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What is This Ritual You call Communion?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 23, 2010

How many millions of people partake in Communion as a religious ritual and have no understanding, whatsoever, that they are doing so in sin? More often than not it is a priesthood living in sin, which serves the religious food and, in most cases, does not even know it.

Compare our religious see-evil-hear-evil-speak-evil congregations to the little gathering of the flock surrounding Jesus in the Upper Room on the eve of the ultimate Passover in Jerusalem. They had to all be washed clean by the Word except the one who goes down in history as the betrayer of the Lord, who was working in cahoots with the religious priesthood to put “the Word made flesh” to the cross. Think carefully about it! To which group do you belong; are you part of a religious unity or have you been washed clean by the Word?

God is the God of truth, with His number one enemy being Satan, the god of the lie and of religious practices, which all began with rejection or the rebellion of man to the truth of God in the Garden of creation. Today, rebellion to the truth is found in the houses of closed Bibles and the Christian religious institutions, which are willing to deny the truth of the Word and ultimately deny Jesus, in order to respect other religions. Yes, they put a nice label on this sin by calling it respect and tolerance for religion.

The best of God’s battle-weary warriors will still try to hold on to the name of Christian, as those who belong to a religious system, and then wonder why the gates of hell are prevailing against it. The problem is that it is not the church at all, but rather merely a counterfeited religious system, named for the real thing.

God counts nations as less than nothing and worthless (see Isaiah 40:15-17). They were formed as a result of the dispersal of the first group of religious tower-builders at Babel. God then chose a people from out of the nations to be His own. He called them into a spiritual unity of tribes within one nation as a people separated from the religions of the world, to stand solely on the truth of God. They were to be totally free and void of religion.

He put this group back on the Way to the kingdom of a restored garden paradise like that which had belonged to God at the dawn of creation, under His Law and His government plan. His nation was different from the others and no longer counted as less than nothing and worthless. This nation had a future if it would keep covenant in truth, worshiping only God as if one in a marriage covenant with Him, having no religious idols before Him in an act of harlotry.

Where did the sin of man begin? It began in the Garden with the first man given eternal life by the Spirit breathed into him, making him a son or, according to a worldly expression, “a chip off the old block”, which one would describe in godly terms as “born in the image of the pluralistic God of Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. Adam and Eve, like man today, rejected the incredible gift of life in the Spirit and in truth. You see, this is the only way back to the kingdom, as Jesus stated, when He said the hour is coming when we must worship the Father in spirit and in truth (see John 4:23). If you are worshiping in religion, encompassed by satanic lies, you have compromised yourself with sin.

The sorry state of religion is that all religions, including Christianity, will eventually unite into a One World Order of religion, government and economics, which will see all Bibles first, closed, and then, destroyed. If you don’t get understanding now, concerning the difference between truth and religion, you ‘ain’t’ likely to get it at all. Christianity is religion.

Wake up, you warriors of the cross, and stop talking about good and bad Christians! Christians by name, and without exception, are all part of a religious system, standing on the Babylonian foundation that comes out of Rome, rather than on the firm foundation of truth given by Jesus to His apostolic church. Christians all have a part in the system of Romanism, no matter how big or how small!

Why do you academic theologians think the Exodus took place? It was one of the most important events of history, which serves us in the spirit of prophecy. In the book of Revelation, chapter 18, God calls His people to come out of that great harlot Babylon, with Babel being the mother of religious harlots, which keeps them in captivity to death. He declares in the next chapter of Revelation that they must worship God (the God of truth). “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy (Revelation 19:10).” This is the spiritual exodus of the church from her Egypt of today.

When coming out of Egypt, God fed the Israelites the perfect food from heaven called manna. Jesus said He was the Bread of life and also the Word made flesh. He is the perfect food from heaven that saves; the Law of Israel, though perfect, could not save without the perfect sacrifice. He was as manna come down from above to shed His blood as the perfect Lamb sacrifice, as though it were our blood, belonging to the sinful sons of the beast.

Through mercy and forgiveness, He takes us back from the religious side of the Garden, where we ate of the forbidden fruit of the knowledge of evil, to the side of truth, which cannot coexist with evil any more than darkness can coexist with light; the light will dispel it.

A re-birth in the Spirit must follow to bring forth the true son from self, in so far as Mary bore Jesus, in the Spirit of life, which can only come from eating the right kind of food, along with a change of the waters in our lives to living water. This is what Pentecost is about and, sadly to say, religion counterfeits Pentecost with mere physical manifestations.

We forget the importance and necessity of the Communion and Passover preceding Pentecost. What good is Communion if we do not understand the Lord’s calling upon His church at the first Communion? Are you willing to eat only truth and allow the breath of life to return in truth to push all religious practices out of your life? Judas tried to have it both ways and Jesus advised him to go quickly to do what he had to do with his partners of religion. He had never been washed clean of it by the Word, the last act of Jesus with His apostles at the first Communion.

How many, like Judas, combine Communion with religious Christianity and think they are any different from him, when they know that eventually Christianity will be the very religious institution to come against Jesus again, like Judaism came against Him at His first coming? How many Christians tolerate a little Eastern religion in their lives and then sit down at the communion table offered by a religious priesthood, which tolerates a great deal of religion in their lives?

How many Christians use their God-given voice to speak into the affairs of state to keep God at the center of it, or believe the absolute foolishness propagated by the priesthood, which tells us that church and state should not be mixed? God intended for state and His people to be one in unity in relation to Him. Take a close look at the first Commandment and see that He is the God of truth, Whom His people will worship, having no religious idols before Him.

Jesus told His disciples to tell no one He was Jesus the Christ (see Matthew 16:20). He is not the Messiah of the nation Israel; He is the Savior of the world. He is the King of all kings ruling from the house of Israel, and Lord of all lords for He is the High Priest of truth and not of religion. “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues (Revelation 18:4).”

It is time to say “Adieu” to Christianity and come onto the Way of truth and life. Partake of the real Communion, whereby we choose the manna of heaven to be the substance of our lives, instead of living off religion, the poisonous food of the devil, and the fruit of the forbidden tree.

Communion is anything but a religious ritual, yet, it has become just another ritual, which the priesthood of Christianity has to offer its laity.