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Christ or the Antichrist?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 22, 2008, revised Feb 24, 2010

When is this world going to wake up and realize what the true powers are working behind the scenes? Creation is actually not a debatable point for mankind, it is a fact regardless of men’s belief systems. Belief systems are nothing but figments of the imagination driven by Satan. The truth is of God, and remains the truth regardless of man’s choices, the times, philosophies or religious doctrines.

The clash between God and the devil began with a blessed part of creation wanting to separate from the Creator and stand independent of the source of its God-given power with worship (built into man as the capacity to love) being redirected back to the created. It became a matter of the Christ or the Antichrist.

The God-given propensity for love and worship, the most desirable of all attributes, was redirected inward upon self, instead of upward and upon God as the Object of man’s affection. As a result man has taken on the nature of the beast – self-absorbed, prideful and self-serving. It is a liberal, belief system, which is fundamental for such a nature in conflict with the nature of God; it is called liberalism from God.

Political power-struggles result among political figures who live by the lies of such belief systems, which we call religion today. The sword is the method of gaining control over others and of gaining world-wide recognition of a leader’s self-importance. Manipulation of entire nations, forceful controls and war ultimately are used by religious states to force nations, by strong-arm means, to come into submission to the religious state and to its more-often-than-not charismatic leader, as well.

This is the spiritual problem behind all little men who would be gods; there lurks behind the façade of each one an empire-driven kingmaker who wants to usurp the kingship of God. It is what we call the antichrist spirit of Satan, whose aim it is to have an Antichrist put in position as ruler of the world in place of the Christ Who is the coming King of the New World Order.  Hence we have the now-forming One World Order, under a single demonic ruler.

Who is the God of truth and righteousness? He is the same God Who rules over America. Satan is in a frontal attack upon man to draw him from God, which means to draw man from the truth by replacing it with the lies of religion. He is especially attacking this nation that claims God as supreme Ruler. The One World Order cannot happen without destroying that relationship and the power given to His people by God.

Men who are soldiers of the Lord can only be such in truth. The slightest hint of any leaven of religion will color the truth and grow until it fills the entire loaf. Satan, in his need for being worshiped, is satisfied with nothing less than a transformed world by the leaven. His lures are wily and deceptive, and were put into motion the minute man was created. God has allowed this situation in order to allow evil to grow along with the truth, as tares in the midst of the wheat, so that none of the wheat will be destroyed when it is finally separated from the tares, which will be burned. He wants a perfect relationship with His creation, so this world becomes the wilderness testing ground in preparation for entry into the next.

The Creator allowed imperfection in His creation for the purpose of chastising and refining His own. Those who do not respond and grow under chastisement, will come under the judgment of God and the day will come when they will be required to pay the price of sin for themselves, which Jesus was willing to pay for them on the cross.

Satan’s tree, which produces the knowledge of good and evil, will see the knowledge of evil grow. God created only that which is good and in obedience to Him; He will not allow His own to fall into the hands of evil. Evil can take man captive, but the destruction of the body cannot destroy the spirit of man. It rests in God’s hands, and those who worship in spirit and in truth are indestructible.

What is it about actors, if not the puffed-up pride of Satan, which causes them to think they are also great pundits? The world of Hollywood is full of such actors fed by the wrong tree, seeking fame and fortune for themselves. I listened to an interview with Paul Gross, the Canadian actor, who would be well advised to stick to his acting rather than attempt to be an icon of profundity.

In an interview, I heard him belittle the government for taking steps toward censoring the arts and removing funding paid from out of taxpayers’ dollars for those things, which are obscene and perverted. In his simplistic mind-set he equated our present onslaught of perverse, sexual behavior and profanity in the media and arts, by the very nature of their being there, to be a sign that we have come out of the dark ages. He states that to prevent perverse, sexual behavior and profanity from filling our screens could be an act equated to taking us back into the darkness, only to destroy the sense of liberation, which comes with the expression of pornography and public obscenities in the media. From what great depths of wisdom did this spring?

There are many other self-proclaimed political pundits, such as this one, filling the actors’ ranks. When did acting give one license to think oneself, by nature of one’s notoriety, to also possess a degree of intellectual prowess, when in fact most of them inhabit something akin to a rather empty bubble zone in that area of the body called the head?

Unfortunately, sheep are very dumb animals and will follow most anything that tries to lead them. But the sheep of the Good Shepherd know His voice. They know His Law is a moral compass, which, when obeyed, brings growth, abundance and victory for man over the evil powers of this world.

The West was the beginning of a just society under God, brought about by a people who worshiped only God and had no other gods before Him. Move out of God’s camp and into Satan’s, and this nation shall crumble and desist as did the nation Israel before her. Eastern religions will bombard her gates as the gate-keepers fail to guard them, leaving her open to attack. Sexual immorality always accompanies the downfall of nations and empires.

The East is just waiting to pour its religion into this country and take over and kill those who belong to God. Hence, Islam, Hinduism, and all eastern religions hate Israel and America, specifically those who believe in Jesus as the narrow way to salvation. The road of Satan is broad for many, but the way of Christ to the kingdom is narrow, and few are they who find it. Satan lost his way and he is now seeking as many as he can to pull down and onto the broad road to destruction under the leading of the antichrist spirit.

One might take note of the spiritual demise of that well-known athlete, Tiger Woods. He had a pleasing façade of one enjoying success. Yet behind the façade lurked a world of darkness. He chose to embrace Buddhism, and at that moment the door was opened for Satan to lead him down the broad road to destruction. Sexual immorality almost always accompanies this route. There is but one door out available to him and it is the door of Light belonging to the Christ.

The battle for the souls of mankind rages today as never before in history with the leaven growing and the knowledge of man increasing. His pride has puffed him up to the point of actually believing that creation is so advanced it no longer needs its Creator. And is this great nation not showing all the signs, which Gross would have us believe are signs of enlightenment, as Satan leads us to the point of extermination? But then extermination was Hitler’s cause and the cause of every nation set on racial cleansing and the replacement of the truth of God with the religious lies of Satan.

Christ versus the Antichrist is what is at the heart of today’s battles of the nations for supremacy over the world. God is loosing Satan’s boundaries to allow him to take those he can deceive before Jesus returns for His own. The Paul Grosses of this world, along with most of the actors on the world stage, serve only to aid in the deception. The battle lines are drawn and the decision will be yours.

Take a look at the political leaders of our times and see which path or road they have taken. Your vote and your voice have the power to determine the direction America will go and the final role of the West in world history. It is up to you whether or not it survives. You cannot blame another for your failure to take authority and act according to God’s will for you. Either you will choose truth and the Christ, or you will choose to believe the lies and deception of the Antichrist.

Adam and Eve’s failure to choose the truth of God set in place the ruler-ship of Satan over the world. Men are dwelling today in a world ruled by evil in the spirit of the Antichrist. Christ gave to all men the opportunity to reverse the course of one’s destiny by preparing oneself for kingdom living here on earth.

Our understanding must be greatly increased from that given to Abraham, Daniel, and John, the apostle, in the form of prophetic revelation, if we are to become overcomers. The sealed book, mentioned in the book of Revelation has been saved for this time to be opened by the only One, Who can open it, being Christ, Himself. This is a time for man to be offered the greatest understanding of the prophetic Word, at any time in all of history, and it will not come from any seminary teaching or man-made doctrines of religion.

Truth will be revealed in the spirit of prophecy with the flood-gates unable to hold back the tide of the released understanding, held in store for the bride of the church.