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Religious Advice from a Friend

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective
                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

June 08, 2010

I have a friend and former roommate who was the first woman to be elected to the College Board of Governors of what might be considered Canada’s finest and most prestigious private school for boys. Her grandfather, before her, had been a founder of another one of Canada’s most respected boys’ schools, deemed worthy of becoming the tutor for the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew.

Like the rest of the educational system of Canada, both of these schools have roots running deeply into this nation’s traditional church history. They are the same religious roots found in the various denominations of the institutions of Protestant Christianity, which find themselves entangled with those of the Romanism of Roman Catholicism, the roots of which go all the way back to Babel. It is here that biblical history reveals the first religious tower-building site in the world.

All religions have the principle of liberalism from God’s fundamentalism of truth, inherent within them. Hence the element of liberalism will eventually surface to come to the fore, as it did with my friend. She decided to give me a little piece of religious advice. She said an interest in religion is fine as long as one does not go overboard and get too involved (meaning to the point of accepting the fundamentalism of truth), or take it too seriously.

It was the classic, traditional, religious message of church on Sunday, but back to business as usual in the real world on Monday and not to make the mistake of mixing the two. This message of my greatly respected friend, known for her humanitarian works, was at the heart of her advice. This is the thinking, which lies behind the concept of separation of church and state.

The problem with that kind of thinking is this; what was really intended by our Founding Fathers was the separation of religious control over the state. Running right along with this was the intended implementation of truth and the voice of the true church as partner in the ruler-ship of state. God intended for His church to speak truth into the nation, as did the prophets of old speak truth into the nation of Israel as the voice and representatives of God to His people.

Religion is actually the enemy of the apostolic and only church, which Jesus founded, not as a part of Roman politics, but as a voice to it. Christianity, as a form of religion established by Rome, never had a part in the church’s witness to the truth of the gospels. Romanism is far from truth, and it is truth, not religion, which must be integrated with the Law of God in the nation. It is the job of Christ’s church to see that truth remains the firm foundation of the nation, or religion, like the leaven it is, will eventually replace the truth by filling the entire nation with leaven.

Religion is a world system that began the moment Adam and Eve separated themselves from the truth of God. They became the first religious counselors who would have reiterated Satan’s message in the same way as my friend did by stating that one should not take God too seriously, for His Word is not all that important.

And so began mankind’s journey on the religious road to the death camp and the burning ovens. Who would have ever believed that our Christian institutions were the carriers of the religious sickness that leads to death? How much of our human efforts, time and money have gone – literally gone – to serve the religious world system of Satan? Like the advice coming from my friend, the Christian religious institutions have been spewing out that same satanic message for years and, blindsided by religion, we have come to believe it.

America was never a Christian country. Both nations chose God, not religion, to rule over them. We had no papal attachment to religious systems, not even an attachment to the religion of the Queen of England; our constitutional commitment is only to the truth of God in courtrooms, schoolrooms and in the government. This was truly a church-state with Jesus and the Word, as supreme Ruler. There were major wrinkles to be ironed out, but America was a country of liberty in God’s Law, versus the tyranny of the religious-state systems of government ruled by man.

In America, our governments were held accountable to God. The true church, in her early days, rejected Romanism for pulpits alive with the message of salvation, thriving in the light of Scriptural teaching. One of the most prestigious 19th century philosophers in the world recognized the fact that they were the powerful pulpits, burning with the message of salvation, which made America the strong nation that she was. He recognized that if America failed to keep the message alive in the pulpits, America would fail.

But then, as the country received the blessings of God, she took them and ran, refusing to give gratitude to Him. There was a slow change, barely perceptible at first, as weird voices came on the political scene, such as that in Canada of Svend Robinson who said we should consider everyone’s rights and take God out of the Canadian equation. We ignored the voice and merely patted him on the head as one who spoke the unthinkable, but we chose to ignore the fact that his ideas introduced the element of treason against the Ruler of this land.

At the same time, religious institutions were beginning to muffle the voice of truth within the system of Christianity, which was illegitimately called the church, with denominational presbyteries becoming the target of demonic forces. Church became the true religious system that it was intended to be, by no longer having pulpits of truth burning with righteous fire and warnings about the ploys of the devil. Satan always plays games with the mind about his existence, until it is too late and we are caught in his spider web of religious lies.

My friend had become just another victim and religious soldier for the establishment. Her religion looked so good on the surface as the dedicated social hostess, giving her time and energy to serve the community and educational system with her social ‘do-gooding’. At the same time, she was spewing out the message of Satan to compartmentalize God by keeping worship in the worship place, separate from our everyday activities. Yes, it is possible that the name of Jesus might come up at our social gathering places for a possible pre-banquet grace, but keep it there, remembering that religion and politics are not to be discussed in social gatherings if one does not want to become a skunk at a garden party.

Understanding what religion truly is can be the only solution and answer for this nation. We watch Christianity crumbling and we blame the enemy, but the enemy was always within its gates. There was darkness at the core of the religious system and its priesthood. The Scriptures warned us of the harlot Babylon from Genesis to Revelation. Don’t you know a harlot to God comes from His own people whom He chose to be His bride, not His adversary?

In searching for His bride from within the institutional, established church, how is the Lord ever going to find one within a group, which will tell you a little talk about God is okay, as long as you do not take Him too seriously? How in the world is the Lord ever going to find an army of Davidic soldiers from within the midst of such a crew as this? The only way is to come out of the system and into the light, for the religious Christian institutions have become very dark, indeed, with a false priesthood leading the sheep to the edge of the cliff, where they are all about to fall over.

In my own sharing with a member of the priesthood, he could see there was much more to be understood about the Bible than he understood. He wanted to understand, but because of his own insecurities about change, he pulled back into the perceived safety of the religious system. He had been well-programmed at theological college to have tolerance and respect for all religions. In fact, at Queen’s Theological College in Kingston, you will now find the halls of learning totally programmed to tolerate all religions with teaching that comes from a brain-dead condition concerning the truth and Word of God.

Religious theology is the product of men and not of God. He is the God of truth and will absolutely not accept a one-day-a-week bride who shuns Him the rest of the time. He simply will turn her over to her lover, the devil, and search out a bride for Himself who will be able to accept the new wineskin as the old is left for the dung heap at the dung gate.

Wake up America and return to God as a bride to her lover! He is not the least bit interested in your Sunday institutional church attendance or your social practices. Return to Him and He will return to you. There is no heritage in the kingdom for religion, only for truth-keepers.