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Are you more than an Intestinal Toxic Waste Receptacle?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks ou …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 2, 2010

Who are you? Are you merely dust or is there a definitive spirit within you? This is essentially a decision every living being will have to make for him/herself. Are you simply an intestinal repository of filth or could it be that you are a living soul and receptacle of truth? The truth will drive the filth out and kill the toxins, which otherwise will kill you.

How you choose to live life will determine the state of both the physical and spiritual health of your body. If you eat that which is not good for you physically, the intestine will respond accordingly as it collects the garbage, which needs to be expelled, or else it will leave deadly toxins collecting within it. The spiritual man is no different from the physical man. Unless he is fed the truth, the lies of religion will collect like deadly toxins in his heart, to ultimately destroy him.

Adam and Eve left mankind little in the way of options; sin cost all men the Spirit of life, which gave way to the spirit of death, just as God warned would happen if they should choose to feed their bodies the wrong spiritual food. They became receptacles for deadly, poisonous, spiritual toxic wastes. God warned them that they would surely die and return to the dust from which He had taken them. They learned very quickly just how closely the physical lusts of the world are attached to death.

In spite of the warning, they believed the lies of Satan, the author of both liberalism and religion, as opposed to believing the truth of God. Liberalism and religion rest on a foundation of lies, which tell you that you are liberated when you no longer need God in your life to reach up into the heavens. With religion supplanting truth, man became little more than a functioning pipe-line for excrement, as he lost the breath of the Spirit of life that had been breathed into him.

God made man in His image to be much more than dust; He gave him the gift of life and free will so that He could have a relationship with him. God was looking for a loving relationship that was similar to the love of the marriage bed, used to show in the physical, the process for re-creation and spiritual fruitfulness.

Satan has but one desire, which is to destroy the marriage bed, God’s formula for demonstrating His love for mankind. His counterfeit to the marriage bed between a man and a woman leads to suffering, pain, violence, sickness and even to wars, which start with untruths and hate. The devil hates man and uses counterfeit messages to deceive the one created to have a relationship with God.

The devil, formerly the angel Lucifer, once had a blessed and worshipful relationship with God, until pride was found in him; he wanted to be worshiped like the Most High God. As a fallen angel, he took a third of the angels of heaven down with him in the fall. He wants nothing more than to persuade men that they, too, can be like gods, no longer having any need for God. It leads to New Age thinking, which says that power resides in the individual and not in God. This is at the very root of the business and personal success programs being offered universally as self-empowerment courses today.

God gives us a clear spiritual message in the physical body, regarding the food we eat, which does not serve the body well. The waste settles into the colon to remain there in toxic form, unless it is expelled from the body. It will eventually be responsible for doing damage to our physical health, just as the lies of Satan settle into our spirits, only to destroy the soul.

The world is pelting mankind with satanic immoral refuse while, at the same time, there is a famine of the good spiritual food of truth for the soul. Are you absorbing these deadly spiritual toxins or are you eating the spiritual food of truth, only found in the Bible, God’s guideline for healthy spiritual living? Do you live for the lusts and pleasures of this day, or are your sights set on the joys and treasures that can be yours for an eternity?

Does this entire issue not boil down to the question of whether or not you love life more than you love death? When we see the damage done to the little lives that have been brought into this world under the spells of Voodooism, Hinduism, Buddhism and all the other ‘isms’ of religion, we are looking at the results of the sin of Adam and Eve.

They made the first choice for death, which altered the future of all mankind; for the fruit of the tree from which they ate went straight to their spirit to destroy it and the body with it. Never again would the seed of man be able to produce the good fruit of the marriage bed.

There seemed to be no possible way to rectify the situation, whereby the blood of man was required for his sin. However, God, in His incredible mercy, offered mankind a second opportunity at life, after the body has returned to the dust from which it came. He, Himself, chose to die in our place for our sin, when He, a sinless Man born of a virgin, without the seed of man in her, and of the Spirit of God, shed His blood for us. By this act of redemption, once again, through His plan for salvation, our souls can live on for an eternity, after we have left behind this body for a new and incorruptible one.

We are either living as the dust of the physical body or as the redeemed of the spiritual body. It could be said that we are either the degenerate or the regenerate. We can fill our spiritual bodies with the filth of foul language, pornography, sexual immorality and the many lusts of the flesh, or we can go an entirely different route in the truth of God and His plan of righteousness for us.

Most people are choosing daily to reject an eternity spent in the presence of God for an eternity of darkness, apart from Him, and they have no idea they are doing so. They even go so far as to blame God for the problems they, themselves, have caused by the choices they have made in life.

It would appear that we prefer to be depressed, unhappy, dysfunctional human beings to experiencing God’s love, His goodness and the lack of pain and suffering that come with righteous living. This is merely to say that we continue throughout the centuries to reject the right kind of living, which He originally planned for the well-being of mankind.

Satan and all those who have been deceived by his lies are about to go down in the great judgment of the tribulation period. The choice is yours; you can either live as though your body is nothing more than a toxic waste receptacle or you can live as one born again of the Spirit of life. You will either go out with the lights, losing your breath forever, to spend an eternity in the company of Satan, or you will join the Light to be redeemed by the breath of the Spirit, to live forever with your Redeemer. There is no other choice.

Choose wisely, for it is a matter of life and death!