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How Does One Get a Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

June 18, 2020

What is it that certain members of the Christian institutions do not get? I am especially referring to those particular members who still have not figured out that, though called the Christian church, such a name for the apostolic church of Jesus Christ never crossed His lips. He would have groaned at the very thought of it. Peter even took time later in his writings to warn about such a label, which did not come from heaven above, but rather, straight out of the Roman Empire and Mother of all Harlots, known as religion.

The name was first introduced in Antioch and it later suited the Roman emperor of the time to give his failing empire into the hands of his pagan, religious priesthood for another couple of thousand years, which would keep the empire alive. The emperor was not aware, of course, that his waning empire would revive once again to become a worldwide empire. This would finally fulfill the dream of the devil. He desperately wanted to rule over God’s entire creation and be worshiped like the Most High God.

The mother institution of Christianity simply goes by the name of Rome. What else would it be called, for it is a government entity with its own embassies around the world, whose ambassadors report back to Rome and to its political and religious leader called the pope. He is a chief priest declared by his state and church to be inerrant and worthy of having men bow before him in worship. They are led to believe that he is more than just a human man; he is a deity–or so they think. He is full of pagan practices, hardly aspiring after the title of the good shepherd to his flock; he prefers the title of a prince of the Christian religious system, much more like a king over his domain.

In total corruption, it finally splintered into a divided institution, which never made a break from being just another institution of the same religious Christian system of institutions. The foundation was wrong then and is still at odds with the true, apostolic church foundation of Jesus.

The first is nothing more than a religion, which is descended from the first sermon given in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, when the serpent pleaded the case for progressive liberalism from the truth of God. It was built on a foundation of lies mixed with a recognition of the existence of God. At the moment Adam and Eve accepted it, they were no longer able to remain in God’s perfect Garden of Creation, where truth ruled and there was no religion. Just as God had said, they did surely die. At the same time, they fell under the ruler-ship of the devil and his empires of forced slavery into fighting his wars meant to make him the ruler of the world, as victor over God’s creation.

There would be no escape for mankind from the six empires to come, with the final one, the Roman Empire, being divided into two separate parts, to make seven empires in total. This represented the six days in which God strove in labor to create a perfect garden in which His new creation of man was intended to live. It would have been a glorious land of perfection with all things being created good for His pleasure and for that of man. The seventh day was His day of rest, as He would provide for His true church, His bride, for her faith and obedience, in keeping covenant with her Beloved Lord God who desired to truly know her, and she–to know Him. It was to be a time of resting, to enjoy worship and joy in the presence of each other.

What is it that our complainers about the lack of leadership from the Christian institutions do not get? The Christian priesthood is no more the priesthood of God than was the Judaic priesthood of Jesus’ day. Jesus called them a den of vipers, whose father was the devil. Of course they trusted in their religion and it never came from God who hates religion and will allow none of their idols and religious practices to stand with Him.

Most certainly He can use anything to grow His church. Just as He used the Egyptian Empire to grow the fledgling nation Israel, so too, would He use the old Roman Empire to grow the church on Roman roads, that is to say until the time of Martin Luther, when it was time for the true church to come out of her, Babylon the Great, the mother of religious harlots to their God.

Satan attacked that move, as he does every new move God is making, and he immediately began his own move toward the one-world state with a one-world religion. All sorts of unions and divisions began to form between various branches of the Christian institutions. Recently they have begun to press back toward the unity of religion with the mother, Roman church, as they jockey for position within this new age of churchism.

You can rest assured that all cultures will be welcome except the name of Jesus, which might offend someone’s religious affiliations. At the same time, the true, apostolic church will return to her rock-solid foundation of truth by coming out of the religious system to purify herself and make ready for the marriage feast of the Lamb. You can rest assured that Jesus’ name will be dropped from the Christian roster.

The true church must come out of her and stop whining about a religious priesthood that never had any part in Jesus’ church in the first place. Look to only a church that comes back to the Rock and stands as little stones on that rock foundation. This is the real challenge, which faces us today.

As the fighting and killing in the streets grow, it is time for the true church to come together on common ground and speak the truth concerning the root foundation of the two nations of North America. How can you do this if you have no understanding and do not know the difference between religion and truth?

No wonder Jesus had further need to open the scrolls at this time and reveal the mysteries, like grain produced from them for His bride. She, in turn, will feed it to His people before the Spirit and the bride make the last call to humanity, which will, in most cases, fall on deaf ears, for lack of understanding. The Christian church does not understand anything more about the rivers of Genesis than it does about the empires or the seven thunders, and it seems to be completely unable to separate the lies of religion from the truth of the Lord.

The Lord tells us in almost every word of Scripture that He is the way, the truth and the life, and no one comes to the Father except by Him. What makes you think that a religious priesthood will tell you that? It wants you to believe that the works of your hands produce the ticket to salvation and that if we hold hands around the world with all religions, a new and lasting friendly world will be on the way to victory, so that we will see peace in our time.

Do not be deceived. Satan is at the door and ready to devour this new world, which will come from the lockdown of the old and the replacement government of the demonically-led, street rebellions. Do the so-called Christian prophets have as much good advice and understanding as a plain-clothed Fox News television commentator called Tucker Carlson? He is putting the truth nightly before millions of viewers, explaining the deceptions and nonsense concerning the Corona virus, the masks and social distancing, and who is behind all of it. They are the same group, which are behind the marauding street gangs on their killing and looting rampages in the streets of American cities.

How come those of the “Christian Religion” understand very little about what is going on spiritually in the world today? Why would they? They barely understand their Bibles, and they still do not know the difference between truth and religion, the first being of Jesus, while religion belongs to the serpent of the Garden. Stop moaning about a religious priesthood not doing its job, for it is doing exactly what its master, the devil, wants it to do.

To the contrary, you are being called by the Lord for such a time as this, to be the voice for Him, the Kingfisher of men. You will need the understanding necessary to do your job to which He is calling you at this time in history—that is to say, His story. The anger of the mob comes from the fact that it can’t knock Him over, like the statues of men. He is the true and only God Almighty, who will police them, judge them and ultimately return them to dust.

To the contrary, the church needs to be in line with God’s agenda and not looking for another path of its own choosing, other than the Way. It is in the process of purifying as I write, and coming out of her, Babylon the Great, the mother of all religious harlots.

And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17).

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