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The Scarlet Letter

 Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

March 27, 2010

In view of the extensive media coverage, it should be evident that I am referring to the infamous letter being circulated and discussed in the media everywhere from this side of the Pacific Ocean to this side of the Atlantic Ocean. What I would guess we are dealing with here, and I do not know the statistics on this one, is a Frenchman of relatively short stature and an English-American woman, relatively tall in stature.

We have two people of high academic standing; one claims his standing by institutional title, though acting like a fool at the same time, and the other lays claim to no such title but holds it by nature of her speech, which demonstrates brilliance. The first one, the Provost (Academic Vice-president) of Ottawa University, François Houle, is keeping a list of those who are naughty and nice. You could call him ‘Herr Direktor’ as was Oskar Schindler so-called, a man who also kept a list, but, unfortunately, they are two very different kinds of lists. Herr Schindler wanted to save the Jews on his list from the trains heading for Auschwitz, but Herr Houle wants to destroy those on his list who defend either Jew or liberty in America.

Now, Herr Houle has been using Ottawa University as the breeding ground for transforming the direction of the university’s Francophone mission in Canada into an all-out mission of pluralism by extending it even further into one of multiculturalism.

It would appear that the same university, the administration of which is condemning Ann Coulter, has no problem whatsoever with hiring terrorists. Ottawa U professor Hassan Naim Diab was accused in the 1980 bombing in Paris of a Jewish Synagogue in which three Frenchmen and an Israeli woman were killed. As a potential murderer, should this man not have been on the list for receiving a scarlet letter from Ottawa University’s Herr Direktor? His crime was one of action, not merely of speech.

Of course, the French are still smarting from England’s victory on the Plains of Abraham, and it was the French journalist, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who wrote articles advising the Frenchmen of Quebec, at the time of World War II, to run for the hills and not fight the Englishman’s battle. Little did he care that it was his mother country of France, which was saved from the Nazi regime during the war by England and America.

I say this at the risk of tarring all Frenchmen with the same brush, some of whom do not deserve that. However, such animosity can lead to the rebellion of the sort we are describing in Canada, which has become a full-fledged rebellion in the form of multiculturalism that flies in the face of our Canadian heritage.

But back to the list of our Social Studies expert and list-keeper, Herr Houle! He decided to take it upon the shoulder of Ottawa U administration to send out a letter to someone on his list who might possibly dare to speak out in opposition to the views he holds by calling such possible language a hate crime, deemed so not only in the territory of his university, but also within the wider boundaries of Canada. Not only did he send it to the university-invited guest speaker by a legitimate organization within the University of Ottawa, but he also circulated it far enough to cause a mob reaction to the speaker from an enflamed group of students, which became a threat to the safety of the speaker.

It would appear that Herr Houle knew exactly what he was doing, for the results of such an action were totally predictable when dealing with students immersed in the cultural indoctrination of liberalism and human rights. These students inevitably demonstrate the bush league type of behavior, which appears to only emanate from leftist groups. When has one last seen an unruly dangerous group of conservative-led student demonstrators?

We most certainly have seen those who are against legalizing homosexual behavior attacked by leftists while peaceably demonstrating and then unjustly being hauled off to jail as the victims of liberal persecution and injustice. A former conservative candidate for the presidency of the United States demonstrated peacefully against a University of his own religion for granting Obama an honorary doctorate even though he supports legal abortion, only to be hauled off to jail for doing so.

Let us take a close look at Herr Direktor’s list.  Angela Davis, invited speaker to the university, Communist party member and former Black Panther, received no such letter and, without a doubt, she made statements that were offensive to those of us who are conservative by nature, not holding to the ideology of Herr Houle. She could be considered as violating our space with offensive language to those of us who highly value Canadian democracy and want to preserve it from the clutches of Communism. She shows no regard whatsoever for our American heritage in God, and, as such, is a traitor to the Ruler over both nations.

But then, Davis’ agenda to break down America’s political autonomy and democracy rides side by side with the leftist philosophies of Herr Houle and Ottawa University president, Allan Rock, both totally tied into the concept of the United Nations rule over all nations, including Canada. Didn’t Rock work for the U.N. where he promoted his idea of multiculturalism and the misguided concept that human rights accompany such a move, not to mention the notion of ‘peace in our time’ due to such an alliance of nations? Where was the warning from Herr Houle to Davis about treasonous speech?

Then there was a well-known Israel-hater called Omar Barghouti who was invited to speak at the university. Did he receive a scarlet letter from the administrative office, warning him about speaking out against Jews, which would constitute a hate crime against a specific group of people, were he to do so? There was no inciting of rioting or bloodshed from the conservative branch of Ottawa U in his case, which could have stopped him from speaking. But then, they are all leftists, aren’t they, who share Herr Direktor’s liberal philosophies?

