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Oneness with God

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out …from a different perspective
                                                         by Elinor Montgomery

February 24, 2008

The sole purpose of fallen man is to grow back into oneness with God. There is a wall of separation, which can be described as the great divide, and God has chosen the institution of marriage to portray this oneness as it exists between a man and a woman.

How easy it is for the little foxes to come along and nip at the earth vine and destroy the natural outcropping, which is rooted in truth. The problem begins with pride when we take our focus away from God and place it elsewhere. Our love for self becomes greater than our shared spiritual love with our Husband and Creator.

When there is true love in a marriage, it is the love for the other that makes it a viable relationship. The bond can be so strong that when one dies, the other is left feeling incomplete to the degree that he/she wants to die rather than live in such a state of incompleteness. To the contrary, a divorce becomes the great divide that separates the two who have become as one. The love dissipates when the covenant is broken, and at least one person of the union has made the focus on self more important than the oneness of the covenant relationship.

When love is directed inward toward self, it is called pride. Gnosticism is all about pride and the creation of a new age religion, which puts man’s focus on self, while excluding the Creator God. Man refashions himself as his/her own god with all power coming from within.

When Adam fell, he listened to the voice of Satan calling him to cross this divide from which God warned him there would be no returning. If one rejects the Word of God, given in perfect righteousness and truth, a Holy God will ultimately consume that one. It is what is called His fire judgment on man who chooses to be a harlot to her Husband instead of being a bride for Him.

The Spirit of life, which was breathed into Adam, departed from him when he chose to believe Satan. At that precise moment, he was forever caught in the snare of the author of death. All of his prodigy would henceforth come into this world unable to escape the condemnation of death, under the fire judgment of God. There is no man alive who is not under this judgment, no matter how good he may think himself to be.

In His infinite mercy, God went to court Himself to provide a way for mankind to produce good fruit, or sons for Him to replace the rotten fruit he was only capable of producing after falling into sin. He would allow man a second opportunity to be born again of the Spirit of life. We all know worm-eaten fruit cannot become a thing of perfection without a miracle. God decided He would perform the miracle that would save His creation from the rubbish heap in its rotten condition.

The process of redeeming the fruit at Creation began the same hour that the Garden was closed off to the tree of life on the east side. Mankind was prevented from receiving the gift of life in its fallen state. Thus, eternity was removed from the sons of Adam in the Garden of creation. But a special pathway back was created through a third son, called Seth, and a new line coming from Adam. Though the third son, it could be said that he also became the second for the second one, Abel, was killed by his brother, Cain, leaving no descendants behind.

Of such is the first crossover blessing of God being put in place, whereby the first-son inheritance goes to the younger brother, but only because of the death of Abel, which points us prophetically to the crossover point at the cross of nation to spiritual nation, opened by Jesus for His church.

God chose to continue this crossover blessing, or redemptive pattern following Adam within the families of Noah and finally with Abraham and his sons, until one reaches the moment of spiritual crossover from the natural at the cross. The crossover pattern of Abraham’s inheritance continued through his son and, in turn, his son’s son and then from the first company of the tribes of Jacob as a national nature to the second company of tribes of the same nation but of a spiritual nature. It was called Israel.

God was in covenant with Israel, but only in so far as this pattern from the beginning applied to the miracle of redemption for all men who would believe upon Jesus and the work He did for mankind on the cross. At this point, it is to be noted that the children of Rachel in the second company of the tribes of Jacob were the fruit of a mutual love relationship, which did not exist within the relationship with Leah that produced the first company.

The tribes of Israel were taken into captivity in Egypt for centuries until God, and not man, decided to deliver them from their agony of slavery in serving the world. Israel had been forced to make bricks, the building blocks of eastern religion, made for the glory of Pharaoh, ruler of a nation that did not worship God in truth. For the second company, which went into the religious captivity of Christianity, the church was required to spend her time in the building programs of religion, which served the system rather than serving Jesus.

Moses was the man to lead Israel out of Egypt; he was at the heart of God’s redemptive plan. In order for him to lead the way, God gave him powerful revelation in a face-to-face relationship in what we might call today a privileged position under God. Much would be required of him, which meant giving up the palace of this world for the eternal palace of the future.

God showed him a burning bush of which the branches were not consumed by the fire. In so doing, Moses was given the prophetic picture of God raising up a branch out of Israel, which would escape His fire judgment and not be consumed. It would be a branch established by the appearing of God Himself upon the world scene. The redemptive plan ran from Adam down through his son, Seth, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Boaz, the redeemer of Ruth, their son Obed, Jesse and his son David, who would become king seated upon an eternal throne. The branch would come to rest with Jesus, born of the Spirit and the seed of the woman, the virgin Mary, herself a descendant of David.

There was none of the seed of man in His body. He was not born as the corrupted fruit, nor had He ever submitted to the lures of the devil to draw Him out of life and into the grip of death. This is the miracle of God; He came in perfection so He could take the judgment in our place by paying the price of death and taking the suffering we deserved.

It had never been God’s plan for man to go this route; we chose death and suffering ourselves. However, His love within the spiritual marriage bed of mankind to God was great enough to ignore the crushing pain of the divide or divorce and, in mercy, take the harlot back to be His own again. A new branch would be raised up from David’s house of cedars, which would be destined for an eternal throne by escaping the coming final fire judgment of God upon an unrepentant mankind.

Are you even aware that you are the harlot He chose to redeem? Are you aware that you have been blessed as part of the nation that began with Abraham and manifested itself in America, the most blessed of all nations in the world under the guiding Law and truth of God? You have been blessed to be named among those who live in America, the only nation in the entire world to be set free from the religious empire-building nations under the control of Satan instead of God.

Though the Queen has a role in Canada, her religion does not. We declare God to be Supreme Ruler from sea to sea, just as it is declared in the United States that He is the God in Whom they trust. Hence, our Governor General is a fraud, for she did not submit herself to the authority of the Word of God. She has no official office in this nation without God and stands on treasonous grounds like our judges do today.

There is absolutely no way that people or nations can cross over the great divide, which separates man from God without the miracle of that Babe, Who lay in a manger, 2000 years ago in Bethlehem. He is the redemptive plan and first of the branch of David springing up from the house of cedars, which will not be consumed. His bride can come from no other spiritual tribe than that of Benjamin, full brother of Joseph, sharing position with the tribe of Judah, that part of Israel saved for the sake of David, when God tore Israel away from the inheritance of his son, Solomon.

Spiritually, all must become part of the remnant still captive to the last empire of the Babylonian system, caught in the Romanism of Christianity. The chastisement is about to be complete when a bride comes out of spiritual Israel fit to wear the white linen garments of purity; no religion will be found in her.

She, too, had to serve her many more centuries of brick building within the Babylonian system. Now it is time for her to come out of Babylon before the fire judgment. The religious nations are going to be destroyed by fire in the same manner as Egypt was destroyed by the sea, while Israel escaped through the parted waters to reach safety in her crossover to freedom from death.

The miracle is salvation through Jesus with the crossover blessing fulfilling the promise of God to Abraham to bless all the families of the earth, that is to say, those of any nation who are grateful to Jesus and accept His gift of the miracle of salvation. The security of man will lie in being part of the branch that does not burn when the fire is put to the vine of the earth, which separated man from his oneness with God (see Ezekiel 17:22-24 and Revelation 14:14-20).

Jesus is coming for His bride, and He is coming soon. Are you ready to receive a miracle?