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What do you Know About Babylon?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 08, 2009

Why is it that one of the most important events in history is a blank to most of the world? How is it possible the religious Christians go to their churches week after week supposedly as followers of Jesus and know nothing about Babylon? What do you know about the empires of this world, which have been its masters and have controlled the lives of men and women over the centuries?

Most have heard about the end of the Roman Empire and its decline in history as a world power. That is a myth perpetrated to deceive the world by Satan. It is very much alive and well today as a part of the Babylonian system within the Romanism in which the Christian church is rooted. Roman Christianity is the glue Constantine (the Caesar of his day) put in place to keep the ancient Roman Empire alive and ready to burst forth as part of the modern Revived Roman Empire.

Babylon was the home of Satan’s three world systems that flourish under his man-ruled empires – the economic system, the political or government system, and the religious system. All work together to keep God out and force everyone under empirical control to worship the beast in whatever beastly or religious form the empire takes.

This is why each successive empire of the Babylonian system is symbolized by a beast and its particular brand of power – the first being Babylon, itself, symbolized by a lion, the second the Medo-Persian, symbolized by a bear, the third being the Greek, symbolized by a leopard, with the fourth having the symbol of a beast that has no identity, for it is so terrifying that there is no animal in existence like it. It has seven heads and ten horns with huge iron teeth and it devours, breaks in pieces and tramples under its feet that which is left of the world when the other empires are through with it.

Pomposity is the trademark of its mouth. It is what we might call the voice of one with a false-messiah complex known as the Antichrist who tries to take the place of the Christ in human form. The spirit of the lie comes against the truth and liberalism is the result of believing the lies perpetrated by Satan.

The empire building of Babylon has worked through the three world systems mentioned above along with the Roman Empire. It all began with the tower-building of Babel, which led to the first dispersion of its people and the formation of nations. Seven world empires have followed beginning with the Egyptian, which was followed by the Assyrian Empire. Babylon conquered the Assyrian Empire, paving the way for the fullness of the religious tower building of Babel and the gentile nations, culminating with the last and final empire, the One World Order, which will be one with the revival of the Roman Empire in a world proportion.

It is by the empire-building systems that the sword is raised and all the battles of the world are waged. Inevitably, there appears on the world’s stage a powerful leader who takes upon himself a god-like form demanding the worship and obedience of all people.

Such leaders are often little men of stature in need of affirming themselves, with the Pharaohs, Nebuchadnezzar, the Caesars, Napoleon and Hitler, all being examples of such men. Obama is the latest name to be added to the list. Ultimately, they are the authors of their own demise from the world stage upon which they strut.

Millions become victims of their tyrannies, the terrible deeds of which the world loves to blame God rather than Satan, the spiritual father of such men. Their invincible enemies are the sons of God. The light always forces the darkness away. What greater target could there be for these world tyrants than Israel and America where God rules and has dominion from sea to sea?

If these nations, called out of the world systems to be sons of God, demonstrate His light and the liberty that comes under only His Law and not the laws of men, then Satan has no power over them. If they do not reflect His light, He will turn them over to the world system they love so much and will allow them to go to the burning ovens. God has always offered His people the blessing or the curse, and lets His people make the choice as to which it will be.

Israel did not choose to be a light carrier or torch bearer for God. So during World War II, it was finally to the smoking ovens she was sent by that little dictator, Hitler, himself. God’s covenant regarding the Light never fails. A spiritual battle rages in this world between the forces of darkness and the forces of light. The Babylonian warring system represents the forces of darkness, which will consume God’s people and turn them into harlots to their God if they choose to have religious idols before Him.

Unless you understand the Babylonian system, which God allows to chastise or destroy His own people, whichever the case may be, then you will never understand what is happening in America and how the demise of her democratic free system in liberty is taking place before your very eyes. It will all disappear as you push God out of His rightful place and install Satan’s agents of liberalism, in His place. To get rid of them will be like trying to break through iron bars.

It is the fault of institutional Christianity, which has always loved its religious trappings more than the truth. It has failed to teach the truth to the children day and night. It has joined the world system of Babylon (the name for all the religious/state empire-building systems of the world), while failing to remain separate and apart from it.

The purpose-driven church aims to push the institutional church into total unity with all religious systems so that it will derive its power from the Babylonian system rather than from God. It ultimately will denounce the truth for the sake of unity. Rick Warren has become one of the leading agents of Satan in promoting this process.

A dumbed-down society that neither knows nor understands what Babylon is all about will chase after the author of its own demise, hailing him as a messiah endorsed by the false prophets of this church age. The church has been blinded and crippled; without the healing powers of Jesus’ truth it would go down within its tomb of Christianity to the pit, riding the beast all the way with the mother of all harlots, Babylon the great.

We think the war in Iraq (the modern-day territory of Babylon) keeps the beast at bay. The real war is a spiritual battle going on right here in America for control of this land being taken from within by the infiltration of the enemy at her borders. If there is no strength or obedience to the truth within God’s people, He will simply turn them over to their lover, Babylon.

But a God Who never breaks covenant will preserve His remnant, which is going to become a powerful force with which Satan will have to reckon. It will be a pure, religious-free church, which will stand only on truth and never on religion. It will never take the name of Christian, only the name of the Way as true apostolic witnesses to the truth, the way and the life.

This is the bride who will call the institutional church to come – come out of her Babylon the great – before it is too late and she rides the beast to the bottom of the sea. Those who reject the call will join the armies of Pharaoh who went down pursuing God’s people whom they desired to destroy more than they desired life itself.

Of such is the nature of Babylon, the mother of all harlots to our God. This is the seven-headed beast – the culmination of the seven world empires all wrapped up in a One World Order of ten separately-ruled regions. Of such is the final beast of Babylon and we, as a foolish people, are walking right into its mouth with the iron teeth ready and waiting to clamp down on the free world.

Good-bye America and hello Babylon!