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Black Oil Rising Up Out of the Sea

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 04, 2010

What will it take to turn this nation back to God? Many of His prophets have come and gone, speaking with the voice of the Spirit, trying to warn first, Israel, and now America. However, the sad situation is that neither one of these two nations has had ears to hear. Their ears are itchy for smooth talk, you know the kind of talk to which I refer – the language our popular money brokers and preachers speak.

The first group tells us there may be financial trouble ahead but not to worry for recovery always follows on the heels of a downfall. They will tell you the pattern for recovery kicks back in as the economy begins to regulate itself. They will encourage everyone to simply trust in the system.

What they will not tell you is that the money markets are being manipulated by the elite of an elite little club of men. They are no different from the former dictators and empire-builders who have gone before them, except this time the stakes are higher, very high, indeed. We have reached the time of the fullness of the gentiles when the grand-daddy empire of them all will take over the entire world in a One World Order.

But first, there must be a collapse of the world systems so that the false messiah can come on the scene, appearing as though he were the Savior of the world. However, he most certainly is no Savior. His name is the Antichrist, and his number is the number of the beast, for he will be a man who has experienced ‘devil-ution’ to become a son of the beast. Yet, in pride, he masquerades as the triune God, but only in so far as he is the god of money, the god of government and the god of religion. There is no other trinity to define the spirit of the Antichrist who takes the number of 666, the number of man.

In his colossal pride he sees himself as God, having a power that comes from within, rather than from above. But over time, he will prove to be little more than a vapor. After he has done as much damage to the human race as he can possibly do, he will try to slither away from the trail of destruction left behind him; but God is not going to let him get away.

And what about the smooth talk of the second group, our popular preachers? Do they not call for money to build buildings and pews to contain the religious people inside these structures? Do they not tell them that a tithe of all they earn, given for the stone, brick, wood and glass construction, will most certainly buy a place for them in heaven?

The deceived are greeted by apostate preachers with smiley faces, welcoming them into a ‘love-in’ of sorts. Sometimes, they are of the social gospel and sometimes, they are of spiritual manifestations, but always with the message, “I am good; you are good; so all is well with the world and with God. You are the benefactors of God’s love, so let’s not talk about His wrath. It is better to deal with feelings for His Word can be disturbing if you want to remain a part of this world.”

However, the flip side of this coin sees the preacher mentioning the Commandments of God fewer and fewer times, with a lesser number of hours dedicated to Bible study. Eventually, they separate the Word of God from their spiritual game-playing to the point of bringing about spiritual manipulation.

Did you know that for a sum of money some preachers will provide you with DVD’s on how to control and manipulate the Spirit? They go so far as to suggest that if you implement their programs, which come at a cost, God will submit to their methodology and show up. Who actually shows up is a very questionable matter, indeed, for controlling and manipulating spirits are most certainly not of God.

Jesus warned His apostles about the signs of the coming great and terrible day of His vengeance. It will occur when the wrath of God reaches its boiling point over a world that has become so self-centered and prideful that it no longer has any need of Him or His Laws that inhibit men’s wickedness. You see, we love those things the flesh lusts after, and we much prefer the secular world that preys on these lusts.

To control mankind, Satan employs the services of political correctness with its chains of bondage that replace the righteousness of God. For this useless tool, America, the last hope in the world for liberty under God, will give up the struggle against the antichrist spirit to embrace the perceived superiority of the politically correct system under Satan. For such stupidity, we will forsake our liberties to become part of the empire-building nations ruled by the kings of this world.

The big sign of the times is knocking at her door to warn her and determine whether there is any accountability left within this corrupt nation. The question is whether there is time to make the turn-around necessary to escape that great and dreadful day of the Lord’s wrath.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Loch Ness monster whose name is not Nessie, but rather, Satan, that ancient and vile beast of the sea. The book of Revelation, chapter 13, speaks of the beast rising up from the sea, which God separated from man at creation. Sin opened the door for it to regain access to him again, and now God is going to allow that same beast to rise up with great power and authority. When God is about to make a move He does so in the natural first, in order to show what He is going to do in the spiritual.

We saw it with the sinking of the Titanic off the east coast of America; we saw it throughout the entire 2010 Winter Olympic Games at Whistler on the west coast; now we are seeing it again in the sea off the eastern gulf coast of the United States. I wonder if the big earthquake on the west coast is next, as warnings are coming from sea to sea in an America, where it was stated in stone that God has dominion from sea to sea. Is He not demonstrating the truth to us as a nation, which has walked away from this truth?

