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Is a Maritime Disaster Looming for the Titanic-America?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

August 27, 2020

Is the biggest of the most powerful ships ever built, called the Titanic-America, not rushing headlong into dangerous waters where the river meets the sea? Others have gone down at this same point, but as fast as they were traveling and, as big as they were, they could never have matched the speed at which this grand dame is moving this very day, or could they match her size.

There is an added problem with this moving monster – confusion rests on board within the rank and file of the ship’s staff. The captain has a rebellion brewing, and one can barely distinguish between the right and left of it. The more one shouts with vicious accusations, the more the other cowers before the bully.

But the rebellion is not just between the ship’s hands; it has spread to the passengers on board and they shout hateful words, not quite sure about what they are shouting. Certainly, the captain must be the problem, so their hatred and anger are redirected back to him. The only message heard by the passengers is that it is all the fault of the captain. What kind of a captain is he anyway? His shock of hair sometimes makes him look like a wild man, his speech is far from that of a gentleman, but when least expected, he shows great compassion, even though hatred follows him wherever he goes. No matter what the problem the buck always seems to come back to him as the source of the trouble on board.

The ship is well into her journey, and accusations are moving from bad to worse. Something new is happening, with vicious threats now becoming wicked deeds of terror, vileness and even murder, with mayhem taking place in the hallways of the ship. Some of the passengers have been gravely hurt and for no reason are becoming the subject of the mob’s anger. Racist slurs are being slung everywhere, yet the angry staff seems to be angry at whomever is in their way with no discernment between one another. It has become just a blur of criminal activity.

There is no control whatsoever over this mob scene and it is clear that no matter what anyone might do, it is not going to alleviate the destruction. Destroying the boat and taking it down with its flag wrapped around it seems to be their goal. The captain must be defeated along with all the loyal staff who are supporting him, for the rebellion is intensifying and increasing around him.

But wait! Is there a glimmer of light as the captain calls for an RNC meeting – a Royal Navy Conference of his immediate staff who are still loyal to him? Speeches are heard in defence of their great captain who has been steering the ship so carefully through exceedingly dangerous waters while it quickly speeds toward its goal. Noticeably absent from the meeting were some of his most vociferous supporters, a few of whom we can only guess are playing the game on both sides of the coin.

This seems to be the greatest problem among his loyal supporters who are now speaking back against the ship’s mutiny. They are at last starting to allow their voices to be heard, and to demand that the rank and file of the ship’s staff either get their act in line with ship law and justice, or face the penalty of lock-down until the ship arrives safely at its destination. It would seem that some bad apples from the foreign ships’ staff at their last stopover in the East had boarded the captain’s ship. With them always comes the unrest that exists among the cults of religion, which follows with them wherever they go–in this case, infiltrating the ship’s staff, bringing their unrest and violence into the very heart of her. In this way they believe they can complete their task of destroying the great American dream ship with all its opulence, wealth and dreams, which have become an integral part of her.

Why should she not be made to suffer like the East does? It is tired of hearing about her God and her liberty in Him, which causes their own eastern people to want to escape their multiple wars of killing in which their countries indulge, in their efforts to wipe out entire nations for the sake of religion and emperors. They worship one god or another, each wanting their own god to rule over the entire world. The latest battles are for a world unity in the form of a One World Order of government, trade and a unity of religions of their false gods, as long as Jesus is not included among the group. What they do not understand is that Jesus never had any part in the antichrist spirit of religion, for He is the Lord of truth in whom there is none of the lies of Satan’s religious, Progressive Liberalism, or will they ever be allowed into His kingdom to come on earth.

Much and all as the thugs tried to take the captain captive with his stewards of the ship, demanding they reject their flag and their God, the captain was resolute in maintaining their God’s rule over the entire ship. He refused to give up the vision of the nation’s Founding Fathers, causing the rebellious crew to become an even angrier mob. Their latest strategy had moved on to destroying the passengers’ hallways by filling them with all manner of filth, including human excrement and the discarded needles from the drugs being used by the thugs who had managed to worm their way on board. The captain had severe rules about letting anyone on board who did not belong there, but he had had to deal with a female, ship social-programmer who was a master at breaking the rules and lying to protect the invading criminal element.

