, and have trusted in His truth rather than Satan’s religion. The latter will always lead to man’s liberalism from God, to ultimately destroy both man and nation.

And so, two, very foolish people, called Adam and Eve, listened to the lies of the devil, the destroyer, when the serpent, the vilest of the animal kingdom, spoke to them. And he said that if they would just eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, then they would be like the Most High God, knowing both good and evil. But, the truth was that they were already created in the image of the Most High God, knowing no evil, like their Father God who had breathed the breath of life into them. He warned them about the life-threatening danger of touching the smoking oven of disobedience. It would surely cause them to burn one day, for the Spirit of life would depart from them.

That beautiful green Garden of perfect food, perfect joy, perfect love and perfect peace became a place of the past for Adam and Eve as they were driven eastward through the gate and out of the Garden of God with no way of ever returning back to the Father they had loved. He could not look upon evil, the destroyer of His Creation and order of things created good for man. God wanted to provide only the best for His people. He set parameters around His kingdom of the Garden by protecting it with living water from above surrounding the Land, with cherubim guarding the gateway.

Very early on, God had His prophets begin to write the story of Creation, with their pens being guided by His Spirit as they wrote the first pages of history, His story and a testimony to Jesus given in the spirit of prophecy. This would grow in size to become the Bible, as we know it to this day. It would become the complete Book of History with every word pointing to future events and validating itself as the only Book, which can be called a book of truth from cover to cover. Hence, our government dignitaries and judges of the courtrooms swear upon the Bible, declaring it to be the Book of all truth, enlightening us while, at the same time, teaching the Laws of truth, which govern our lives.

God drove His first, created son and his wife eastward, where the gold was a totally different substance from the gold of worship, which permeated every fiber of God’s created world. And the water from above was crystal clear and pure compared to that from beneath, which was bitter and of no sweetness in its lack of thirst-quenching quality. But then, God told us, from the beginning, exactly what the river waters of the book of Genesis mean. You can rest assured you won’t hear about the dangers they represent from any Christian priesthood, which generally knows nothing more than you know about them.

This same priesthood is far too busy with its own agenda of good works, while leaving the prophetic testimony of God’s Book for the congregants to figure out for themselves. It is too preoccupied with clean-up and damage control, as the country moves from one tornado and flood scene to another, only to then have to get ready for the fires, and the destruction they cause. They have been raging through whole communities of this nation supposedly in covenant with God, His Law and His justice, and they will continue to do so.

Now we are witnessing mobs of thugs in cities all across the land terrorizing the people as they break down buildings and steal what they don’t destroy. Even the President cannot seem to muster the police force to come to the people’s rescue and take the law back in hand. The problem is that God’s Word will not be broken and, in these final days before the judgment falls, it again will be as it was in the days of Noah. Is the church prepared for such events or is it just going to continue clean-up, while ceasing to be the witnesses to the truth, the real job to which the Lord called His church? But then the question arises, “Is it His church?”

The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every intent of the thoughts of man’s heart was only evil continually. The earth was corrupt and full of violence. And so we see the violence rising to the same level again today. God destroyed mankind, which had rejected Him, saving only the one righteous man called Noah and his family from the flood.

It was with an ark that God accomplished His purposes and then made a covenant with Noah. This was the first of six more covenant promises to come, yet all part of the first, to become one cohesive covenant known as the seven thunders, which thunder as His voice is heard throughout history, speaking to His covenanting people. The final one is with His pure, revived apostolic church of the latter days, His bride who makes the last call with the Spirit to those who have ears to hear.

She will be a pure church without walls, enclosed in spiritual borders of living water. She will walk through the fire judgment of the super-hot oven, set by evil men, like that set for the friends of Daniel, who were seen walking with One like the Son of Man, unscathed and without even the scent of smoke on their clothing, when they finally emerged from it. Their would-be destroyers were not so fortunate. They had none of the good food of life, which only God could provide for these young men with Daniel.

There is just one thing, which will save a nation under God from the empires of the world. Though God may use another leader like Darius, we need to remember that it was not Darius who accomplished the rebuilding of Jerusalem. He was the cupbearer of the king who needed first, a Zerubbabel to reconstruct the temple, and then, an Ezra to return the people’s hearts to God’s Word as the Scriptures were rediscovered and restored to the life of the people. Finally, the cupbearer, Nehemiah, would have to rebuild the protective walls while the prayer team prayed. It resulted in all foreigners and their gods being put out of the Land and justice being restored under the Law of God. Herein lies the pattern for the call of the Spirit and the bride, the final thunder before the scrolls are sealed and rolled up.

He was Joseph who saved the fledgling nation, after God had him put in place as advisor and trusted servant to Pharaoh. He would store up the grain to feed the hungry in time of famine. Never was there such a famine of the Word of God as there is now in America. Jesus is the Word made flesh and is the Manna from heaven. No other god or person stands as the God of America, and the job of the cupbearer is to see that no poison of religion creeps into the king’s court. It will become a cancer to the people in the form of ever-increasing, progressive liberalism from God. This deadly religion grows like leaven in a loaf of bread.

Let us be clear; foreign potentates are the gods of the Democrat, political party of the United States. They prefer their ruler-ship to come from the United Nations, full of godless regimes, to having the ruler-ship of God in the nation. They want thieves, murderers and drug dealers released from prison and allowed to vote in a land that is not theirs. The truth is, they do not want a land of liberty under God. In the days of Jesus, they cried out to let the murderer go free and to lock Him down. Nothing has changed. A phoney lock-down of the good citizens of America was put in place by corrupt government representatives, many of whom are beholden to creepy, porn lawyers and creepy, porn Hollywood actors. The societal disintegration on the streets of California is only a sign of the societal disintegration of a nation.

What fools we have been to allow ourselves to be deceived into being masked and locked down like common criminals from our daily work and social lives! Was it not all for something less dangerous than the common flu? Why have we not stood on our rights as citizens of a free nation, instead of bowing to the enemy of the State? The Lord God sets His people free, as does His Law and justice system give freedom to the righteous, and not to the criminal lawbreaker.

America is on the verge of crumbling because God does not endure faithlessness and disobedience beyond the point of grace. God will allow the world empires to eventually step in and bring judgment upon His people who refuse to obey His orders. Judah finally came to the point where God would allow Babylon to take her off to captivity and cultural destruction. The final coup was when Judah, under a Judaic, religious priesthood and religious system, declared it had no king but Caesar of the Roman Empire. It was only time until the Hebrew people were driven from the Land for good, something the devil had always wanted, as he wants America removed from the map today.

The United Nations are presently preparing for the final world government in the form of a Revived Roman Empire, the last empire to come. The devil will finally have the throne of Jerusalem, which he sought, and will be worshiped like the Most High God, or so he thinks. Oh yes, he will one day have his One World Government, but only long enough to know what he has missed when he is forced to spend an eternity in torment in the lake of fire.

Wake up, America, and get down on your knees in gratitude for the blessings God has lavished upon you and repent of your evil ways before it is too late. Pray that God will forgive and heal this land, for judgment is well on its way. If you enjoy the destruction and thieving ways of Progressive Liberalism, then simply keep the status quo of a government with a deep state running the show behind the scene in a swampland of evil.


Elinor Montgomery:

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