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The Book of Esther and the Third Day

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective

by Elinor Montgomery

December 17, 2020

God demonstrates His sovereign plan for His people, His full house of Israel, allowing nothing to happen to her during her 6000 years of captivity to the empires of the world. Her survival is guaranteed to the end when she will arrive at the kingdom door to heaven. His covenant promises remain true, for He is faithful in all things. When our choices are made in faith and obedience to Him, we are safely in His care, no matter how much the appearance of the enemy seems to tell us otherwise. His will, will be done to fulfill His covenant promises to Abraham, so we can always live in anticipation of that glorious moment of reunion with Him.

The book of Esther is a revelation for America and for these times of the things, which are about to take place as the pages of the Old Testament fit squarely into the political situation we are facing today. Interestingly, God’s name does not appear once in the entire book, which is a message for the bridal portion of the apostolic church, as she emerges from her final days of captivity to the Roman Empire, which is about to be revived. The apostolic church will wake up to her need for revival and the washing clean of her garments from the religion of the Roman-implemented Dark Ages. She will need a fairly lengthy period of time for Jesus to wash her clean by His teaching of the new and necessary understanding, which will be her protection from the deception of the enemy, the devil himself, in these the final days of deep deception.

As John the apostle stated in the book of Revelation, only the Lord is capable of opening this understanding of the Word, sealed until this time when He will open it to His bride of the church. All is according to the purification for the King by the elect lady who is preparing to meet her Bridegroom, as were the apostles before her washed clean by His teaching of the Word to this small, exclusive group of men. They, in turn, went on to wash others clean by delivering His teachings to them. This would become as the grain of life, when the world is suffering from a famine of the Word, the Bread of life and the Manna come down from above.

There is about to be a great deliverance as the covenant is fulfilled and the kingdom of the Lord is nearly ready to be established again on earth as it was in the Garden, and as it is in heaven. A star was about to be born, and so she was called Esther (Greek). The time was the years between the return of the Jews to Israel from Persia led by Zerubbabel and followed nearly 6 decades later by the return of Ezra and his group, which accompanied him. During the reign of Cyrus, the king of Persia said that the Lord God of Israel had commanded him to build the Lord a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah. They were to do so with silver and gold, with animals and livestock and with free-will offerings.

The book of Ezra relates the facts of these two returns. They were ordinary people carrying out God’s plan in what seemed to be impossible circumstances. The first part of the book of Esther is about the threat to her people, and the second part, from chapters 5 to 10, is prophetically about the triumph of the house of Israel and the true Jewish people who will see the revival of the true apostolic church. She is the bride of the church who will go through her period of preparation with Jesus.

The washing clean period of purification must take place before she will be ready to receive the sceptre to become a voice for her king, as in these times when there is a major threat to the church and to the detriment of the national leader of this people. Sandwiched between these two returns, Esther ruled as queen for six decades in Persia. Now when the bride is prepared for the wedding, the Jewish bridegroom always takes his bride to the father to meet him. Will Jesus not take His bride in spirit up to the Father to present the man child born again to be the good fruit the Lord God always wanted from mankind, but was stolen by the devil?

The scene is set in King Ahasuerus’ (Xerxes’–the Greek translation) winter palace in Shushan where the king wants to make a display of his royal glory and proudly called on his wife, Queen Vashti, to be a part of it as he would display her beauty for all to see and admire. She, like the feminists today, decided she would not appear as a trophy wife for the king or any other man. So, the king’s advisors advised him to get rid of her and choose another whose name happened to be the Greek name of Esther, in order to hide her Jewishness.

Her cousin, Mordecai, was a recorder of the king’s records. Yet the recording of his own revelation to the king of a planned assassination was somehow omitted from the records, or Chronicles of the kings, something, which Esther would eventually see was revealed to the king. This would ultimately lead to the rise in power of Mordecai within the king’s court. On Mordecai’s instructions, it was not to be made known that Esther was a Jewess when she was promoted to First Lady of Xerxes’ court.

Now there was a man called Haman who was a conniving evil example of Satan, and who had worked his way into the top position of the court, next to King Xerxes and we see that Mordecai was unwilling to bow to this wicked man. You could say we see a similar picture between Trump and the lying and cheating group of Obama, Hillary and Biden today. Upon learning that Mordecai is Jewish, Haman gets the king to issue an edict for all Jews within the empire to be slain on the same day in all the provinces and states. Mordecai wants Esther to appeal to the king to take action against the decree by revealing that they are her people who are to be annihilated, a very good and loyal people to the king.

Mordecai sent a message to Esther, stating: “Do not think in your heart that you will escape in the king’s palace any more than all the other Jews. For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this (Esther 4:13-14)?”

