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Summary of the November 12, 2020 Repentance and Prayer Day Request

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

From the King’s Town on the King’s Street

November 14, 2020

      These six things the Lord hates, yes seven are an abomination to him:
      A proud look,
      A lying tongue,
      Hands that shed innocent blood,
      A heart that devises wicked plans,
      Feet that are swift in running to evil,
      A false witness who speaks lies,
      And one who sows discord among brethren. (Proverbs 6:15-19)

We are moving into a new paradigm after a summer of terror has covered the face of America along with that of the rest of the world. It has experienced a great plague as the empire of the sun struck out in an attempt to mask and imprison the entire world. America would have complied and completely have capitulated had God not placed a political savvy Donald J. Trump at the helm of the ship. For it was an attack on the economies of the world, among other things, especially on that of the United States.

President Trump has been trained in the world of economics and has come directly out of a long line of wheelers and dealers. There are only two places to be — among the Shylocks of an entrepreneurial nature or among the less aggressively-natured Gentiles who are only too ready to comply with government controls by the very nature of the beast. If I am sounding racist – it is not so, for I have been in both places, only to discover that there is nothing more hated than moving into the lifeline of Jesus, a Man of sorrows who was, and still is, hated for the segregation of His saved people from wherever they have come.

Satan is pushing back, today, against the long-ago action of God to break up his power, which established his position as a one-world, united, religious power at Babel where he ruled over the known world of his day in the first format of an empire rule through Ham’s son Cush who begot Nimrod who ruled as a king in the land of Shinar. When God broke up the stronghold of Babylon Nimrod moved from there and went to an area, which became known as Assyria and built a powerful capital city called Nineveh, which, one day, would produce the giants of the Philistines and the Caphtorim.

This secular world of religious empires would rule by lies and horsepower, which down through the centuries would be transformed into technology measured in horsepower energy as it traversed air channels like a spiritual entity with wings. Today it is called air travel in the various forms of technology, be it control of phone messaging or air machinery, which takes flight with man into the heavens.

In contrast, this is the opposite to what Jesus harnessed for airpower, a power from above, which culminates in the horsepower of worship, which takes place in spirit and in truth (see John 4:23). He revealed this amazing message to the woman at the well, a type of the bride who met with Him at a transitional moment in history, when He explained the new paradigm, which would come for all who had been locked into the senseless practices of religion from the day man fell from the grace of God to embrace the empires of Satan. They functioned on the horsepower of the strongest of beasts, which could be broken and harnessed to respond to the will of man. Jesus revealed to her the amazing features of the water, its differences and its weaknesses, something, which He had not revealed even to His apostles. It was time to open the scroll for the last time, but not until the end of the church age. The apostles did not quite approve or see the sense of talking to a woman, especially one no better than a religious Gentile.

What He was revealing to the woman at the well was that the day would come when there would be a new paradigm to replace the old religious system, called in that new day by the name of Christianity, along with the many other religious structures, all of which would have no part with the Lord, but rather would serve their mistress BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS. It would not be until the end of the Age, the so-called Church Age, which had lost sight of the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ and had turned to the pagan priest of Rome.

He became the new high priest of the apostolic church, bringing along with him all the pagan worship of the mother goddesses, about as real as Mother Nature is today. The church now went into captivity to a totally illegal church, something which had not yet happened when Jesus was speaking with the Samaritan woman. He was speaking with her about the new paradigm into which our repentance is leading us, at this the end of the Age. The entire world will be full of apostasy in a worldwide, religious system, both in Jerusalem and elsewhere. It will deny the man Jesus allowing all other gods but Him to have a place in the coming world religion. This is surely the Antichrist spirit.

This new paradigm of Spirit-based worshipers is exactly the kind of bride the Lord sought from His nation, but could never find until He called out His own apostles. He removed them from coming under the authority of the religious priesthood of Judaism and made sure they knew that He was the only One who could teach the truth of the ages. What man knows such a history, but He? Yes, only He will search out his bride at the well and will begin the process of teaching her to turn her into an amazing witness like that which the Samaritan woman became. As an Israelite by birth, this woman in such disgrace spiritually was considered to be no better than a Gentile.

Is it not ironic that the Jewish Messiah would leave Israel and go to the nations of Gentiles to find the true sons and daughters of the full house of Israel, so that Jews by bloodline and Gentiles become one house as the true house of Jews in the spirit and the true sons of Abraham? But then why are we surprised? Did God not make a covenant with Abraham, which prophesied this very thing, that the families of all the nations of the world would be blessed? Is this not where we see the arc of the covenant come to rest, right in the throne room of God? It is found waiting there for the bride to be seated on the mercy seat as it begins to move along the final distance of the Way to the kingdom to come on earth. They are the true sons and daughters of God who will worship only in spirit and in truth.