The black oil pollution is rising up out of the sea with a power and authority over which man has had no control at all. It is the symbol of the power of the beast (the devil), which we have worshiped in place of God. His power is being released by God so we can have the ruler of our choice take over the world, as God steps back and removes His hand of protection to let us see the disaster that comes with the desires of our heart.

God is saying to us with this oil spill that we would never listen to His prophets or heed their warnings, so the time has come when He will avenge their blood – from the blood of Abel to the blood of His true martyred church. Those who have chosen to be sons of the beast instead of sons of God will have their fill of Satan, the object of their affection and their harlotry.

America’s choice of a messiah ran off to the East, to bow to an oil producing king of the religious world, when he would not bow to God, the King over his own country in the West. Now, he will find out who really rules over the oil wells of this world, which kill the little beasts of the sea in the natural, as will the coming black spiritual oil slick kill the little human beasts in the spiritual. Strange is it not, how our political messiah is at a loss to know what is happening, every bit as much as the other fools out there, who have no spiritual understanding whatsoever.

Since I began writing this commentary Obama stated that if he were in charge of the oil company, which was responsible for the oil spillage, he would fire BP’s chief executive, Tony Hayward. AKA Barack Obama could not be more like Adam if he tried, when Adam blamed God for giving him that woman Eve, who was at the root of his troubles. Our messiah seems to be oblivious to his own, out-of-control oil spill, which is bringing disaster to millions of Americans and will ultimately bring disaster to the entire world.

 America is in a position where she has the right to fire this paid employee of the people, who is failing miserably to do his job for them. It would appear to me that if anyone is going to ‘kick butt’, as Obama suggested should be done, then it could well be his own. God is not any more pleased with someone trying to remove Him from office to install oneself as a false messiah in ruler-ship over His nation, than He was with the nation Israel when she asked for a king of the world to be installed to rule over her.

The warning of the 9/11 disaster has been ignored as we continue in our stupidity of allowing the perpetrators of the crime to set up their religious mosque and terrorist training camp at the site of this dastardly deed. It would appear we have ignored the warning signs of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, as we set about immediately to rebuild one of the most wicked cities of sin in all of America. Will we ignore the spiritual significance of this latest disaster by continuing, in spiritual blindness, to miss the latest sign of God’s judgment, which is coming on America?

The release of satanic spiritual forces (the destroying spiritual oil slick) from the sea will cause a wave of evil to rise up over this nation with an unstoppable force, the likes of which have never been seen before. The coming great destruction of the tribulation years is at hand.

That black killer oil stream spewing up from the depths of the sea only goes to show man that all his scientific achievements are of little value at a time like this. It would appear our scientific and secular world is not quite as smart and reliable as it thought it was, by being the actual author of its own destruction. Has man really progressed from his beastly state?

Then I stood on the sand of the sea. And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name (Revelation 13:1).

What does this oil spill signify? It is the picture of the coming One World Order now in the process of being built as the political structure for the Antichrist’s evil rule of power coming from the seawaters of this world. There is no living water in this coming government of Satan. It is the culmination of his seven world empires, which began with Egypt, followed by Assyria to then go straight into the Babylonian system of four empires, of which the last is divided into two parts, with the revived Roman Empire being the final one.

This will be a One World Order of ten super states, which are already in the formative stages with one being the European Union and another, the amalgamation of the three North American countries to come together into one economic unity without borders. These are only two of the ten, which have led the way for the other eight to take shape very soon now. There will be ten rulers over the ten divisions of the world. Each will have his/her own crown of authority, but all will be subject to the Antichrist’s black crown of ruler-ship over the entire world, as the agent of the devil with the blasphemous name, which comes against the Christ.

Make no mistake! He will have his own false prophet – like God, like Son – who will be the religious high priest of Romanism. He is the same pagan priest who, through religious Romanism, has kept the Roman Empire alive until the time of its revival, just before that great and terrible day of the vengeance of our God (see Isaiah 61:2). What better way than to masquerade as the church of Jesus Christ?

Yes, black oil is spewing up from the bottom of the sea, and there is no power on earth that can stop it until God gets this warning to the entire world. Wake up, America! This is another testimony to the perfect prophetic Word of God, with no way to refute it, or His warning signs.

The black oil from the sea is about as prophetic as it gets. If you miss this message, it is highly unlikely that you will ever get understanding. And in all your getting, get understanding (Proverbs 4:7). This is the darkness on the face of the deep, which God is allowing to surface and rise up from the sea just before His return, to put a stop to the damage being done by a depraved mankind.

He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming quickly.” Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus (Revelation 22:20)!