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Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 04, 2010

Education began in America with an entirely different perspective from the one to which it adheres today. Originally, education was designed for mental development to be combined with the moral development of the whole person, with the natural being inseparable from the spiritual. Now we see the focus placed on the pursuit of knowledge with morality becoming a handicap to a process of education that is little more than academic indoctrination.

The controversy surrounding the public educational system is based on whether or not we want to teach our children truth, which is attached to righteousness, or knowledge, which is attached to secularism and liberalism from God. They are the fruit of two very different trees, one producing uprightness and life, the other producing compromise and death.
Without truth, the bottom line is the fact that there is no life. Since Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, education without Him is of little value spiritually to the individual. Since Jesus is in direct opposition to every religion of the world, education must cease being a religious process if it is to lead to life and not death. Secularism exposes our children only to a religious process. Should not the fullness of life be the point of education? It is time to decide whether or not we want our children to be on the way of life in truth or on the broad road to destruction under the tutelage of secular humanists.

At this point in time, universities are sucking whatever life there is out of our children by force-feeding them agenda-driven, worldly knowledge. It is evident in every discipline of education, but in none more than the faculty of theology. Even the word ‘discipline’ indicates that the fields of learning are subject in obedience to the truth, with science being no exception. Any scientific conclusion will lead back to the Bible, which, in turn, will always confirm its truth.

The Creator of all has created our environment and our place in the universe within the parameters of perfect space, distance and time. A fraction of an alteration to any of these factors, one way or the other, could spell disaster for this earth and its inhabitants. Astronomers are forcing the scientific field to acknowledge the truth of creation and the Creator.

My authority for such a statement comes from author and researcher, Dr. Hugh Ross, who has written a book I highly recommend, entitled, Why the Universe Is the Way It Is. He is one of the leading experts in his field of astronomy. He claims that research in this field points undeniably to God as the Master Planner behind the universe and that the Bible declares these findings, only being discovered today, were known to the prophets who wrote about them long ago under the influence of God’s Spirit.

Why would we want our children to have knowledge without moral uprightness when they could have truth with moral fortitude? Is it not a problem for state or government, which, by nature, is corrupt whenever man rules in place of God? Is this not why God chose, and set in place, His own nation to be different as a light to the world of His Law and the lack of corruption that comes with moral fortitude?

America, as recently as sixty years ago, was a very different country morally to what it is now, when God was then ruling by His Law and the organized church was still preaching truth and morality from its pulpits. Catholicism was frowned upon because of its connection to Romanism, but as its influence gained a foothold in the governments of America, so, too, did Romanism, which resulted in a dramatic change in government policies.

We, in Canada, have dealt with liberalism and Romanism from the inception of our nation. It has spread throughout the entire political spectrum. The leaven of religion is like the yeast in a loaf of bread, which grows and puffs up, until it fills the entire loaf. It is interesting to note that the Canadian government, controlled by Roman Catholic Christians, is the same government, which has removed the Bible from the educational system while, at the same time, is passing laws to break down the rule of God and His Law over the land.

With the introduction of the Charter of Rights our laws now merely reflect the laws of all other religious nations where religion rules, with the result that the truth, which ruled over this land, its courtrooms and its classrooms, has been forced to give way to appeasing religious offence caused by the name of Jesus. Now, America, under a multi-cultic religious ruler-ship rather than under the ruler-ship of God, will become the same kind of war zone as that of the Middle East with one religion warring against another for control of the land.

The result of all of this is that the gods of the Olympics have become infinitely more important to Canadians than is the one God of truth. Canadians would rather carry the Olympic torch than hold high the torch and light of liberty over their country. The gods of Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism are being placed on the throne, which belongs to our one true God. Unfortunately for Canadians is the fact that they do not understand God will not share His throne or His glory with another.

Take a look at the brightness of the sun and you will be looking at a reflection of His power, though not the full extent of His glory or His light. It will blind you if you dare to look straight at it, for we are sinful men who love the lies of religion and satanic deception more than we love the truth.

If, indeed, there were global warming, it would only be from the hand of God Who is getting ready to release His hand of protection over mankind by allowing the heat of His judgment to fall on a world that has rejected His Son. He is the Light of the World, infinitely more powerful than the sun, which He created. He did not want to fool us concerning the origin of life on earth, so He set signs in the heavens to signify that light is at the root of His creative power – the sun, the moon and the stars.

Good teaching will reflect only the truth of Who God is and Who His Son is in Him. Harvard University began on this principle. It was founded in “Christi Gloriam” and later dedicated “Christo et Ecclesiae”. The founder of Harvard was Rev. John Harvard, founding the first college in America only 16 years after the landing of the Pilgrims, for the declared purpose of training a literate clergy. Its founders believed that all knowledge without Christ was vain. The word Veritas, still on the college seal, means divine truth. The motto of Harvard was officially, For Christ and Church. It is worth noting that 106 of the first 108 schools in America were founded on just such principles (reference – America’s God and Country Encyclopedia, by William J. Federer).
How far we have fallen from these principles of the past in our educational system of today, and with the fall comes the moral decline of a nation! With that moral decline comes the beginning of the end for any people. It has happened throughout history whereby moral decadence accompanies the end of empires. Though not having been one of the empire-building nations of the world, America has been a world power for good. Unfortunately, in her present sick condition, she is about to face the same fate as that of morally corrupt empires in decline.

Education is the key to the life of the nation. If we leave truth out of it, then our nation is doomed. Our only answer for survival is the reinstatement of the truth of the Bible within the school system, allowing it to enter through the front door, while sending Secular Humanism scurrying out the back. We can’t have it both ways, either truth reigns or cultic religions will, and the religions of Islam and Communism are rampant in our academic circles.

Parents must make their choice now, regarding their children’s education, for tomorrow will be too late. Cults are on the rise in America and only the truth will set us free from them.