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Political Correctness

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 08, 2010

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).” Perhaps, there is no greater statement than this in the entire Bible, though all truth is a statement of correctness. There is no substitute for the truth of God. That which masquerades as the truth, but runs directly in opposition to it, is what is commonly known as political correctness.

Jesus declares the one thing Satan hates – the fact that there is no biblical tolerance for the devil’s broad road to destruction, based on the religious lie that states there are other ways to God. The continuing message of liberalism regarding the word ‘tolerance’, means, in fact, zero tolerance for the truth or for those who stand on the foundation of the fundamentalism of the truth of the Bible, which only Jesus can give to us.

How does Satan try to dispense with such people? He calls them fundamentalists, for which all fundamentalists should respond with a resounding, “Thank you!” Such fundamentalism indicates that one is on a firm foundation, and would never rest on the secular lies of religion and liberalism.

You see, religion was the first thing that God rejected in the Ten Commandments. He said that you shall have no other gods before Him, bow down to them or serve them. Apparently, the so-called Christian, Barack Hussein Obama, either is not familiar with the Commandments of God or he does not deem it important to obey them. The same could be said for most of Christianity, a group in name, but not in truth.

The problem for the secular and religious world is the fact that truth is synonymous with light and, therefore, is able to dispel the darkness that comes from under the sway of Satan. Hence, academia struggles on its infirm foundation in a fundamentalism that has absolutely no authority against the truth. It then becomes a matter of force on the part of academia to forcefully implement its agenda, which is not based on reason or understanding, but rather is attached to a state, liberal, political power for its enforcement. Otherwise it has no strength in the lie except by enforcing political correctness over biblical correctness.

The problem boils down to basically one issue; will the institutional church persist with a voice that will witness to the truth or will it allow the liberalism of politics to silence it? Hence a politically correct society, trying to take authority over a biblically correct one if it is to survive, must control not only the government but also the courts. It will then require a generation to be raised on the lies of political correctness in denial of the truth of the Bible if indeed democracy in America is to be transformed into a religiously-controlled, fascist form of state as opposed to a truth-controlled democracy under God.

For lack of witnesses to the truth, America will become a politically correct society, like all the other nations of the world, having no character or substance whatsoever, without God and the truth of His Word. It will no longer have the resistance truth provides to overcome the evil religious forces that would enter the land. However, His Word does not go out to return void. It will be victorious when the duration of time set to deal with the sin of mankind is complete.

There is a clock ticking and the midnight hour is drawing near when the government of God will rule again on earth. It is His kingdom come for which we pray in the Lord’s Prayer given to man for a return to the truth from which man walked away in the Garden of creation. Do we merely recite it or do we pray it?

Now you can understand the need for a liberal society to eject the Bible from the schoolroom, if Satan is to capture this generation of our youth with his lies. His big agenda is to destroy the fruitful bed of marriage with an unfruitful bed. He uses the lie about homosexuality, which falsely declares it to be a good lifestyle for our children, though it has a myriad of inherent health problems, both mentally and physically. Without having any propensity whatsoever for fruitfulness within the marriage bed, it simply can never be a marriage. Call it what you will but it will never be a marriage. Adam and Steve can never equal Adam and Eve. This is why the woman was created.

Take away the light of truth and you have for yourself an Esau type of religious stew as food, which will cause the children to lose their inheritance in God’s kingdom. They will have no power without the truth to overcome the lures and lies of Secularism. They will learn tolerance for the lie when they should be learning intolerance for it, and tolerance only for the truth. The job of education should be character-building not character-destroying.

Jesus is the Truth. Where do you rate in your stand for truth next to the Muslims who stand for a lie? Do you allow television under the authority of the state you elect to mock the name of Jesus? Do you say that it is okay, yet crumble when Muslims throw a world-wide political tantrum that leads to violence if anyone dares to treat the false prophet, Mohammed, in the same way? A few fundamentalist, Islamic martyrs will kill themselves along with some of you, in order to demonstrate their allegiance to their demonic cult, while you, the so-called church, have glue on your rumps, which keeps you stuck to the pews of religious institutionalism in silence.

“No problem,” says this phony church, “for we know how to be good Samaritans and carry out a social gospel throughout the rest of the week. We will make big names for ourselves like Mother Teresa and, if recognized properly, we will have our names appear in the social register of the media so that all will know us as the saints we are for our good works.”

Unfortunately, Jesus will not recognize you for your works, and you will not know Him for Who He really is. He is the author of salvation, not of social do-gooding. As a social do-gooder, you are quite likely to be needier of that salvation than the prisoner who knows the guilt of his sin, just as the thief on the cross next to Jesus knew his. The prisoner, in all probability, is not a hypocrite, like today’s so-called Christians.

To know Jesus is to know life; to know Satan is to know death. To know Jesus is to know truth; to know Satan is to know a lie. That lie becomes what we call political correctness. There is nothing correct about it at all. It always begins by throwing aspersions upon the truth to create tolerance for the lie; “After all, God knows your importance and is trying to keep you from realizing your full potential and power, which is inherent within you.” And so goes the New Age propaganda, which has been around since it began evolving from the Old Age lies of Satan in the Garden.

Finally, Satan will go for the juggler of your pride. “You know,” he subtly says, “you actually are like God and you can have it all right here and now. Why would you give up the pleasures of this life for the pie in the sky of the next one?” Out goes the lure and all that is left to do is to pull on the line, hook the fish and then reel it in to become a dead fish of the sea.

