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A Walk through the Sea, Part Two

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 14, 2010

The book of Revelation is the revelation of Jesus Christ, describing His coming victory over Satan and the end of the Babylonian system of governments, which have been ruling over this earth for more than 2500 years. It reveals the establishment of His kingdom here on earth, just as He taught us to pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth.

However, His people, Israel, never prayed such a prayer, but rather welcomed into her midst the beast, which inhabits those seawaters that the sin of man’s rebellion against God released back over the earth. It is the same rebellion initiated by Adam and Eve.

No one has to believe or agree with what I am telling you, but what one believes does not change the facts. The beauty of God’s Word is that He is the God of truth and His truth is not dependant upon what one believes. Religions, or belief systems, come, change and go, some becoming more corrupt than others, but all eventually end on the corrupted foundation of a lie upon which they began, to eventually self-destruct. It is called ‘committing suicide’.

Take a look at the enormous corruption prevalent in every institutional church system of Christianity. Because the lie is basic to this religion, we now are seeing the religious leaders coming out of the woodwork as their lying catches up with them. They have been generally tied to the political system and so have brandished the sword over the centuries.

This runs contrary to the true apostolic church of Jesus Christ, which could never live by the sword other than the sword of truth, or be attached to the political system. So the gates of hell are prevailing against the institutional church called Christianity, which means the true church, against which the gates cannot prevail, must, by the very nature of her being, separate from all religious institutions before they go down in destruction.

Let us take a close look at Revelation 12, the chapter of the biblical book, which deals with the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of twelve stars. Revelation 1:20 tells us exactly who she is; the stars are the angels of the church and the woman is clothed in the true light, making her the lampstand of the Lord’s called-out witnesses to the truth, a burning torch to the nations of God’s light. She wears the crown of government marked by the stars of heaven as Abraham’s inheritance and as the apostolic witness of the church. She is the Israel of the crossover from the nation of the old covenant to the spiritual nation of the new covenant.

This woman is birthing the good fruit of the Spirit, which will be restored to God from mankind through her Husband and Lord, Jesus Christ. She is a woman birthing herself into a new creation in the Spirit of life, shedding the spirit of death through Jesus’ blood sacrifice for her in the perfect love of a perfect Husband’s seed of the Spirit.

This chapter describes the signs of the times, with this rebirth of the man child snatched up to the throne of God. It can only happen once the church has been restored to its apostolic roots on the firm foundation of truth, so that the leaven of religion is totally separated from her. They were the lies of liberalism from God and religion that caused the rebellion of man, which then opened the flood gates to allow the beast of the sea to rise up and cover the entire earth, which the Lord God had separated from His creation.

When the woman comes to her time of labor as the perfect witness of truth, in his anger, the devil will come down in wrath to fill the earth with rebellion so that the last witness to the light of truth shall be killed. This woman is nothing but a thorn in the side of Satan.

The devil is seen in the heavens as the dragon or serpent of old having the crown of the full seven world-empire-building-nations on his head, which culminate in the final Revived Roman Empire, the One World Order Satan always wanted. He achieves it by means of liberalism from the truth of God, employing political correctness, religion and economics to control, in unity of all religions, by means of a fascist form of a one-world leadership.

He will divide the world into ten divisions of government, all coming under the one ruler-ship of the Antichrist in the spirit of death as symbolized by the fiery red dragon of the sword and blood that he is. No one will escape his wrath except the woman and her child protected by the right hand of God from this beast rising out of the sea.

The woman is the symbol of the true apostolic church, who keeps God’s commandments and is entrusted, as were the apostles before her, with the testimony of Jesus, the truth given in the spirit of prophecy. As long as there was, first, an Israel and then, a spiritual Israel, Satan could not take ruler-ship of the entire world by means of the lie. America has been the last stronghold he must destroy before taking absolute and total national ruler-ship over all the nations, which is the fundamental plan behind the ideology supporting the United Nations.

We all will make the walk through the sea but not all will be successful in reaching the goal of the kingdom. Let me describe this walk that began back in the Garden of Eden with the lure of the serpent.

Picture a woman and her young child in the tropics, beside the waters of a small lake fed by the sea. The boy slips away from the mother and begins swimming from shore only for the mother to look up and see an alligator has worked its way into the lake from the sea and is quickly moving toward her child. This deadly reptilian creature grasps its victims with its teeth and drags them under, drowning them in the waters.

The mother frantically called to the young boy to swim quickly for shore, but the alligator moved more rapidly than the child. When the boy had almost reached shore, the alligator’s teeth clamped down tightly on his feet and lower legs, but the mother reached out to grasp the hands of her child, with a tug of war beginning as he screamed in pain and agony.

A neighbor caught sight of the dreadful scene and ran for his rifle to then return and shoot the alligator. The child was released from the alligator’s jaw but had been severely wounded in the struggle. However, he did recover from his wounds because of the love of a mother who would not let her little boy go, and a neighbor who cared enough to help the child.

The Kingfisher of men called Jesus wants to save every child who has been forced into the seawaters to swim for their lives before the serpent, because of the sin of rebellion. His church is called to be the good neighbor to all mankind, who will strike the serpent of religion and lies with the sword of truth against which it has no power to steal away our children.

Now I ask you, if the serpent wants to be successful in catching the children within its grip, would it not be the best way to do so by taking the Bible away from them so there would eventually be no good neighbors to care in the manner the Bible teaches us to love our neighbors. Our new breed of Muslim immigrants in America, with their so-called holy book, are taught to kill the infidels who are for the Christ and to leave the serpent of the antichrist spirit free to consume its enemy.

Yes, you and your children will take that walk through the sea to the kingdom, but the question remains as to whether or not you have participated in the Passover supper before entering into the seawaters. If you have eaten the flesh of the lamb (truth) and have its blood on the doorposts of your lives (the blood of Jesus as the mark), then the filthy seawaters of evil, with all their reptilian creatures, will be separated from you as the waters are held back by the hand of the Lord.

It will be a repeat performance of Moses raising his shepherd’s staff to see God work the miracle of holding back the waters, several millennia ago, to allow the nation Israel to pass through dry-shod on her way to the Promised Land.

The apostolic church and true spiritual Israel of God will safely pass through the waters to the kingdom in the coming judgment, the fire judgment that will destroy Satan, the devil, that serpent of old and the beast of the sea. All of those who have been deceived by his lies of liberalism and have trusted in a belief system of religion instead of the truth of God will be covered over by the seawaters in a lake of fire.

God warned man in the Garden that he would surely die for an act of rebellion against Him. And so he shall!