Esther told her eunuch, appointed to her, to go to Mordecai who was dressed in sackcloth and ashes and crying out loudly at the gate of the king (national prayer). She wanted to know why Mordecai was mourning in sackcloth and ashes, and had her maids take clothing to him, which he refused. Mordecai had a decree he showed to Hathach (Esther’s eunuch). It was then that the eunuch stepped in to find out the cause and Mordecai told him about the sum of money Haman had promised to pay into the king’s treasuries for the destruction of the Jews. He also gave him a copy of the written decree that he might explain it to Esther so that she would go into the king and plead before him, making supplication for her people.

Esther answered back to Mordecai that all the king’s servants know that no man or woman can go into the inner court of the king unless called (anointed to do so) for the law requires such a person to be put to death, except the one to whom the king holds out the golden sceptre, and Esther had not been called to go into the king for thirty days. She called for those Jews present in Shushan to neither eat nor drink for three days, saying she and her maidens would do the same. This would become a national fast.

Now it happened on the third day that Esther put on her royal robes and stood in the inner court of the king’s palace, across from the king’s house, while the king sat on his royal throne in the royal house, facing the entrance of the house (Esther 5:1). Get ready for the second feeding of the grain, which, this time, was to save the pure house of Israel, being restored from centuries of a church age of religion, back to her foundation of truth, with every province or state being affected by her actions to come.

Esther would deliver a banquet of revealed truths for the ruling king and his courtier, which will surprise those in all four corners of the earth. The religion of the devil will find no room with truth ever again. The true meaning of Christmas will be restored with the joy of gift-giving being meant for the celebration of the birth of Christ and no other god before the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” to those who have ears to hear. For the kingdom is all but in sight and the Exodus of the Lord’s people from this world of evil and into the kingdom is at last at hand. The Third Day has arrived and the bride of Christ has been preparing right here in America to put on her royal robes in order to be ready for her Bridegroom.

Is it not the fire judgment time, and are they not the prophet, the apostle and the bride, the three friends of Daniel, who were walking prophetically in the fire with One like the Son of God? They were all too familiar with the religious food of the empire rulers who build statues of worship meant for the worship of the worldly emperors ruled by the devil. Of course Daniel and his three friends, the ones anointed of God, had fasted from all food that came from the Gentile, pagan, empire ruler, Nebuchadnezzar, as did the apostles give up the food of the Hebrew Pharisees who served Rome and their father, the devil, and his religious practices. There was not even a scent from the smoke of burning judgment found on their clothing, for they are the religious who will ultimately face the fire, for Jesus is the Lord of truth only and never of religion.

Esther prepared two banquets for the king and Haman and she requested that they attend both. Esther would establish that the first one was only leading to a second all-important banquet of the grain of truth. The first banquet established who the players were and how they had been saved by their brother (Joseph and his brothers) who gave them time to grow as good citizens–law abiding and in a spirit of servitude–until their descendants were ready to depart from Egypt, and ultimately from all the empires in order to enter the Land of Promise.

This is a type of the kingdom of Jesus’ rule on earth as it is in heaven. Did He not call us to pray for such a kingdom to come (Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven)? From the time He first started His ministry to this day it has been our prayer to our Lord. So how can we eat the food of the empire kings (i.e. Nebuchadnezzar) and be ready for the third day at the same time? Multiculturalism, political correctness and the presence of any other gods among God’s people must all go, if the church is to be ready for her royal robes on the third day. He will not tolerate altars being constructed in any land designated for His ruler-ship alone. But Esther put her life on the line at the second feast or feeding of the grain of truth when it would be revealed how the devil, Haman, was working to get rid of the bride and all the house of Israel, now known as the church.

Deception is in every word that comes from the mouth of the deceptive, would-be president today, who is quickly fading in strength before our very eyes. It was granted by the king to every state or province of the Persian Empire to be able to arm themselves for the battle ahead and to battle for the salvation of their nation and for their God who fights for them. Those on the Left in America are licking their lips at the very thought of finally getting gun control in place to prevent such action, for they are in one mighty rush to get rid of those pesky churchgoers and their meeting places.

Mordecai, a type of Jesus, has proven himself to have no fear of Haman (a type of the devil), by allowing himself to be killed if necessary, in order to gain salvation for all of his own people scattered among the provinces and the states. He had not broken the laws of his God and now would plead before his King and Lord for his people’s salvation and ask of his much beloved, young cousin to do the same and go before her husband, the king, to plead to him to save her people from extinction.

Before all is to take place the bride will find favour with the King from among the harem of the contenders for the position. Many want position, but Esther had not come to the harem on her own. The king’s men found her and brought her to the king. Of all contenders, she loved her Lord and shared with Him genuine meeting of heart and mind. She had never wanted anything from him – she had a true servant’s heart mixed with a Shulamite type of love. She could never chase after Solomon who collected wives and concubines–Esther loved but one, her Beloved.