The entire history of the world from Adam forward must be reviewed to see whence the giants came who are surfacing in our children, some of whom are reaching the heights of 7 feet and taller even here in America. It does not come near to the heights being seen in the Middle East today. Sin misshapes the body intended for man, as shown by the fallen angels of the sons of God, the spiritual giants and mighty men of old who came into the daughters of man to bring forth a new breed, which would spread rebellion. It also is shown to cause leprosy of the flesh, as God demonstrated when Moses threw down the rod of power, which God had put in his hand. We should never doubt or reject the role He has given each and every one of us.

And so, with such understanding, we approached the day of repentance and prayer for the nation. The strong emphasis was on the nature of the growing Christian religion, which has been indoctrinated into our children from the primer to the grave. ‘I see Dick, I see Jane. Dick throws the ball to Jane. Jane throws the ball back to Dick. Then Dick sees Peter. Now Peter goes to school, too. Dick throws the ball to Peter. Peter throws the ball to Jane. Jane throws the ball back to Dick.‘ And so it is that the religion system is handed down from one generation to the next as it is bantered back and forth until the grave, or until the Spirit manages to get in the middle of it and intercept the ball.

With this interception, there is a new force in the air, which could be called the air force. But it is going to cause high winds of hurricane force, for the devil and ruler of the air wants no one to interfere with the claim of his religious victory in the Garden. He will fight with all his might to cling to his own and prevent the Spirit from flying low enough to capture his ground force. He has the world in such a mentally deranged state that the people understand nothing.

But the Rabbi can change all of that, for only He is able to open the scrolls and only He knows the truths of the ages. The Antichrist scales of religion stand on end and the tail flips them around with the force of his high winds targeted at both man and the angels of God. How this beast hates the woman at the well of water from above who runs to tell the others! He chases especially after her, but the good Husband is not called Adam, but rather Jesus who will protect her. It is the air force of the Spirit, which we see coming to the rescue as our pastor in our midst prayed up a storm. There was a special prayer warrior who kept the channels between heaven and earth wide open never letting go of the message of our passion coupled with remembering that all the glory goes to the Lord and never to self.

The state of the Union is in a suspended position until the people repent of our wicked ways and return to Him so that God is free to heal our lands. Will the nation choose God and life, or will it choose the swampland of serpents and death? It cannot be a nation of religions and death and one of truth and life at the same time. God will have no false gods standing in His nation any more than the ark of the covenant could remain in Philistine territory beside Dagon, their god, which was not allowed by God to remain standing. It crashed to the ground only to break into pieces with nothing but the torso remaining. It also brought a plague of tumors and rats upon the Philistine people.

The conclusion of the day was to make straight the Way, for God’s people are entering into a new paradigm. Worship will no longer be in the system of organized Christianity. It will be in a refreshed and restored apostolic church renovated and standing on a solid, rock foundation where one worships only in spirit and in truth, with the music of a new day to come. The path of the nation and the Way of the Lord become one at the crossover point where the two paths meet on the road to greatness.

And so the evening ended on a positive note, but no one dared to prophesy into the future that lies ahead for this country. I was given a vision of God sitting on His throne and beckoning for us to come up and sit on His knee for He was well pleased with us. I knew there was a smile on His face. Canada has Cana, the name of the wedding feast, in the name of the country and the leaf is on the flag for the healing of the nation. It gives us cause for optimism, but we as a people are surely not deserving of the blessings God has always wanted to lavish upon His people as a loving Father who dearly loves His children.

Our nighttime of repentance and prayer came to rest with our bodies and our minds exhausted as we saw the vision of the new day having arrived within the true church of Christ with worship taking place in spirit and in truth. It is incumbent upon the people of God to return to Him and restore the church to her rock-solid, apostolic foundation, the only foundation found in the book of the revelation of heaven where truth and not religion reigns.

We join in thanking all those across the Land who raised a cry with us to the Father, repenting and seeking His heart, to restore this nation and make straight the Way of the Lord. It is time for the grain to be released to the church as Joseph released it to his brothers once they repented of their sinful ways, which could have destroyed them had they chosen to remain silent and utter not a word.

I wish to thank the many who joined us around both nations and hear about the nature of God’s leading in your prayers. I thank you so much for your support, which is of great value to us all.

Elinor Montgomery:

Telephone: 613-545-7774

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