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Midnight on the Titanic

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

April 18, 2010

It was night-time in the early hours of the new day, April 15, 1912, when the RMS Titanic went to her watery grave at the bottom of the sea. Who and what was the Titanic that the memory of this event and the horror of it remain firmly planted in the minds and hearts of people all around the world, as if it happened just yesterday?

She was a great iron hulk of a ship, intricately designed to a degree such as none that had gone before her. In fact, she was named for the god of the underworld called Titan, the predecessor of Zeus, the god who ruled over Olympus. The Titans were a very fierce, strong breed of mythological giant-type gods, twelve in number, who pretty well dominated the ancient world ruled by myth.

The Titanic’s older sister-ship was called the Olympic, and her younger sister, the Gigantic (before being renamed the Britannic after the sinking of the Titanic).

In the story of mythology the god Cronus of the Titans overthrew his father Uranus (heaven) at the urging of his mother Gaia (earth). Herein lies the picture of Lucifer, the fallen angel from heaven, which fell to earth in rebellion against God to become known henceforth as Satan, that devil of old. The myth or lies always begin with him.

In man’s love for the false, it is often manifested in the form of religion where the earth and the beast are worshiped in place of God. The afore-mentioned, mythological gods remain the symbols of earth worship, today, fueled by the fire of Al Gore’s worship of the goddess of the earth, Gaia, mother of his global warming mythology. When the Titanic was named it was to honor these same mythological gods of supernatural power called the Titans.

Now man from the beginning, commencing with Adam and Eve, has always preferred to believe the devil when he would not believe God. So the statement was made by the short-sighted fools, who were willing to believe a myth without considering the truth, that not even God could sink this mighty ship, designed by man, called the Titanic. She was classed as an Olympic-class passenger liner. Her power came from a lie and with this lie came the challenge to God.

God loves to display His glory and the scene had been perfectly set with a challenge, as it had been on Mount Carmel when Elijah challenged the 450 prophets of the god of his day called Baal. This was an Elijah moment, ripe for God to demonstrate just how easy the victory will be for Him when His wrath has been aroused enough for the final judgment on the gods of this world and the rebellion of man who allied himself with them.

God keeps the wickedness of men under control by releasing His hand, which holds back the seawaters for his protection, to allow the water to flow like water flowing over a dam. With this rush of water, the evil or darkness on the face of the deep is released to destroy the very ones who have chosen to embrace the spirit of the deep, which is death.

And so, in the darkness of night, the sudden shock of colliding with the frozen seawater blew out the rivets along the side of the Titanic with the force of it opening a gap in her side to allow the deadly water to rush into the ship and submerge her lower parts. She had been designed to include 19 water-tight compartments, which made up the whole. Her safety lay in the separation of the compartments that came together to form the unity of the ship, like that of a One World Order of separate divisions under one captain, called the Antichrist. The world will be just as misguided as it was about the unsinkability of the Titanic believing that the peace and salvation of the world rests in such a system instead of in God.

The leadership, or command, became lax in judgment because of a worldly concern for breaking the previous speed records for such a voyage, not unlike the concerns of the Olympian competitors, in their desire to set world records. In the captain’s Laodicean attitude, he failed to heed the danger signals and many warnings, which had been given to him. Not one warning, but at least nine, had been ignored by him. If he had merely heeded one of these warning signs, the ship might well have been saved, along with the lives of her many passengers.

Strange as it may seem, the prophetic Word of the Bible gives warning upon warning about the coming Revived Roman Empire of iron, which will be more fierce and dangerous than any of the world empires, which have preceded her. It can never be said that God has not warned people by sending the voice of His bride, or church, as He previously had sent the voices of the apostles and prophets before her, led by His Spirit, to warn Israel. The voice of the messenger of God will always line up perfectly with the prophetic Words of the Bible.

Incredible as it may seem, a book of fiction called Futility Or The Wreck Of The Titan was written by Morgan Robertson fourteen years prior to the sinking of the Titanic, in which the facts of the story were staggeringly similar to those of the Titanic. Both were about ships sinking in the North Atlantic – one called the Titan and the other the Titanic. They were virtually of the same length, made of the same metal, close in weight, traveling at similar speeds with the same number of propellers and masts and had numerous water-tight compartments in the bowels of both ships. They had a similar number of life-boats, which was far too few for the number of passengers. It was near midnight when they both were impacted by ice on their starboard sides, in the same month of April.

Was Futility Or The Wreck Of The Titan a mere book of fiction or a book of prophecy? Could the author have been led by the Spirit of God or was that impossible? The Bible, like the book Futility…, is a book of prophecy. Within its thousands of pages, every word prophesies the events that will take place on earth including the ultimate destruction of the last, iron, world empire, which, like the other world empires, will serve the gods of this world instead of serving God.

The Titanic is the very picture of how Satan, while honoring the gods of Olympus (earth worship), will create lies around the matter of the need for a One World Order. The world will reject God’s truth, but will believe the lies of Satan, only to find out, too late, that it has been deceived. Liberalism from God will be seen, at last, for the lie it has always been, since man first believed the lie of Satan in the Garden about the truth of God; it will take him down, as surely as the Titanic was brought down.

