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There is One Way and No Other Way

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 22, 2010

Judgment is coming and is coming very soon; you are not going to like it. Did you believe that America could keep on receiving the blessings God has poured out on her, while refusing to show gratitude for them? Does she think she can disregard His Word so much that she will listen, instead, to such fools as Richard Dawkins and attribute substance to what they have to say?

A nation was deceived by Obama. Take a close look at what she got in the office of the President – a Communist with Muslim leanings. The people elected a man who bows to the enemy while destroying the economy and defense system of the very country he claims to represent. Americans have been willing to call such a man, the messiah, yet, at the same time they take the name of the Lord God in vain and mock Him without a whimper from His so-called institutional church, much of which backs this self-proclaimed messiah.

Mighty dark days lie ahead, indeed. I warned you about the floods. It would appear that Americans like to suffer through natural disasters and have not had enough of them yet. Get ready for the fires to come and the earthquakes in diverse places! They are coming as surely as God not only reigns over this world, but also, over the entire universe. Strange sights will be seen in the heavenlies, which could shake this earth like an undisciplined child in need of a good shaking.

Take a close look at what has become a nation of fools. The public has reached the point of being so deceived by liberalism and its agendas that it will back the use of law to promote the rights of illegal border crashers, rather than support the rights of upright, tax-paying citizens. It will use the law to give foreigners and illegals the right to desecrate the two flags of our nations and to insist on their right for a foreign language to take precedence over the official languages of the two nations.

Americans have actually been led to believe that racial profiling is the same thing as racial discrimination. The actual discrimination comes when foreigners enter this country demanding special rights based on the laws and language of their former countries. They use the rights laws of America to discriminate against the culture and language of this land.

The most intelligent thing smart people can do is to profile a race if, for instance, there are 30 terrorist attacks in America with all 30 of them having been committed by dark-skinned Muslims speaking with middle-eastern accents. These are the people to target, not whites, Jews or North American Indians, to name but a few.

The wearing of eastern religious head gear is not a right in this country if it comes in conflict with our laws, which are intended for the protection of our own legal citizens. We have Constitutions based on the Law of God, and if eastern religious practices come in conflict with these laws, then this is not the country for people who choose to wear such headgear for whatever purposes. The law is intended for the protection of those who pay their taxes and if racial or religious profiling is necessary for such protection, then it would take a fool to not be able to see the importance of it.

Without exception, all Muslim immigration should be stopped at the borders, for Islam, is a religion, the doctrines of which are preached in mosques in this country, promoting the murder of non-Muslims when they do not come into agreement with Islamic ideology. Islam and its Muslim adherents are an enormous threat to the well-being of American citizens of both nations.

It is time Rights Law, the most dismal experiment and failure to ever happen in American history, is scrapped to allow the restoration of the Constitutional Law of God intended for the citizens of this country before liberals, foreigners, progressives, and those with dual citizenship infected our nation with what, very likely, could become a terminal illness.

It is time for the entire judicial system to be overhauled and replaced with God-fearing judges who stand on the Word of God upon which they were required to swear to serve this nation, not to destroy it. If they cannot serve God, then they will never, not ever, be able to serve this nation. It is God, not politicians, Who renders justice.

Because of corrupt judges we, in Canada, have upright citizens, senior women and grandmothers, lolling in prison because they stand on the Word of God and their right to expression, with which certain liberal judges do not agree. The perpetrators of the crime go scot-free to commit the murder of unborn babies, to which these women peaceably object, and still, our so-called upright judges rule in favor of the criminal and prosecute the innocent.

In fact, our illegitimate Governor General has placed a medal of honor upon one of the most notorious of these murderers, endorsing and honoring him and his scalpel used to kill instead of preserve life. Corrupt courts allow rights to the wicked while, at the same time, take away the rights guaranteed by our Constitutions for the protection of the innocent, non-violent objectors.

Are you able to see yet why God’s wrath is reaching the boiling point? Are you counted among those who have been programmed to fear racial profiling and uphold the conviction of the innocent instead of the criminals? Are you going to wake up to common sense before it is too late, or are you going to continue thinking we must support a politically correct society in order to be a tolerant people? Hogwash!

Spiritual blindness is the result of spiritual deadness. When you choose to ignore God and slight Him in our blessed nation, then this is the kind of deception that follows. Satan loves a spiritually dead people so he can fill them with his form of ‘spirituality’ that gives us fools like Tom Hanks, who produce such junk as the Da Vinci Code. A blind society will lap it up but will refuse to listen to truth. Blind, deaf and dumb, is what we have become! In God’s books, we are deserving of what lies just ahead.

I listened to interviews this week with some of those who had survived the disasters of the Hudson River plane crash, the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster, and the December 2006 tsunami that hit Indonesia so hard. Without exception, they felt the guilt of being alive while so many died in such tragedies. They also felt that they wanted to change their lives to make them count for something more than they had before.

For many lost in these disasters it is too late and it seems God has to allow us the pain and suffering we chase after when we do not honor and obey Him. He simply removes His hand of protection and to Him it is worthwhile if only a few are saved from an eternity of hell and suffering in apartness from Him.

All hail to the lady Governor of Arizona who has declared that enough is enough! If the Federal Government wants to act stupidly, under leadership that will not protect the American citizens, then all the more power to this courageous woman of Arizona who will take action against threatening illegals. I pray that she also addresses the nonsense of racial profiling and declares it for what it is, a very necessary part of stopping the illegal border crossings.

They are not white Canadians, but rather Spanish-speaking Mexicans, who are crashing the borders and committing crimes against the Arizona citizens as they damage their property. So you look to deport Mexicans, not Canadians. I say, go after every last one of them, bearing in mind that the upright citizens of the United States who have come from Mexico to declare loyalty to the United States as American citizens also are in need of the same protection.

Illegals, as border crashers, have none of the rights this country offers only to its own citizens other than the right to be sent back to where they come from and to do so with the least possible cost to Americans. It is written in God’s Law that foreigners in the land abide by His Law; aliens do not have any special rights at all. Anyone in the land, who did not recognize the God of Israel, could not become a part of Israel; it was as simple as that. They were sent packing back to their Canaanite or other tribes, whence they came.

Carefully examine Ruth, the Moabitess, who chose to follow her mother-in-law to Israel. She was a great lady who will always be remembered for saying, “Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God (Ruth 1:16).” These are the kind of citizens the Redeemer wants in His Israel of the West, and not knife-carrying Sikhs whose children come to school with religious weapons, worshiping pagan gods. Should we be profiling for the sake of our children? Most definitely, and we should eject such people from the school room and the land, who would dare to threaten our little ones or their teachers.

This is totally, unabashed political incorrectness. Let the rest of the world be victimized by the fools if they choose, but it is our duty to protect this land from such utter stupidity and honor the God of peace in this nation. Our days are numbered in which the direction of this nation can be reversed, for it is being jettisoned toward disaster.

Wake up, America, and return to God; for, then, He just might choose to return to you. He doesn’t owe it to us – it is only through His mercy that our sin is taken away. There is but one Way and His name is Jesus. There is no other way known to man.