Was the captain actually beginning to see a backlash forming to the mess he had been forced to endure over his first years of tenure on board his ship? Could a glimmer of light be seen at the end of the tunnel? Perhaps he could find a way to keep the ship from going down. Would he dare to throw these thugs back into the seawaters whence they had come? It is the devil himself who had put them on board, he mused. Filth is part of his game-plan. Then he tells his liberal sympathizers in government to get the fools masked and behind doors in lock-down where they cannot band together once they have become part of his herd and have bought into his ideology for lack of understanding. His technology is being refined to vaccinate man into becoming robots so that their individuality is destroyed, once and for all. There will be no resistance from the West anymore, they believed.

The captain realized he had been had as he rethought the entire process of what had begun with the former captain of the crew who formally had charge of the ship before him. In hindsight, he realized that this man had had ties with these thugs and had been involved with them from his early, formative school years. He was a liar like the rest of his liberal cohorts and was part of the plan to sink the ship before he had completed his posting. These thugs on board had been getting in place for this moment for years, but they had underestimated the new captain on the block. How could he have allowed it to reach this point where even he had worn a mask as though the filth was coming from himself? Why had he not seen through it all before?

There was but one thing to do and that was to call his staff together and weed out the turncoats in the crew. He would call together a staff meeting (an RNC – a Royal Navy Conference). He hoped to fire up the crew to take strong action toward dealing with this group who had invaded his ship. The acts of bravery by some of the passengers, which were recounted at the meeting, along with tales of inhumanity on the part of the thugs against women, babies and the elderly, inspired the crew to deal with new resolve against these marauding interlopers who had invaded their beautiful ship.

The captain had been wily and had decided to top it all off with a display of fireworks like none other ever seen at sea. He had just energized the crew and subsequently the passengers who had chosen to travel on his boat; he would not let them down. It appeared that he had achieved his goal of the RNC by receiving the backing needed, as crew and passengers became one in spirit.

Suddenly, he thought he could see in the distance a band of lifeboats moving toward the ship. Could it be that they were the two flags of the two countries of America – the Star Spangled Banner of the United States and the Maple Leaf of Canada that speaks of the healing of the nations, the two being raised above them? It looked like a powerhouse moving his way. Of course the prayers of the saints would have reached the heavens, to the God who ultimately rules over the two nations being One and the same God. Had He heard enough to intervene in the affairs of His people? The captain felt nothing but gratitude when he saw what looked like an army moving his way with the two flags intertwined as they flew overhead.

He could only mutter the same words to himself as he repeated them over and over again—“By the dawn’s early light…” Surely, God was behind this moment for an undeserving nation, which did not deserve His grace. The captain was forced to think about his own imperfections, which he knew better than anyone, but he cared about his people more than they would ever know. Were all not men and women of one kind of imperfection or another, making them equals in the eyes of their God? Perhaps it is because he reminds the elite that he is just one of the ordinary people who refuses to walk among the swamp creatures who look so good on the outside, but inside are like dead men’s bones.

This same captain was grateful for the mercies he had been shown, but he knew in his heart that his nation had become a people of no gratitude for the blessings, which had been poured out on them. It had allowed Satan’s minions of Progressive Liberalism to get the upper hand with their shouts of “No God” except when they wanted to look pious for political reasons. That monstrous little woman who could play the worshiper as well as the Wicked Witch of the East at the same time, had wormed her way to the top of the pack, and now she had loosed her thugs all over the captain’s ship.

He took stock of the situation, and it was as though smoke suddenly came out of his nostrils, and his foot became like the hoof of a bull ready to come out of the gate and into action. The tuft of his hair added to the appearance of a wild man, which is exactly how he felt at that moment. He knew what had to be done. First, he would get those stupid masks off the people and then release them from a lock-down, which never should have taken place from the beginning. He had been conned by the ship’s doctor.

His people whom he represented were a free people, not meant for lock-down like those countries of the East, whose governments controlled what they were allowed to do and not do. As long as he were at the helm he would see to it that they would never be locked down again for lack of understanding of how the devil works. Nor would they wear those masks that neutralize their individuality, but do nothing for their health.

The captain, having completed his RNC meeting, took the wheel of the ship once again. He thought to himself that no one would ever again be able to label his ship the Titanic. He had managed to steer her through the dangerous waters, but now, he resolved, he would steer her clear of all such waters at a controlled speed.

For an instant in the morning mist he thought he had caught a vision of a man walking on the water, so close to him that he felt as though he could have touched him. It must have been an illusion, for it disappeared as quickly as it had come.


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