Is Satan real? He is more real than your very body, which he can take back to dust with him if you believe his falsehoods. Satan’s moment of glory will last briefly, before his world kingdom is destroyed by Jesus, the Christ, defeating the Antichrist. The one-world government, one-world political system and one-world economic system will all come tumbling down, to be seen no more, forever.

Who is on board the spiritual Titanic, the very symbol of the One World Order doomed soon to be constructed for the fall? There is the captain, the Antichrist, there are the stewards, the priesthood with its chief steward, the pope; there are the wealthy and very rich to whom the One World Order is busy bowing and scraping while the poor of spirit are locked out and refused a place at the table, having no food of truth to feed them in the lower part of the ship with no hope of escape from their captivity to the world system.

As the master designer of this ship called the Titanic, Satan made sure there were not enough life-boats, for he was in the business of taking men down, not up. The men on board had been held responsible to look after their families and were told by God to feed them the truth day and night; they have neglected to do so. As a result, the Jezebel spirit has grown and festered into becoming a move of radical feminism along with the spiritual castration of men, with Eve being the mother of all, caught in the harlotry of Babylon.

Whom will God hold responsible for the disaster? Will it be the priesthood, which locked the poor of spirit out from salvation, or the fathers who were too busy amassing fortunes to teach the important things of life to their children for their protection?

Some of the financial power brokers of the day were passengers on board the ship, along with the poor deceived religious crowd, locked in the lower section of the boat. Did the stewards care enough to unlock them once the alarm bells sounded or did they take orders from the chief steward, who is known spiritually by various names such as the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Moderator of the United Church of Canada, to name only a few?

The scene was perfectly set by God; it was midnight when the hands of time were about to be frozen. The evil, which man so loved, would be the very thing that would take him down into the silent darkness from which there is no returning. This is the ‘futility’ of mankind, when there is no baptism of the Spirit of God symbolized by immersion in the water, only to come up from it as a new man in the Spirit of life instead of death. This is the difference in class on board the Titanic from God’s perspective, and unless He sees the blood of His Son on the doorposts of our hearts, there is no salvation from the disaster. The rich of the world belong to a very different class from the rich of the Spirit.

Unlike Satan’s planned shortage of life-boats, God will provide one simply for the asking. It is the spiritual life-boat, which was provided for all, waiting alongside of our spiritual Titanic to pick up the survivors and take them safely along the Way, on the final leg of their journey to the kingdom.

It was her fourth day when the ship met with disaster (a day is as a thousand years), which spiritually began when God called Abraham into separation unto Him from his father’s household and his father’s gods. This was the beginning of God’s plan set in motion 4000 years ago to save His family called the house of Israel and the house of God from disaster.

Jesus opened Israel up to all nations and to all classes of people who want to escape the coming night of disaster for the iron empire of the Babylonian system. It is a One World Order with its so-called water-tight compartments of man’s technology replacing the protection of God. Unfortunately, its designer is also its captain, the Antichrist, who will be on board the sinking ship of fools concerned only with racing it as quickly as he can to its destruction. His mark has been placed on all those he can lock into his evil plan for the rich and poor alike, who have found no place in the life-boats of salvation.

Do not be deceived! The hour is five minutes to midnight and the journey through the seawaters of mankind is about to end. The choice is yours for God is merciful to forgive all who seek forgiveness. Would it not have been to God, and not to the goddess, Gaia of the earth, or to the god Oceanus of the oceans, or to Titan of the titans, to whom the drowning would have cried out?

Everyone could have been saved. However, the Way is narrow and only Jesus can provide the life-boat offered to only those people who look to Him for their provision of the cross, as the second Adam and Husband of mankind, which becomes as women and children to Him. The reality is that the tomb could not hold Him captive to death. The Titanic will not be able to take His own down with the sinking ship of fools, either. His true church shall make her exodus from the captivity of the world systems to make her way to the life-boats, as she escapes the watery grave of the sea, the tomb of death, which cannot claim her.

There is no ‘mother earth’ who can either save anyone or give one ‘green-peace’ within the arms of the United Nations. There is only Father God Who takes care of His own family, which has sought Him. The family name is Israel, which includes the entire house of Israel. Its location is Bethel within the Promised Land, once the walled Garden of Eden, about to blossom again as a restored and flourishing Garden with only good fruit-bearing trees. There will be no tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden enclosed for the Beloved and His bride (see Song of Solomon 4:12).

Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: “For your sake I will send to Babylon, and bring them all down as fugitives – the Chaldeans, who rejoice in their ships. I am the Lord, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King.” Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea and a path through the mighty waters (Isaiah 43:14-16).

The story of the Titanic is a fitting conclusion to A Walk through the Sea, for all mankind is on board his own spiritual Titanic, and as the captain of your own ship do not ignore the warning signs placed before you in the Word. They are a matter of life and death.