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Pagan Ceremonies

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 16, 2010

Thus says the Lord!

“Your pagan ceremonies were a stench to My nostrils. When did I say I love the nations? When did I allow My people to bring idols into My land without strong repercussions? Totem poles and great white spirit bears ruling over My nation – indeed! The seawaters will explode over this land with a deluge of these deadly spirits, which you love.

Did I not place a pall of death over your celebration? You bowed your heads in silence, but did you pray to Me? I will not hear your prayers for you dare to come before Me in the filth of the nations from which I delivered you. Now, I will open your borders until you are overcome by your enemies whose gods you set up before Me. So be it! They shall rule over you.

Sending you to Babylon has not broken your backs nor removed the stiffness from your necks. It is dubious that many will ever come away from her, that harlot you so love. I delivered you once when I brought you into this great land, but you grew fat and vulgar. Your women are like the cows of Bashan.

You took My bounty but gave no gratitude. You said you did not want Me or My Word in your schools. You have allowed the enemy to take over your children while you sit in your pews, row upon row, of self-centered, self-righteous lovers of men but not of Me.

I threw over the tables of the money-changers in the temples but they, even they, were not as wicked as the corrupt religious system of today. They did not cry for My death in My name, but you who call yourselves Christian hate the very sound of it. You take My name in vain, showing only disdain for Me, but no fear of Me.

I gave Abraham a dream that caused horror and great darkness to fall upon him. I showed him the smoking oven, and the burning torch. Surely, you have seen what the smoking oven did to My people who rejected Me and led Me to the cross while they embraced Caesar as their king. What makes you think you can escape the coming nighttime of tribulation?

I have sent warning upon warning, but you have no ears to hear. Instead, you listen to the false messiahs who tickle your ears with their smooth talk.”

Thus says the Lord!

“You have brought judgment upon yourselves. You are fools who have followed the hireling shepherds who have not heard or know My voice. Woe to these shepherds who have led you to your destruction! Woe to you, lovers of money more than of Me! Woe to you idol worshipers who practice divination in My name! Your days are numbered for disaster.

I will lift My own up on eagle’s wings and you shall not touch My pure bride who will speak truth into your nation. But you, O workers of iniquity, it would be better for you that you were never born! Woe to this deaf, dumb and blind people, who cannot discern light from darkness or day from night!

Hear My Words, for I have spoken!”