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Have you ever thought about it?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

February 06, 2010

Think about a clock and how it works and ticks away the time, second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, month by month and  year by year, until the workings of the clock cease to function; for that clock, time ceases to exist. Some clocks, once the filth is cleared away after having collected dust in their parts, and once damaged parts are repaired, the clock-maker can restore them to work perfectly again.

A clock needs a clock-maker before it can exist. A clock, which no longer works, needs a Mr. Fix-it who understands the workings put in place by the clock-maker in order to restore it until it can perfectly tick away the time again.

Is man not like that clock, as his heart-beat ticks away the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years? If we do not keep it in a state of good repair, it will require Mr. Fix-it, who can provide medical help to repair the damage. The diseased parts and organs must be cleaned and restored to a functioning state again, so the heart can continue to beat in perfect rhythm with the ticking of the clock.

Is the spiritual man all that different from the clock and the physical man? If he is out of whack with God’s time-clock and His heart-beat, he will wither up spiritually and die. He will cease to be in relationship with the plan of God for man to function in spiritual perfection. He will need a Redeemer to change his spiritual life so he can move back from death to life, by receiving the Spirit of life with the heart-beat of eternity within him.

The Redeemer can fix the damage so the spiritual man can once again function with a heart that beats in unison with the heart of God. There is only one Mr. Fix-it for the Spirit, and He is the only Man from above Who has known the Giver of the Spirit and has been sent by Him to redeem the spiritual man. His name is Jesus, the Mr. Fix-it of the spiritual man.

Think about this! There is an entire universe of a size, which man cannot even imagine in terms of relationship to the clock, to himself or even to his spiritual self. It is infinite, while man’s days on earth are finite and numbered. Still, a Creator has made the finite man and earth to work in perfect harmony with the infinite. Our separate little universes do not collide within the bigger universe to destroy us. Our own universe works in absolute perfection to the perfect measure of heat and light needed for the proliferation of the earth where man dwells as the clock ticks away time.

Change the degree of heat coming upon earth from the sun by a fraction and it could cause chaos on earth. Take away the light and nothing would grow upon the face of the earth. If Jesus is the Light, is He not also the source for all life on earth, which could not exist without the food that comes from the earth, which needs the light to grow?

Think about this! The earth could never sustain life without Jesus, the Light of the World. The sun is a mere symbol to remind man that God is a consuming fire, Who can consume man and earth when His wrath reaches the boiling point. We surely need God and the Lamb to keep the universe, and the earth in particular, functioning as was intended at Creation. He will come down to make an adjustment in the ways of sinful men, who will cause famine to come upon the earth until, eventually, it will reach a point where it needs repair and a cleaning so that it can, once again, become abundant.

Think about this! What is man capable of doing in relation to what God can do? Do we not challenge His wisdom with our belief systems? Do we not challenge His role as the clock-man-earth Maker with a theory, which states creation evolved without Him and we can function very well, having no need whatsoever of a clock-man-earth Maker? The lie is that the beast, Satan the destroyer, cheat and liar could fill His shoes. And we, the lied to, the cheated, and the destroyed, actually are dumbed-down enough to call ourselves academia and tell the world that the lie is all true.

“The damage is under control,” Satan will argue, and then ask, “Who needs a Mr. Fix-it? We can fix our own problems. We can unite together in a One World Order of nations to become a unit of peace. We can train our children to look to the government of nations as the author of stability and peace.”

The truth is that chaos rules today in spite of the United Nations. Academia, in its depraved state, will be the perpetrator of the lie that Satan established in the Garden with Adam and Eve who decided he had a better government plan for mankind and this earth than their Maker, God.

Think about this! What is it that academia has stolen from our children? Has it not replaced the truth with lies, the lies surrounding the Theory of Evolution, the nature of homosexuality and a false peace offered by a One World Order? In order to accomplish this, the Bible had to be taken from the children, prayer had to be destroyed for the breaking of relationship with God and children had to become programmed robots in order to keep perpetrating the lies. Our educational system is rendering them incapable of thinking beyond the agendas, which they have been fed by the agent of Satan, our modern-day, liberal academia.

Think about the clock, the man, and the spiritual man in relationship to their Maker. Put it all back into its proper perspective and then ask yourself what it is that you are going to do with the truth. Will you be a witness for the Redeemer, the only One, Who can fix all things gone awry, or will you be just another perpetrator of the lie? The decision is yours and, hopefully, you will be wiser than academia. You see, the academic thinks he is like the Most High God, but the Redeemer, Who really is like the Most High God, is about to set him straight.

Have you ever thought about it? Every day of your life you are choosing the course you wish to follow. It is a life and death decision of the greatest importance, above any other decision that you will ever make in your entire life.