To the contrary, Jesus merely changes that seawater of wicked lies to the living water of truth in your life, through a rebirth in the Spirit. That is what He means when He says you must be born again of the proper water of life – He keeps you swimming in His live fish bowl with the breath of the Spirit within you as it was originally breathed into Adam. Sin caused him to lose it, so that the spirits of the separated seawaters came gushing in to cover him over, just as they gushed into the Titanic to bring the spirit of death on board.

It is Satan’s big gun, called political correctness, which has replaced truth in the lives of this generation of Americans. Satan knows the hearts of youth who think a little learning goes a long way. “How could you be a university graduate and not know more than your parents?” they ask. They believe their teachers are liberating and freeing by teaching them they can do whatever they please, for one man’s truth is not the same as another’s. They are secularized by agendas rather than freed by gaining understanding. They will never come to the knowledge that Jesus alone is truth and His school is the Bible.

The fool forgets that Jesus was (I AM) in existence before the secular man was created and he will continue to reject Him as his Creator. The fool is just as he appears with the three no-hear-no-see-no-speak-evil monkeys; in his deafness and blindness he prefers to be identified with them and evolution rather than to be identified with Jesus and Creation through the understanding given by the Spirit.

You and I, who know Jesus and the Word, are incredulous of just how gullible man can be, by believing such a theory as that of evolution. But there you have it; they will believe the unbelievable and will reject the believable because they say there is no evidence of God. The evidence of Him, which is everywhere around us in nature, they will be happy to accredit to that myth called Mother Nature, but will refuse to accredit God’s creation to Him. It is that same old feminist matter of the Jezebel spirit ruling over their lives.

One has to marvel at the fact that the business world, the medical world, academia, the political world and the religious world can all unite in desiring this garbage for food instead of the bread of life. This is the unity coming, which is called the One World Order of garbage and destruction – the politically correct world without Jesus, which will depend upon the world economic system, the world religious system and the world political system. It is the culmination of the religious/state union, which will grow to encompass the entire world in political correctness minus the truth of Jesus.

There is no justice in such a world, as is now reflected in the politically correct courts. Is it even possible to get a Supreme Court judge based on the requirement of character under God, as our Constitutions of America required? Our leaders ignore the Constitutions, yet where are our votes and our voices that rein them in and insist on adherence to that which keeps us a free society under Him?

The Antichrist must get rid of the Christ and His Jewish witnesses to the truth in order to take the world back to darkness on the face of the deep. America, standing on God and the Bible, is his target. Israel the nation is no longer the witness of God to the truth. America is quickly becoming like Israel as she forsakes her role in order to believe the secular lies of Satan. The good news is found only in the Bible. It is the news of the cross where the tree of life is superimposed over the dead wood of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Truth, in the end, is victorious over the lie.

Revelation shows the beast rising up only to fall at the same time as the true witness of Israel arises to shine as the torch of Abraham’s dream and of liberty. The glory of the Lord is risen upon her and she will be a fruitful branch of the house of Israel when darkness again covers the earth. The gentiles shall come to the light of the Lord. With His bride, He will share the throne of the kingdom about to come to earth as it is in heaven (see Isaiah 60:1-3). The prophet goes on to say that the abundance of the sea shall be turned to her (see Isaiah 60:5).

She is on the Way, she knows truth, and she has life in Jesus. Woe to the politically correct who are as those dancing on the Titanic when it was hit by an iceberg (frozen sea) at midnight. She is as a rose of the garden who comes to know her Beloved, Jesus Christ, and to love Him. It took the winds of freedom, the breath of life, to draw her away from her politically correct society of the upper deck, with all its stifling pretenses, and into the freedom and liberty that only He could offer. No love of the Heart of the Ocean could ever equal the love she had for the One Who had set her free as her Redeemer. She would ride in the wind and never be caught by the chains of political correctness, ever again.

Satan has a very fatal flaw in all his arguments to men. The more atheists he can produce, the happier he is, and though Christians will often identify themselves with the name of Christ, like Rose on the Titanic, in point of fact their lives indicate that they embrace a belief system contrary to the message of salvation.

Satan premised his first argument in the Garden with the words, “For God knows.” In so doing, he bowed both to God and to His knowledge. Anyone who reads the Word has to understand from the beginning of Genesis that Satan knows that God exists and is knowledgeable and that this knowledge leads to knowing the difference between good and evil. Satan is not fooled by the theory of evolution, though he is the author of it. He makes it clear from the onset, that there is a God and he stands in opposition to His Word, for God’s truth allows for no evil to bring satanic waters back into His creation without the evil of sin destroying it.

The fatal flaw is the fact that all his arguments are subject to his admittance of the existence of his Creator God. Thus, the rebellion of Satan is declared by himself. If we were wise and not fools, we would evaluate political correctness for what it is and reject it instantly before it gets a hold upon the entire world. It is about to accomplish this by means of unity among all the nations of the world (UN) under the authority of the wrong spirit, which promotes political correctness, instead of the correctness of the truth.

America’s leaders would be well advised to stand on the countries’ Constitutions and scrap the Rights Law of man-made charters and declarations. God has all rights, and men are called to serve Him, having no other gods before Him, which means America is not a multi-cultic nation. To promote such is an abomination and treason.