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Evolution or Devil-ution – which is it?

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

May 28, 2010

There are two very different world views out there. The secular view is one of evolution, whereas the spirit man sees only what I call devil-ution. Since they are opposing views, one is fiction and the other is truth; they cannot both be true.

What is the meaning of these two words? Evolution is based on a theory, which states man evolved physically from a lower state of the animal nature into the higher state of man, to come from a state of darkness (no understanding) to a state of light (understanding). Devil-ution, to the contrary, is the spiritual decline of man from a human being of understanding in the Spirit of life, to the spiritual nature of the beast of no understanding in the spirit of death, going from light to darkness.

The only possible change from animal to human being requires, by definition, a spiritual transformation. The animal does not have knowledge of God. The human race, having suffered the effects of sin in devil-ution, can reverse the situation only by being born again through the changing of spiritual waters in the life of man, with a rebirth in the Spirit of life, by which man is restored to his relationship with God. At this point, understanding returns. To know about God does not involve a spiritual relationship, as does that of knowing God.

The entire process of evolution is described in physical terms with no answers whatsoever connected to the spiritual nature of man. Is man merely a physical being, or is he also a spiritual being? Is it even conceivable that a creature of no spiritual nature can jump the wall of time to evolve into a spiritual being? Is it conceivable that such a dramatic change from creature to living being could merely evolve or would it require an infusion of the Spirit of life, which makes us eternal living beings in the image of God? There is no death in God; He is eternal.

The proponents of evolution have no answers for the Spirit of life or whence it comes. How is it possible for the Spirit of life to evolve along with physical evolvement without a source for the spiritual? If the animal were the source for the human being naturally, then where is the source for something of no understanding to become a living being of understanding spiritually? You cannot have one without the other for the animal remains, after so-called evolution, to show the difference in understanding, which still exists between the two.

If we accept the Bible as truth, and there is solid evidence for doing so, then quite the opposite from evolution has taken place in the history of man. It is the process of devil-ution, which has nothing to do with the natural state but rather is entirely a spiritual decline from life to death, hence bringing into play the theory of thermal dynamics. Man becomes a son of the devil, known as the beast, in the transformation, losing his relationship with His Creator, God. 

He gives us evidence of this spiritual process throughout the Bible. King Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian king, lost his understanding to live like a beast of the field for seven years until he came to know God rules over heaven and earth (see Daniel 4:28-35). Then, there was King Solomon, before him, who finally concluded in his heart that God tests men so they can see that they have become like beasts (see Ecclesiastes 3:18). They were separated by sin from the Spirit of life given at Creation, to embrace the spirit of death inherent in Satan, the devil, against which God warned man.

Now Satan was allowed a six-millennium ruler-ship over man, 1,000 years of judgment for every day of Creation for which God labored to make all things good for His beloved creation so that man should live forever in His Garden on earth, under His ruler-ship. But man said “No” to the greatest gift possible, called life, in order to choose death. The seventh day, or the 7th millennium, was to be a day of rest from God’s labor of making all things good. During this entire period the spirit of death, instead of the Spirit of life, would rule the world. Darkness, not light, would rule,  that is to say, until the Light came into the world to reclaim His own, and take them out of the darkness and their captivity to sin.

For six millennia God has been laboring all that time to bring forth from the seawaters of this world that portion of man, which is good in His eyes for having chosen Him in their hearts, as opposed to choosing the beast. It is this period of gentile rule, which will culminate in the time of the fullness of the gentiles. It is the time when Satan will rule the ordered world briefly until God judges it and causes the entire religious tower-building process, along with the world-empire-building process, to come tumbling down.

In these final days the beast will rise out of the sea, taking the form of the Antichrist, along with his false religious prophet, the counterfeit of God and His Son, Jesus. Surely, in these final hours, Satan will pull out all his spiritual guns by beginning with demonically possessing such a man as Charles Darwin by leading him to deny God vehemently with the usual unsubstantiated lies of religion of which Satan alone is the author.

Darwin put his theory to paper and called it The Origin of the Species, but it was nothing new. The theory had taken root in the time of the 6th century Greek philosophers, such as Anaximander and Empedocles, and continued with the Persian philosopher Miskawayh, and with the Roman philosopher Lucretius, all men of the satanic Babylonian system.

With back-up coming from his friend Russel Wallace, Darwin placed the evil thought in the heads of men, which stated, essentially, that there is no God responsible for creation. It is all just a case of happenstance, called evolution. The truth is that there is only devil-ution, the work of the devil to discredit the truth of God. It is Old Age Gnosticism revived, which takes root in the first spoken words of Satan when he said that God does not mean what He says. It is the same antichrist spirit, which, today, continues to deny Jesus, the Christ, Who is truth.

But, make no mistake about it! The devil himself knows better than to deny the existence of God; only foolish men will do that, and Satan will take hold of them immediately to use them to serve his purposes. The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God (Psalm 53:1).”  Satan is no fool; he is more wily than the other beasts as the father of them, all.

The apostle Paul gives us such a marvelous picture of man’s transformation from a son of the beast to a son of God through a rebirth of spirit, going from the spirit of death in religious Phariseeism to the Spirit of life in Jesus, his Lord, Who confronted him on the road to Damascus. He started out on the broad road that leads to killing and death and ended up on the way to life in the kingdom, through Jesus and the Spirit of life.

He was Jesus, Himself, Who told the Pharisees they were sons of their father the devil, which made them little beasts in spirit, doomed to die. “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you want to do (John 8:44).” He also said, “He is a liar and the father of it (John 8:44).” Paul made the transition from a beast in spirit as a Pharisee, to a living being in Jesus, Who explained the situation like this to the Pharisees; “You are from beneath; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world (John 8:23).”

One lives beneath the sun as a beast, as did King Solomon suggest in the book of Ecclesiastes, while the other lives in spirit above the sun in the heavenlies. What have the two lifestyles got in common? They have the bloodline of humanity, running all the way back to Adam, which is the one thing that joins all mankind. It is the blood of Jesus, which will separate one man from another to take the one from his beastly state as a son of the devil in sin into the eternal realm of life in the kingdom to come here on earth. The Richard Dawkins of this world will never be able to understand this message, for they are as blind in their religion of Atheism as was the apostle Paul, in his legalism of Judaism.

There is but one change to the species of man, which is his return from his spiritual beastly state, caused by devil-ution, which made him a son of the beast, back to his original position in the Garden as the spiritual son of God. It is the movement out of the rule of law governed by the theory of thermal dynamics back to the rule of God, which leads to restoration, from death in Satan back to life in Jesus and from a One World Order ruled by the Antichrist forward to a New World Order ruled by the Christ.

The opportunity is now, to make the change in your life that Paul made. A revelation of Jesus Christ is all it will take, and it can be found sitting on your bookshelf collecting dust. Open it and watch in amazement as lights go on all over your world, which will dispel the darkness of devil-ution, resulting when man regressed to his present beastly state. Come out of it and into life in spirit and in truth.