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The Music of the Night

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

The Music of the Night

April 04, 2010

It is probably true that the ones who are reading this commentary are too busy to read their Bibles in order to gain understanding. For the most part, they merely receive a moral message from someone else who reads the Bible to them in churches once a week or, possibly, only on holidays such as Easter Sunday, when they wish others a Happy Easter before returning to their music of the night.

What is the music of the night? Ask most any teen-ager who is pumping it into his/her head as he/she eats, runs, works, and sleeps. There has never been a program so cleverly carried out by the phantom spirit of Satan as that of the music of the night. He invades every waking hour of our children’s lives with spiritual corruption.

At the same time, as opposed to Satan and his plan of seduction, God has made it possible for every man, woman and child to know the story of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt led by Moses. It is not because we read our Bibles, but rather because the story has been on the billboards of the big screen, has been nominated and has won Hollywood’s top awards on Oscar night. 

God has made sure that all levels of society have been reached throughout this past crucial century by at least one of the three productions – The Ten Commandments, with Charlton Heston as Moses, Moses, with Ben Kingsley playing the lead, and the animated film for children called The Prince of Egypt. By including all three in the count, I have seen the visual story of the Exodus a minimum of fifty times. Every Easter, the media pulls out The Ten Commandments without fail to air at least once, if not three or four different times. So there really is no excuse for not knowing what the story of Moses and the Exodus of Israel from Egypt is all about.

It is time for a deeper understanding, so that we can rid ourselves of Easter bunnies and Easter-egg hunts, which only serve to confuse children even more than the word Easter itself. This Easter, in New York, America introduced a newer and better hand-held pad device to captivate adults and the children, until they become so dumbed-down by the latest piece of technology that it will be quicker and easier for the phantom spirit of the night to capture their minds and to possess them. It is called demonic possession.

The Exodus of Israel from Egypt is God’s leading of His people out of their captivity to the Phantom of the night (Pharaoh), who had made them slaves to the world (Egypt). It is prophetic, in fact, of the Lord leading His church in her own exodus from the world of captivity to the religious sin of the Garden before entering into the kingdom where only truth reigns.

Moses is as Jesus Who came down from the mountain-top of God to take the judgment of the Law upon Himself. The religious and political people crucified Him having been against Him from the start, as were the Israelites, the same people, against Moses from the day they set foot on the other side of the Red Sea. They, too, wanted to get rid of him in order to return to Egypt and back to the slavery from which they had been delivered. Like Moses, Jesus returned to the mountain of God in heaven, carrying the burden for all, even for those who tried to crucify Him, by becoming their Lawyer before God, pleading their cases on the basis of repentance and faith in Him for salvation.

God willingly would have destroyed the Israelites, but because of Moses’ intervention, God made a deal with him. He would go back down to the people and they would survive but those who had sinned against Him, would be held responsible for their own sins.  Here the pattern changes for Jesus, unlike Moses, would carry that burden of sin for the people. God singled out those who opposed Moses, and put them to death, as He will judge those who reject the gift of Jesus, which He offers us in the form of freedom from our slavery to death.

Moses was given the authority of God to act as the judge of the people; he called the camp (God’s people) to separation, calling those on the Lord’s side to come and stand with him. Those who refused were killed by the sword of their own brothers. This symbolizes the present war fomenting among nations all focused on eliminating Israel from the world. This also includes eliminating the land of spiritual Israel, called America, a people under the ruler-ship of God, who are on the Lord’s side. As she becomes more and more multicultural in nature, the process will be set in place for brother to kill brother, just as Cain killed Abel, the first brothers of the human race (see Genesis, chapter 4).

The people began to wonder if something had happened to Moses after he returned back up the mountain to receive the tablets of the Law a second time after having destroyed the first ones in his great anger with the people who were sinning at the foot of the mountain. This period of time when the people believed that Moses would possibly not return from the mountaintop is the symbol of time stretching out over nearly 2000 years since a resurrected Lord returned to the Father.