It would appear that, if you look at all the speakers invited to speak at Ottawa U, you will discover that no other person has ever received a scarlet letter from Herr Direktor. It would appear to be an out-and-out attack on conservative values to the point of criminalizing them.

Only today, the London Evening Standard Newspaper featured an article entitled Pope ‘led cover-up of child abuse’ in which it is stated that the Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight. The pope, formerly Thomas (sic Joseph) Ratzinger before he became inerrant, headed up the powerful Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith for years.

In 2001, while he was cardinal, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops all over the world instructing them to put the Church’s interest ahead of the child’s safety. The Panorama special, Sex Crimes And The Vatican investigated the details of this little known document for the first time and accused the Catholic Church of knowingly harboring pedophile clergymen. Father Tom Doyle, a Vatican lawyer until he was sacked for criticizing the church’s handling of child abuse claims, said that there was an explicit written policy to cover up cases of child sexual abuse by the clergy and to punish those who would call attention to these crimes by the churchmen, according to the London Evening Standard report.

Now it would be very interesting to know whether Herr Houle would put the name of the pope on his list since Ottawa U’s roots are found in the French-Canadian branch of the Roman Catholic Church, should Benedict XVI be invited to Ottawa U as a speaker. Would the Herr Direktor send him a letter denouncing him, not for his supposed hate crimes as he attributes to Ann Coulter, but rather for his real crimes, which make him a criminal by our laws?

In contrast to the pope’s crimes, the alleged crimes of Ann Coulter are not crimes at all, but rather just the figment of the imagination of some progressive liberal fundamentalist with an agenda such as Herr Houle, who chooses to ignore the genuine laws of Canada, which protect freedom of speech in this country.

At the moment one would have to conclude that there is only one person on the Herr Direktor’s list and her name is Ann Coulter. She poses a real threat to the Direktor’s political stance as a woman of academic stature so tall that she threatens his midget-like stature. He is the kind of academic mentioned in Proverbs who, in thinking himself to be wise is, in fact, nothing but a fool. Only such a fool could have written the letter he wrote to a woman he feared regarding a speech, about which he knew nothing, to condemn her and her message before it was ever delivered. Could he not see what the public reaction would be to his foolish, idiotic letter? He underestimates the intelligence of the Canadian and American people at large, most of whom are not taken in by liberal threats.

At the risk of being called a racist, guilty of some cooked-up hate crime, which might incriminate me, one is forced to look at the facts. It was in la belle province that another speaker was invited to speak at a university and subsequently was shut down by a mob incited to cry for his blood. He was the present Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel who was stopped from speaking at Concordia University in Montreal, for fear of his life and the lives of others in the hands of a leftist mob. They were terrorist supporters, as stated by Mr. Netanyahu, who find Quebec a piece of cake as a location in which to carry out such illegal rioting without too much police intervention. Were they dispersed by the authorities or did they get their way of stopping the speech from being delivered?

Why Quebec? It is the original center of rebellion in Canada against the ruler-ship of this country, often led by its own elected separatist leaders.

Looking at the facts and recognizing them for what they are does not constitute a hate crime. To ignore the facts is sheer stupidity. Ann Coulter would abhor the process of liberalism that sets up thought controls for the purpose of eliminating the facts, for her super intelligence deals only in facts. She defies these procedures with intelligent rhetoric that challenges students to think and analyze things from all perspectives, which is something very threatening indeed to the controlled educational setting of Ottawa U. The threat of her was so great that the poor wimpy academic leader of the university had to resort to sending such a ridiculous letter, which he circulated with a calculated purpose.

Is her language harsh? Perhaps, but that does not constitute a hate crime. She is just as free to express herself in her way as is Herr Houle to defend his fascist ideas in the free debate of words. However, to impose his ideas on others and incite mob rioting does constitute a hate crime of the very same nature as the Nazis committed, who made lists of those who disagreed with their policies and then prosecuted them for not agreeing with them.

What does this incident say about the nature of Ottawa U? As a parent I would refuse to financially support a child of mine within such a controlled learning environment where ideas are not expressed but repressed. I object strenuously to any Canadian tax dollars going to support a university so bigoted in its leadership that it would appear incapable of providing a truly liberal arts academy.

As was the judgment prescribed in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s book, The Scarlet Letter, I would highly recommend that the Human Rights Commission judge Ottawa U by enforcing the requirement of the letter ‘A’ as a seal on all official documents. As for Herr Houle, his sentence should include being required to wear an ‘A’ on his sleeve, standing for that most stupid and obstinate of all animals, called the ass, which would demonstrate, perhaps, better than any other kind of sentencing, just what kind of an academic administrator he truly is.