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The Religion of Secular Academia

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 20, 2010

The academics of Secularism never cease to amaze me. They are, without a doubt, the most religious bunch on earth. You can get them to believe a lie, without evidence to back it up, more easily than any other group I know. What makes me think this is so? They will accept a lie without any firm or validated foundation before they will accept the truth, built on a strong foundation.

Let us look carefully at the matter! It takes faith and programming to believe the lie, but to believe truth is to believe something fully credentialed. This is the reason for religious practices. They program people into spiritual blindness, causing people to have faith in stone, wood, repetitive actions, beads and, worst of all, in the divine power of religious men. They like to see themselves as revered; hence the name, the Reverend….

There are many examples, such as praying to stone buddhas and to wooden statues, the repetitive practice of crossing oneself, using rosary beads, and accepting the inerrancy of a pope. Difficult as it is to believe, people actually pray to wooden statues and dead people while attributing power to them.

Religious practices become so instilled in children from childhood that to give them up for the useless acts they are would almost be like losing a part of the body. This perceived part has been functioning strongly because of indoctrination, which tells us it actually is a functioning part of our lives until we become unable to discern truth from fiction. At this point, spiritual blindness occurs.

Secularism has been given carte blanche to carry out this programming of our children, while the blind, religious church system has said to go right ahead. The problem with this entire picture is the fact that Secularism is a part of the Religious system. It has its own set of values and beliefs.

Satan has done an amazing job in this process of programming to bring us into readiness for the coming One World Order. Unfortunately, those who should have had the sense to have stopped it have, themselves, been programmed into believing that academia and the controlling powers of ruler-ship have all the answers. We, in turn, are programmed to accept the supposed superior intelligence of big brother, without any interference from us, the lesser species of the human race, especially those of us who reject their religious programming for the truth.

For instance, Secularism has programmed your children, as you have been programmed, to believe that if you make it to the top of the heap and are accepted into Harvard, Yale or Princeton, the universities of the Ivy League group, then you too can be rated among the elite of superior learning and intelligence. The whole concept is a false one, for to attend such highly secular universities now means, in all likelihood, that you will become the most programmed, religious specimen to be found on the face of this earth. It means that rigidity of thought is likely to rule your life to the degree that you actually will become incapable of real reason. The intolerance level for truth, in which one will be taught, will make it almost impossible to open one’s mind to the truth.

A good example is found in the passing of laws by governments that are now run by our Ivy League graduates with academic titles ad nauseam, which forbid the teaching of Creation, but enforce the teaching of Evolution. They pass laws that do not give the right to life, but will endorse the right to take life away from another human being. They talk about Mother Nature as though there were such a reality while, at the same time, refusing to consider the concept of a Father God.

They legalize the perversion of the body, which is one of the quickest ways to bring the real and physical pollution of disease to the human body. It is called sickness of the flesh, the same sickness to which they object when it is caused by toxic waste or air pollution. Yet, we say they are academics and trust in the absolute absurdity of their actions because we are programmed to think they are smarter than we ever could be, as graduates of the Harvard Ivy League, you see.

It is my wondrous and splendid opportunity to be able to teach a group every week about truth totally at odds with religion and the academic agenda. There is but one source for our instruction and it is a Book written in the spirit of prophecy, which is its strong foundational authority that no other writings possess, unless guided spiritually by the mind of God and not by the minds of men.

I might mention at this point, it was on this Book of truth that Harvard laid its foundation for teaching, only to be destroyed by the academics of Secularism who moved the university off its firm foundation and on to a foundation of shifting sand, upon which it now rests. This is why America now has the shifty and dangerous Obama at the helm about to place another agenda-driven judge from Harvard on the Supreme Court bench. This is also why we now have a court system of injustice as opposed to the original court system of justice we once had, when judges upheld the truth of the Bible and the Law of God.

They have all moved away from this firm foundation to a foundation of shifting sand, or they will experience the same rejection as that shown to one firmly rooted judge in the truth and Law of God, called Roy Moore. He was elected to the office of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court in the year 2000. In 2003, Chief Justice Moore was removed from his position for standing up for his inalienable right to acknowledge God. He clearly had not learned the rules of Secularism’s religion of limited tolerance, and persisted, according to the secularists, in a freedom of thought, which they could not tolerate. Strange as it may seem, the intolerant liberal secularist who is always preaching the religion of tolerance is an oxymoron and a contradiction within himself.

Prophecy turns history into a ticking time clock. Have you ever seen a watch created by a monkey? Have you ever seen anything as intricate as the workings of a clock come from an atomic big bang? Yet, incredible as it may seem, academia not only believes this evolutionary process, but has also been given the go-ahead to teach it to our precious, undeserving, innocent little children, while you and I are occupied with golf, bridge, soaps and making the buck so we can send our little ones to the best schools. This means they will become victims of secular academia, which will turn them into nothing more than puppets for the religious/state.

Prophecy from God, the Creator of the ticking clock of history, Who knows the beginning from the end, provides the only truth there is. The difference between America and the other nations of the world is our heritage in the Bible, which was originally the foundation of the entire North American educational system. Our founding fathers never forced a state religion upon our peoples; hence, truth ruled in place of religion.

Consequently, as a promise of God’s covenant with His people, we prospered in peace until the ticking time clock caught up with us and Satan finds himself nearing his time for the fullness of the gentiles. It is then that he will be allowed to rule over an entire world, which will reject God and His truth for the lies of Satan, perpetrated by the religious academics of spiritual blindness.

Our Thursday night students of biblical prophecy could advise rulers far better in the matters of world affairs and have infinitely better advice to give politicians than the Harvard graduates to whom the politicians run for understanding. Whether or not it is in the political arena, the economic or the religious fields, these students are better equipped to give reliable, unbiased, informed, critical advice of substance to our politicians. There is no guess work in God’s prophetic Word.

God’s answers are truth but Satan’s utterances are lies. Simply examine the direction in which Obama is leading America. Is the Harvard plan a democratic one or is it a Communistic one? Will the Harvard judge be a good one or a feminist with an agenda to take this nation out of God’s justice and into the injustice of the courts of the United Nations?

Will America continue on a downward spiral, as the clock ticks to midnight and doomsday, or will she turn back the hands of time to that of a better era when God, not religious academia, ruled? You see, the intended plan of God for America was that truth and state be united. This meant that the church of Jesus Christ, one not tied to religion, but rather called only to testify to truth in the spirit of prophecy, would most definitely be attached to state as if performing the role of God’s Governor General who is allowed to speak for Him.

The problem in America today is the greater the cry for religion to be kept out of the affairs of the state, the tighter the bond that is being forged between the two to make America no different from the other religious/state nations. It is all about getting this country in line for the One World Order, so that we will lose our democracy and our liberty under God and be ready to be subjected to the rule of the nations.

Unless we return to truth in this land, then prepare yourselves for the cold, frightening, spiritual, dark waters of the deep, which will flow over it at midnight. You will face the same fate as they faced on the Titanic, when the seawaters gushed into the ship, plunging her, in her death throes, to the bottom of the sea. No one will escape the terror of that night. We will come face to face with eternity, either in the life boat of salvation or on the decks of a sinking ship, with nowhere to go but down into the dark depths of the sea.

I doubt that the Ivy League background of the Astors and their ilk served them any better than the peasant background of the poor, on the decks below. Judgment comes to all, both great and small; judgment is coming and is coming very soon.