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Truth is an Authority that sets in place Disciplines

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 17, 2010

Truth is an authority that sets in place disciplines. Let us take a very simple example, which might help to explain this statement! A person who lives in a tropical climate must accept the authority of the truth about tropical temperatures, which will determine the discipline of dress. For instance, it would be impossible to cover oneself in fur from head to toe, as do the native people of the Arctic, while living in the hot climatic temperatures of Tahiti. A fur coat, hat and boots in Tahiti would be of less value to the natives than a cotton sarong. Tahitian art reflects a totally different lifestyle from that of Eskimo art. Who could refute the different disciplines accompanying different climates?

One can break the discipline of the human dress code, but only with dire consequences to human life. I have to wonder how long one could live dressed from head to toe in fur in Tahiti or in a sarong in the far North. We can see that there is an authority, which sets in place disciplines because of climatic truths. Refusing to be disciplined by the authority of the truth can result in death. It is what is called rebellion to authority.

There is a mighty big universe out there about which scientists tell us that there are certain truths in place, which act as authority with resulting disciplines governing the universe. The sun is set at a certain distance from the earth, and the earth rotates around the sun at a steady pace, with the earth, itself, rotating at a controlled rate. Day and night are subject to the rotation of the earth, forming the discipline of our human lives in relationship to light and darkness. These rates and distances cannot be altered without catastrophic results, for if the earth were to move even slightly closer to the sun, it would be burned up.

God says of Himself that He is the God of truth. This makes Him the Authority and Giver of the disciplines to which we must adhere if we do not want to die. It is because He is the Creator of the entire universe that all authorities and disciplines of the natural and the supernatural are subject to Him and His Word of truth. The two are utterly and completely compatible, and to try to separate the scientific from spiritual authority and disciplines would only result in cosmic chaos and disaster.

This could best be described as the darkness on the face of the deep at creation. Thankfully for mankind, God hovered over the earth to bring forth light and the beginning of a perfect relationship between the Creator and the created. However, unfortunately for us, man, for whom all was created in perfection, rejected the covenant of his relationship with God, his Creator.

In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve did not accept the discipline or the authority of Light only to choose darkness and, ultimately, cosmic chaos, had not the Light of the World intervened. Only the Light could ever take man out of the dark abyss to which he had condemned himself by rejecting the discipline of truth. It is called obedience to the Word of God, for disobedience always leads to disaster.

What fools we are in America, to have had God and His truth as the Authority over government and the judicial system, only to have rejected Him to embrace the coming cosmic chaos! It cannot be avoided by a mankind, rebellious against its Creator. The Bible speaks of man’s self-inflicted judgment from Genesis to Revelation, which is caused by his rebellion.

The Olympic Games are the very symbol of the idolatrous gods of this world, which we have worshiped as gentile nations in rebellion to God.  Mount Olympus, the mountain of the gods, is the counterfeit of the true mountain of God, where He first met Moses at the burning bush.

Paganism cast its shadow over the entire opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. The message of Canada, as that of a nation built on multiculturalism with creation being a mere act of energy, was piped over the airways to the entire world. Spectacular lighting effects were used to honor sorcery, magic, the beast, and Satan while, at the same time, ignoring the importance of God. Creation became little more than an act of energy, coming from where only God knows, to split rocks and bring forth mountains.

Surely, eastern Canada could have been better represented in ways other than by tattooed, demonic-clad tappers and fiddlers, wearing horns and heavy metal-studded leather, tapping their way around the stage with their freakish haircuts. It apparently was an attempt to represent the eastern provinces of Canada, which were, in fact, settled by a very homespun, God-fearing eastern brand of Scottish settlers. They were typed as a totally twisted configuration of the truth, trying to compensate with a little plaid thrown in here and there for effect.

Perhaps, the low point of the ceremonies came with K D Lang singing Hallelujah, a song written by Leonard Cohen, a man preoccupied with Buddhism and sex, who exalted the sexual sins of King David and Solomon of the Bible with the cadence of Hallelujah permeating it all. This rendition by a woman who flaunts her lesbian lifestyle was described as magical, that favorite word of the ceremonies’ commentators, which might better have been described by the word pathetic. Surely as Canadians we could have presented decency to the world instead of planting the word Hallelujah upon sexually deviant and immoral behavior.

The beast and man were glorified, but God was missing as the voice of poetry told the world we are a country of choices and millions of voices, the land of the True North, strong and free, which we made happen – man, that is, not God. The two horns, ever present on the stage, are identified in the book of Revelation, which describes the beast rising out of the earth to force its controls upon all people. Did Canada really have to glorify this?

When John Furlong, the chief executive officer of the Vancouver organizing committee, was finished praising the multi-cultic nature of our society and the magic in the glow of the flame, he then moved on to sing the praises of the Canadian value of unity. It became a convoluted message of the kind that government officials and religious leaders deliver today, as they push us ever so subtly forward from a nation in separation under God to a nation being prepared for the One World Order. As usual, the satanic message was cleverly wrapped in the ribbons of religious rhetoric with Mr. Furlong’s final words, “May God bless Canada!” Why in the world would the God of truth ever bless such a nation in complete ignorance of its rebellion to Him?

We have dumbed-down our youth with just such messages permeating every level of the classrooms of a Canada, so distorted from the reality of what really made this nation a great land of liberty, that her real history lays buried behind a façade such as that which these Olympic opening ceremonies presented to the world. It sickens the stomachs of those of us who have lived in the real Canada, ruled by the truth of God, pioneered and built by God-fearing people who came here to escape the religious cultures of the East to establish liberty in the West.

But our borders have been breached, our courts have been taken hostage, and our governments have been corrupted to leave us with a nation far, far from the one our soldiers once knew, who fought in World War II for liberty under God. They openly and freely prayed only to God and never to Buddha, Allah or any other pagan god of Mount Olympus. They were soldiers committed to preserving freedom in the West, so that we could continue to live under His Law, and worship our God in truth.

Truth reigned under the authority of God, our Ruler over government, setting in place the discipline of the courts. But God has been rejected for totem poles and the big white spirit bear, with creation having become an act of cosmic energy, all mixed up with the worship of animals.

However, God neither sleeps nor slumbers. Wake up to the truth or prepare yourselves for the cosmic chaos to come! You will wish you had sung Hallelujah to the King rather than use this word to praise the filth of this world. If it is the beast we want, then God will give it to us; if our heroes are defined by physical prowess, rather than spiritual righteousness, then life will be measured by the physical rather than the spiritual.

Truth has its authority and resulting disciplines. They cannot be ignored, nor can they be supplanted. The price of rebellion is death, for God’s truth will prevail when His kingdom comes and He takes authority and justice into His own hands.

The real hope at this time should be that you will survive the coming night by escaping the judgment on man’s rebellion. There is a better race to run whereby one stores up the good gold of heaven, which most surely beats winning an Olympic gold medal for the gods of this world.

Yet, Canada compromised herself before the entire world, as she played the harlot for all nations to see.