Haman, like the Obama crew, had been advanced by the king above the other servants. It was his time to make a move for the kill. Queen Esther wanted her husband, the king, and Haman to come to her banquet (the second was hers prepared for this time–the grain of truth that was stored for such a time as this) where ideas can be expressed and truths revealed.

Of course, the Jezebel spirit came to dwell in Haman’s wife called Zeresh. She, like Herod’s wife, could see the writing on the wall – Zeresh wanting Mordecai hanged by the neck as had Herod’s wife wanting the head of one of the greatest of the prophets to proclaim the coming of Jesus. Rome must demand the lifeblood of Jesus Himself, if a one-world religion was to rule in a one-world order of law and trade. Hillary has been like a wicked co-partner to a Haman-type Obama, wanting the Office of the President to go to his leftist, ideological group. This man called Trump who was trumpeting the man called Jesus was enough for them to know that he was a major threat to their achieving their goal of world dominance, as long as he still held office.

Like Haman, Obama, Hillary and Biden thought victory was in their hands. They were so sure of it that they allowed their stooge, Biden, to declare himself to be the new leader of the nations belonging to the king. But, the king was advised by Esther, as is the bride suggesting another ending to the whole tawdry affair. Could it be that the bride of the church, in her understanding of prophecy sees another possible ending, where the yet-to-be-convicted felon Biden is reduced to ushering in the restoration of the greatly heralded President Trump, as Trump is declared the victor of the day? Will America be saved in the end from having a wicked demonic government put in place to cause her to become just another empire conquest?

The tables were turned and Haman was hanged in the place he intended for Mordecai’s hanging. It all led to the people fighting back against the state in the king’s empire. You could say that it would lead to national civil war among all the states and provinces, with the authority of the king to do so. For thus it is written.

With Esther’s second banquet (feeding of the grain) comes an amazing victory for the house of Israel. Could it be that there is a victory coming in the early New Year? Was it not a time of rejoicing and gift-giving among the true Jews, which forms the pattern for Christmas to come once the Baby has been born and laid to rest in the grain of truth in the manger meant for feeding the animals?

The rule of Mordecai soon replaced that of Haman (the devil and his Left). The king could allow the civil war that was looming in the land because the devil had tried to legislate using the authority of the king (America) already. It was the satanic, empire ruler, Haman, versus the type of Jesus, the Antichrist versus the Christ, one claiming ruler-ship by deception, and the other, a man of integrity and defender of the truth, with whom he had dared to tangle. Biden has dared to tangle with Donald Trump. Has there ever been any doubt that this is entirely a spiritual battle for the very soul of America?

The Jews, or house of Israel, had a victory on the first day. Mordecai became increasingly prominent from that time forward. Right in the citadel city there was a huge chunk of the swampland that had to be destroyed at once. It was so corrupt that five hundred wicked men went down in one fell swoop (today the numbers would greatly exceed that). A thorough, clean sweep of years of creeping Liberalism within all the houses of government in Washington, must take place, as it did in the capital of Shushan.

The capital seat of government is in a much overdue need for cleansing it of outrageous lies and falsehoods, which have been used blatantly in the face of cover-up paybacks, bribes and the plundering of the monies of her citizens. The pure church would never take money for self-gain. It would always take only that needed for the good of her people, to pour back to them and not to foreigners who are bent on destroying them. No traitors can be left among them to bring them down with Multiculturalism and political correctness.

Esther called for the hanging of the sons of Haman, the family of whom benefitted from monetary crimes as the ringleaders of money laundering and crimes against the people (shades of Biden’s cheating sons and family, after the father had first been charged). One can never leave behind any religious remnant of a priesthood bent on destroying an entire fruitful crop. Never would there be paybacks on the table again, with any of the victors taking plunder for themselves. It belonged to the people and should be used to serve them and God’s plans for preserving His covenant with Abraham for the families of the human race, in this a time of great famine of the Word.

It was a feast of Purim, or purity, that followed. To this day we celebrate the Royal King lying there in a manger, in all His majesty in the midst of the grain meant for the feeding of the animals. It is the day the Jews (house of Israel) celebrate their rest from their enemies (millennial rule). This day of Purim was to be remembered among all generations to come, as do we remember Christmas to honour our Lord’s advent into this world of man.

They were Esther and Mordecai (bride and Jesus) working together for the future of the kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven. It would be a decree of Esther, which was written in the chronicles of the kings, which would confirm the matters of Purim for the centuries to come before the end of the old and the new heaven and earth come down from above.

Because Esther arose and put on her royal robes to stand before the king, to her the scepter was given and the right to speak the truth. The name of Mordecai (Jesus) was advanced to be received among His people as He is at last idolized by them. He came to save them for the coming kingdom here on earth. He speaks for true peace to all His kindred, making it possible for God’s intended kingdom to come here on earth as it is in heaven.

Blessed is the Child who lay in the manger on that day long ago, which we celebrate as Christmas. There is no magic in Christmas; there is only the wonderful blessing.

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