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This is My Story

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

August 29, 2009

“History is about Me. I AM the Covenant Maker; you, the living beings into whom I breathed the breath of life, are the ones with whom I chose to make My covenant. I AM the Light of the world and there will be light, for I have spoken it into existence from My mouth. You, with whom I made My covenant as witnesses to the light, broke faith and did not keep it. With the passing of each day, the opportunity to change course dwindles and passes away, possibly, never to come again.

You were My love partner as in the covenant of marriage. I wanted the best for you, as your Provider. I wanted you to be My bride and My family, together producing the fruit of the marriage bed, which I chose to make with man. I even provided a perfect home in a beautiful peaceful garden in which you could dwell with Me. But danger lurked there and I warned you to stay away from it or it could enter our land, which we shared together and take you away forever.

This captor will lure you with lies, deceiving you into believing you have no need of Me to provide for you. He will say that you have the power within to be like the Most High God without Him. He will tell you that you have the power within yourself to break from our relationship in truth, to live on his gold of this world within his government plan for liberalism, a message aimed at separating you from our marriage bed. Such liberalism comes with a very high price tag, indeed. It is called death, bringing an end to the marriage bed, an end to our relationship and an end to any possibility of the eternal life I had in store for you.

I drove you from My Garden and closed you out on the east side, the direction in which you chose to go. My Garden was eastward in Eden (heaven on earth) and with the closure of the Garden, I provided a Way back into a renewed garden, through My mercy for you. It would require a westward move to come back through that sealed, east-side gate guarded by cherubim. It will also be an upward spiritual move, with the angels ascending and descending upon the ladder I will provide between man and Me. His name is Jesus, the Way of My covenant of Light with man, which leads back to a garden kingdom on earth, like it is in heaven.  I will return you from the darkness of death to the light of life and an eternity with Me. However, you will have very consequential choices to make in the process.

I have provided the WAY, and there is no other way but the narrow pathway I am offering to you. I will personally shepherd you by taking your hand to lead you along the path. When we arrive at the appointed time, the seal on the east gate will be opened by the cherubim who have their swords turning in all directions to protect its entranceway. I AM the WAY and the only WAY out of death in eastern religion to life found in liberty on the western side of the gate.

With My covenanting partner, My true bride, I AM going to defeat the lies of religion. I am going to break down all the governments of the nations of this world, consume their gold and restore My government in truth with My provision intended for My partner from the beginning. I AM going to redeem My marriage partner, taking her from man to claim her for My own.

She will be a different bride from the harlot Eve, who could only bear the corrupted fruit of religion, which causes rot unto death. The fruit of My bride will be born of the same Spirit of life by which Mary bore Me, for I will redeem her and breathe My life back into her. There is no other way to be born again into life except by the breath of My Spirit. All who seek Me will be given life. They will not find it without a passion for Me, which is greater than their passion for the things of this world.”

Heed the parable of the soils and the sower (see Matthew, chapter 13). It is for today, the time when the whole multitude comes from the entire world, and not just from the nation Israel. It points to the time when Jesus is back in the boat with His latter-day apostolic church, revived and ready to take authority over and walk on the sea, like Peter, the symbol of the early church’s authority.

Jesus is our Sower, and, working together with Him as His church, we will reap the harvest of the seeds of truth, sown on a fallen world captive to religion. The world is in darkness and is unaware of its sickness unto death. It is blind, crippled and very much in need of a miracle. If the miracle does not come from out of the West, it will not come from anywhere. Without the power of angels, ascending and descending upon the ladder between heaven and earth, man can do nothing for himself. He has become dull, his ears are hard of hearing, and he has no understanding, for his eyes have been blinded to it by years spent in the tomb of religion. Like Lazarus, the church awaits her call from the Master to come out of it and be restored to life.

To this emerging bride, it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven. To her the final seals, sealed to Daniel and to John have been opened. As Jesus said, prophets and righteous men had come and gone and desired to see what had been given to her, but never saw nor heard such things. The time was not right for them, for history would not be complete until the church age had reached its fullness and was ready to pass away. We are looking at the aftermath of religious destruction at this, the time when the fullness of the gentiles approaches. It represents the time when the full extent of the destruction upon earth, caused by the deception of Eve who birthed the religious sons of Babel and the empires of Babylon, the great harlot, has come.

The bride fully understands these things, but the blind and deaf are still caught back in their messianic fervor. They continue to look for something good to come of that ‘messy’ nation called Israel where the temple of Jerusalem lies in rubble and the city, itself, is in the same spiritual condition as that of Sodom and Egypt. There is no spiritual presence in the rubble and there is no blessing left in animal sacrifices or physical circumcision. The religious system has dulled the people of the world and they are left with no understanding as they continue to worship their religious idols.

Here is the problem. The seed is the Word of God. It has been stolen from our children by our politicians and religious men who have allowed the devil to take it away. Those by the wayside have seared hearts so they will not believe and be saved, for this is a generation that has been taught there is no truth while the church sat silently in its pews. Woe to this Laodicean body of hypocrites.

Then, there are those who hear the Word and receive it with joy, but there is no root in them for they have allowed their Bibles to collect dust while receiving no understanding from the traditional Christian institutional church preaching of a social gospel. When the time of Jacob’s trouble comes, they simply submit to the temptation to rely on the world and reject the spiritual authority of God over their lives. They catch a glimmer of the light but, not being rooted in the Word, they fall away. They do not have the apostolic understanding of the mysteries of History. The roots cannot penetrate their hardened hearts of stone, so there is no depth to them.

Then there are the seeds of truth that fall among the thorns. When they hear and know the truth, they actually choose to stay involved in the cares of the world, looking to the security and pleasures of every-day life, while seeking the riches of this world instead of seeking the treasures of the kingdom. Unfortunately, they have had the Spirit right at hand, but in rejecting it, they will bear only fruit that will wither and die.

To the contrary, the bride will provide the good ground, hearing the Word with a good and noble heart. She will call to the others, because of the Spirit within her, to come to the truth and into the light. She will call them out of religious darkness and into separation from a world moving in unity toward total darkness. There is nothing but a gaping, black, bottomless pit in the darkness that will swallow men up, along with their worldly cultures, their worldly riches and their worldly families, which have never comprehended the light.

Do you have the understanding of these mysteries revealed only to the Lord’s pure bride? Is this covenant fulfilled within the nation of Israel today, a collection of very religious people who are now residing in a portion of the Promised Land as supposedly the chosen people called to witness to the light? They have declared they have no other king but Caesar, so how are they able to witness to the truth of Jesus, the coming King of His kingdom on earth, when there is no light or life within them?

Wake up and do not miss the call! The Spirit and the bride say “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. And whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely (Revelation 22:17). It is a spiritual calling for the entire world, not a national one. Everyone who is of the Light is welcomed into the house of Israel and the kingdom of God.