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A Walk through the Sea

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 13, 2010

There is one walk, which all humanity will be required to take, and it is a walk through the sea. Israel took it with Moses and spiritual Israel will take it with Jesus. The alternative is that you will take it with Satan. The Way will either open to those traveling to the kingdom or will close to those caught in Satan’s seawaters, which will take them to the bottom of the sea.

This walk never had to happen, for God separated the seawater from the dry land before creating everything good. He put up a protective wall of truth to enclose His Garden of creation. Within the boundaries of the wall was a perfect world ruled in perfect peace under God, but nothing would satisfy the lustful, fleshly hearts of man but to mix evil with the good and perfect plan of God’s rightness.

The warning went out from God that if man were to add one spot of this wicked leaven to his life by eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it would kill him. There were no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ about it; he would surely die if he were to disobey the commandments or instructions of God’s truth.

So, man exercised his free will by choosing to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in defiance of and rebellion to God. The door was opened for the evil spirits of Satan to rise up out of the sea covering of judgment to come back over the land to cover that which had been separated from God’s creation. At this point, the process of the Thermo-Dynamics Theory was put in place concerning all things, man and earth alike, whereby they were set on a broad road destined for utter and complete destruction, were it not for the love and mercy of a God Who created all things.

Man was given free will, but then God would exert His authority over man for his own good. He would give him the Law that governs heaven and earth, which would demonstrate man’s weakness in the flesh, to show he would need a special Redeemer. Only Jesus could take man out of his dreadful captivity to death, brought on by his own sin and not that of God. Stringent restrictions were placed upon man who would be required by a righteous God to fulfill them, with his certain failure being built into the Law. Only the perfect Redeemer could once again restore the liberty, which was lost to the first belief system of religion based on a lie from Satan.

God chose a people, whose name was Israel, with whom He could demonstrate His government of success to be a light to the rest of the world caught in the seawaters of destruction. However, Israel proved to be no better than Adam and Eve, for she disobeyed every rule and showed no love for her one true God. She wanted the gods that belong to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The people disregarded the peace and truth of God, so He allowed them the desire of their hearts. These were the idols the first Commandment had forbidden the Israelites to worship, for God knew that they would surely destroy them. When He stated the truth that they would die, He meant what He said.

So, they chose their own destruction and God did a new thing by sending His own Son to earth, as man’s Redeemer and as His Governor General Who declared His mission of salvation to Israel and to the entire world. Still, Israel said to God, “Thanks, but no thanks. We do not want Him to be our God anymore than we wanted You.” Today, spiritual Israel is behaving as stupidly as her older sister, the nation, behaved. It appears they both have a propensity for the smoking oven of the holocausts.

And so the nation brought upon herself her own destruction when she rejected the New Covenant in which Jesus carried out the promise given by God to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This was God’s plan for a crossover in more ways than one – a crossover of blessing, going from nation to spiritual nation, from first son to second son, and with it a crossover from east to west and a walk through the sea to reach the destination of the kingdom, in the same way they crossed through the sea in order to reach the Promised Land.

First, it happened in the natural when God brought His church over the sea to America where she purified herself and chose God’s government to rule over the nation as had been intended once for the Garden of Eden. This was the place of spiritual Israel where she could have her own homeland under God.

The church was placed, like Israel, in her wilderness of a New World of limitless possibilities for the abundant life God wanted to give to His faithful people. And the pulpits of America burned with the heat of the salvation message, as recorded by the great French philosopher, Alexis de Tocqueville. A popular television series of recent years aired about America being just such a Promised Land, in which an American family made a journey across the land while living in a trailer.

There cannot be a successful walk through the sea without first eating the flesh of the perfect Lamb, which points to a spiritual feast of truth, the Passover meal for God’s spiritual Israel, which was transformed into a memorial supper to which we now refer as the Communion. Before the Exodus from Egypt, the blood of that perfect Lamb had to be on the doorposts of the Israelites’ lives as their covering of protection from the death angel. In point of fact, we now know that blood is the blood of Jesus, which must be on the doorposts of our lives leading to the heart.

One would not dare arrive at the turnstile to the Way through the sea without a ticket for the kingdom, written in the blood of Jesus. Certain requirements must be met before the Way is opened to mankind. God has made it simple for us by taking the burden upon Himself to provide the ticket; we merely have to make ourselves available to pick it up. Yet, incredibly, the majority of people are too busy with the world to find the time to do that simple thing. They can do any amount of social work they like, but they cannot find the time or energy to pick up the ticket for the most important thing they will ever have to do with respect to their compulsory walk through the sea.

When the turnstile is finally closed and shut down tightly, as did God shut the door on Noah’s ark before the judgment fell from above, those who have safe passage guaranteed will pass through on dry land. But those who have not accepted protection from the Lord will see the waters, which have been held apart by His right hand for His people to pass through, suddenly released to fall back and cover them over. They will drown for no better reason than having rejected the safe passage through the sea because they were too busy with life to worry about it. Many will be deceived by the religious institutions of religion causing them to believe that Jesus is not the one necessary ingredient for eternal life with the Father.

As the prophesied floods now move in over every part of the earth, such as the Indonesian tsunami and the great flood of New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina, we see just how lightly man heeds the warning signs of the times. It is more important for the institutional church to start feeding natural food to its victims and start rebuilding the very same place of corruption, which God has just taken down in judgment.

With earthquakes happening more and more frequently, we will see man being eaten up by them, along with his so-called great scientific and technological projects, which have led him to believe he no longer has any need of God. Dark areas of the world are destroyed in judgment for spreading witchcraft as a destructive force in a nation, only to see God’s people race to the rescue to rebuild the old, while forbidden by the likes of the UN to proselytize lest the old ways are removed to make way for God. California is like a hotbed of sin as she awaits the big one, knowing it is coming, yet caring not enough to change her ways.

It is interesting how God still thunders from heaven with His voice, but, like Israel, we would rather play and dance at the foot of the mountain than prepare for that momentous moment when Jesus actually descends again to this earth to establish His Law and His government. Those who return with Him will be the resurrected ones who have chosen to walk through the sea along the Way that He provided within His protection. Sadly to say, in a world quickly going mad, the others will go down with that beast, which rose out of the sea, only to have the waters close over him and his harlot who will ride him all the way to the bottom of the sea.

The horror of the nighttime of the Titanic will play itself out again spiritually with very few making it into the life boats of salvation. For the priesthood of this world failed to provide for them while looking after itself first and, secondly, locking the poor into the bowels of the ship of spiritual captivity created and managed by fools. The sinking ship of man is surely going to be one giant iron empire of fools called the One World Order. It prepares not for the coming judgment and it heeds not the warnings.

“Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

Now is the time to drop Easter bunnies and Easter eggs and prepare for the spiritual Passover by eating no leaven whatsoever before taking your walk through the sea. For the spiritual waters, which have been held back by the right hand of God, are about to be released to destroy wicked men who have rejected Him and His Son. The signs are all here and the time is now; judgment is coming to your neighborhood, and it is coming soon.