As was the case with Moses, Jesus had led His people out of the captivity to death in religion to set them on a firm foundation of truth, and then returned to the Father, ascending, so to speak, back up to the mountain of God in heaven. Like Moses, it seems that Jesus has been gone a long time and the priesthood and the people today are united in growing rebellion at the foot of the mountain, just as they were in Moses’ day.

Oh yes, there are wars and rumors of wars, but among God’s people the sickness of gross immorality and a growing desire for the idols of eastern religion are reaching a feverish pitch until finally the gold will be cast into the beastly idol they always wanted to worship and lead them, instead of God. It could be equated to the gold medal of the Olympics where the beast was recently idolized in every way possible between the two horns and the totem poles on display.

Joshua was as a supporting partner of Moses, symbolizing the bride of the church awaiting her call, like the call for Lazarus, to come out of the tomb of religion and into the leadership of the apostolic church. Her eyes are still dulled to the truth and need to be opened to greater understanding by Jesus, the only One found worthy of opening the scroll with the seven seals (see Revelation, chapter five). Joshua heard the noise of wars and rumors of wars. Moses saw beyond the natural to the spiritual, seeing the problem as one of gross immorality while hearing the singing, which equates prophetically to the phantom music of the nighttime of history, when evil will abound everywhere.

The Israelites were a people who had just experienced the hand of God giving them victory from captivity to the Pharaohs who ruled over Egypt. They had been forced into slavery to the political system tied to the religion of Egypt and to the worship of her gods. They were not the cries of victory or defeat, which come with war, as Joshua thought but rather the music indicated it was something else going on at the foot of the mountain, which was not nice music at all to the ears of Moses.

What they heard was an obvious growing rebellion to God within the camp, and if you want to discern the times, just listen to the sound of the phantom music to which the youth of today are being held captive through growing technology combined with increased immorality. It speaks of the music of this nighttime in history within America and within the church. The prophet Daniel points to the same music more than once in the book of Daniel, chapter 3.

And what about the role of the priesthood in what is becoming a nightmare for believers? Is it not going to be held responsible for using the refining fire of Babylon to actually join her in resisting God’s work with mankind to bring forth victory for him over death? A wicked priesthood, like Aaron, now in total apostasy, lies like the hypocrites the priests have become in order to cover up their wickedness. They not only join into the music of the night, but become the leaders who are leading the way to idolatry. They are playing a major role, like Aaron, in supporting the move of Satan to build a United Religion around the idols and gods of this world.

Jesus is going to return to this earth, even though the people have come to believe this will never happen. They figure that He is delaying too long, but the world is in for a major surprise. The time is very near when He will come down to that mount called Olivet and make His triumphal entry back into this world.

It will be just as it was when Moses stood in the entrance of the camp and called out the important question for all of Israel (and for spiritual Israel). “Whoever is on the Lord’s side, let him come to me (Exodus 32:26).” And the priesthood gathered around him. This will be the victory when Jesus calls His own to gather around Him.

How tragic it was for Israel that they did not accept Moses and know the hour of their visitation, even when they saw the great miracles of God done through him who carried His rod as the shepherd of the nation!

The world has been given the prophetic Word to read and understand what God is doing at this point in history. It has been given in story form in the media for those who are too dull to pick up the Word and read it or, worse still, have been deprived as children, here in America, from receiving it. There is no excuse for making the wrong choices such as Adam and Eve made.

Take a look at yourselves! Will you be numbered among the fools of human history, His story, which has been revealed to you as the only truth there is, found within the pages of the Bible?

“It is not the voice of those who shout in victory, nor is it the voice of those who cry out in defeat, but the voice of those who sing that I hear (Exodus 32:18).” It is the music of the night, belonging to the phantom spirit of Satan, which will define the tragedy of the human race. – the lyrics for Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera – the story form of Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera