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A Message of Triumphal Entry

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 01, 2010

The bride of the church, as an overcomer, will not follow the broad road, which leads to religion. The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey while being praised and hailed as the King by the Jews waving palm branches, is what we refer to today as Palm Sunday, although it is for sure that this event never took place on a Sunday. It more likely happened on what we call Saturday now, but not then, for it would have happened on their Sabbath holiday.

This is the final moment of the prophesied time of Daniel, which culminated at the end of the 69th week of years, leading up to the 70th and final seven-year period of the Babylonian system of world governments, which will be the One World Order of government. The triumphal entry is perhaps the single most important prophetic event on the time chart of God’s move toward the salvation of His precious mankind in these final hours of history.

It is described in Luke 19:28-44, so pick up your Bibles and follow along with me to see just how packed with prophecy that this passage is for these times. It is the passage that points to the resurrection of the captive, entombed, apostolic church, when she shall arise like a pillar on a firm foundation of truth. This is the foundation set in place by Jesus and His early apostolic church, who prepared the way for the inheritance of the latter-day apostolic church.

It is time for her to come out of all religion as Jesus is about to make His return entry through the east gate into Jerusalem. It will open wide for Him to ride into the city in victory, after the tree of life had been separated from man for six millennia when the way to it was closed on the east side of the Garden. He is the Tree of life.

Jesus called for two of His disciples to go into the nearby village of the Mount called Olivet to fetch a colt on which no one had ever ridden, to loose it and bring it to Him. The colt, as compared to the donkey and the colt of Matthew 21:2, represents only the latter day apostolic church coming back into Jerusalem, whereas the two were encompassed in the early church going out from Jerusalem.

Jesus is calling here for the colt, for she is the one with whom He will partner in this latter day move, as all of history is now beginning to focus on His imminent return to the Mount of Olives. This is not a move, which has anything whatsoever to do with the institutional church as we know it today. This is a move requiring a liberated church free of the chains of religious Christianity, which have kept it in bondage for nearly 1800 years.

The apostles have laid down their robes and have done their job of paving the way for the triumphal move of the bride of whom the Lord has need for His partner of the dance. It is now time for the loud voice to be heard, which will magnify the Lord and Kingfisher of men. The United Nations has never been capable of providing peace for the world. Now it is time for the Prince of Peace to return to put an end to the bloodshed, before man destroys himself.

He will set up His kingdom here on earth, accompanied by His witnesses to the truth. They are the ones who will give all they possess for Him and for the Way. The religious will hate these witnesses; rarely will they forsake their religion to embrace truth, which they have come to believe, through theological indoctrination, as only existing in a relative, rather than absolute, way. They cannot have it both ways as they move toward a unity of religion, which rejects Jesus by relegating Him to the status of just another good man instead of being Who He says He really is as the divine Savior and Son of God.

The people of Israel hailed Jesus, as He rode triumphantly into the city of Jerusalem, but it would be just one short week before they would be crying for His blood as they changed their cries to “Crucify Him!” How fickle the nation has always been in the past, in its inability to sustain its allegiance to God and keep up its part in the covenant between Him and Israel!

The bride will succeed where the nation failed and will surely cry out loud and clear, “Hail Him, King and Lord; peace in heaven and glory in the highest!” This is the perfect witness for there is no peace among nations. Jesus actually prophesies into the situation of a fickle, up-and-down nation, which acclaimed God one minute, only to reject Him the next. He came to save this idolatrous bunch of people who never ceased to demonstrate their love for the idols of the nations, from the moment they left their captivity in Egypt, whining all the way, until He finally was with them.

And so their history progressed right up to the cross and it is here, in this passage, where Jesus tells the world that He will leave Israel to the same fate as that of the nations and their gods, which she never ceased to worship. He will raise up His spiritual nation as the stones of the church, which will cry out with a loud voice carrying the torch of liberty, the light of truth that the Israelites set their necks like flint to reject.

The nation took the curse of the cross upon herself and her children saying, once and for all time, that she no more wanted God than Adam and Eve wanted Him. The Israelites set their hearts upon the broad road of destruction as sons of the beast and, today, we are seeing the result of their rebellion to the Lord God.

The people had allowed the Pharisees to twist the Scriptures, which had been entrusted to them by ignoring their prophecy to which Jesus constantly referred as a witness to Who He was. They wanted Him to let the people know He was not Who He said He was – the Son of Man and the Son of God. They wanted Him, in fact, to deny the truth of God as Satan had done in the Garden.

Jesus wept, as He drew near Jerusalem, for His fellow Israelites who did not know the day of their visitation. He warned the people, as He spoke prophetically of Israel today as well as yesterday. He described the things we see going on politically in this, her time of trouble, when the people do not know the real things that make for their peace.

It is not as if God had not spent 2000 years trying to get the nation on the way to the peaceful kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven, but she simply refused to be led by God. She preferred man-kings, who brought destruction upon her, to their God-King. Their real King and Messiah, they were unable to recognize because of their religious idolatry that blinded them to the truth.

Jesus wept because He could see into the future when one day Israel would be surrounded by Islamic terrorists trying to destroy her and claim her land. The problem for her now is that, in rejecting Jesus, the nation no longer has His hand of protection over her, which had always been with her in the cloud over the ark of the covenant. The prophets’ voices continually tried to warn them with messages, which came directly from God, but they refused to listen to them, even killing them on occasion for speaking the truth.

Will Israel hear the voices of truth emanating from the stones of the true church today, or will she choose to keep the pagan symbol and star of Moloch on the banner that flies over her and from which she derives her being as opposed to deriving it from the lighted lamp of heaven? Israel is going to be leveled with not one stone left standing upon another because she did not know the time of her visitation and so rejected Jesus, expelling Him from her midst.

How is America any different from Israel? Is God not going to take out His revived church from the nation before leveling her just as He took out His apostles before the nation was leveled following Jesus’ time on earth and the time of His first ride into the city on a donkey with a colt? History is about to repeat itself as the enemy builds a wall, an embankment around the two nations of America just as they built one around the two nations of Israel by surrounding her and closing her in on all sides.

The claustrophobic of us know there is no place left to go, but to the elevator going up and they will rejoice in the day of their visitation. They are those of truth who are closed in on all sides by the enemy. Unlike the nation Israel, the spiritual nation is being ridden by the King of kings and Lord of lords. They will have no part in the Antichrist’s One World Order and his false religious prophet of the upcoming United Religion.

There will not be a mark of the beast on the bride of the church, nor will there be any smell of the fire on her (see Daniel 3:27). For this lady is a friend of Daniel, along with all the other prophets and apostles who walk with her through the flames of judgment to come out unscathed. This is a woman who has carried the lighted torch of liberty along the narrow way, rejecting the lure of that counterfeit torch that leads to the broad road of religious destruction.

And so the four arms of the Olympic torch were lowered into the ground as the bride and her Partner commence the dance. They will skate their way on ice to victory and to the treasures of heaven, stored there and awaiting her at the end of the rainbow, made of the good gold of Havilah.

The time is approaching for the truly triumphal entry of Jesus into the city of Jerusalem with His bride when all the world will see and come to know exactly Who this Man Jesus is, the One mankind rejected as they led Him to the cross.