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Sons of God – Commentary #4

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

                    Opening the Sealed Book (see Daniel 12:4)

Commentary #4
Sons of God

January 09, 2011

There is a difference between the creation of Adam and the birth of Jesus. Yet, both were sons of God in the Spirit of life. Both had the potential to pass on the sonship of God, but not both of them did so; Adam failed, whereas Jesus succeeded. Both would require a bride from mankind in order to produce sons of God who were also sons of man. Eve was the bride of Adam and the church is the bride of Jesus Christ. All of mankind must become as a birthing woman if it is going to produce sons for God (see Revelation, chapter 12).

At creation, God separated the seawater from the earth, leaving the substance of dust (such as was found on the moon where there is no water). Nothing could grow in the dust until it was watered from above (see Genesis 2:5). So, the body, or natural substance of Adam, was nothing but dust without water. The spiritual waters of darkness and death had been separated from him.

It was not until God breathed the Spirit of life into him that the water of life flowed through him. Light entered his life and now he could see and was capable of gaining understanding about himself and God. The water of life formed the life-blood, which flowed through his veins. If his blood should flow out of his veins and back onto the earth, he would cease to live and he would die. He would have what we call today in the natural, contaminated blood, for sin will cause that. Rebellion to God’s truth caused exactly that to happen – his blood became spiritually contaminated. The Spirit of life departed from him to give way to the spirit of death, and the waters of his life were changed forever to the bitter waters of death.

It was an incredible gift of life, which was given to man by God so that he might have the attributes of God. In return, God wanted relationship with man, with a government system as it was in heaven. Man was made in the eternal image of God but, with a will of his own; he was given the ability to choose between good and evil, life and death.

The Lord of the Universe did not want a bride from mankind who would choose to be a harlot to Him by lusting after that which was not holy or good. For He had made all things good; but the potential for evil was in the midst of the Garden. Man was betrothed but he would have to choose between keeping the marriage covenant with God and joining the devil in rebellion to Him. The marriage of God to man was to be desired by both parties, basic to which were the love of the truth and the love of life.

The woman, Eve, chose evil and then became a ‘Jezebel agent’ of Satan to lure the man, Adam, to partake of the same evil. Together they became harlots to God, both refusing to take responsibility for their own sin. History could have been a different story, had they repented and shown remorse to a God who is both merciful and loving. As the wonderful Husband of mankind, would God not have received man back into His marriage bed?

God had warned man that any contact with evil by choice would lead to death. In plain terms, this meant that his life-blood would be required back from him, for God will not allow His pure river of life to be contaminated by the evil waters of sin. The problem was that the impure blood of man would now contaminate the earth, which had been separated from the contaminated waters of the sea covering it over in darkness.

The earth could no longer produce the good food for man once the contaminated waters of man’s blood had entered it. Henceforth, the earth would go on a downward spiral. Just as the heaven was polluted by Satan, now he had lured man into polluting the earth. The man was doomed to shed his life-blood and die in the same manner as the earth was doomed to suffer the effects of sin and the pollution it causes. God said it, and so it shall be – from dust man was created and, because of sin, without the flow of the Spirit of life in him, back to dust he shall return.

Because of the love and mercy of the God above, He separated His Son, Jesus, so that He might leave the glory of the Father behind, in order to come down and enter into the Sonship of man through the virginal woman who had none of the corrupted seed of man within her; for she had never known a man. She was impregnated by the Spirit of life, the same Spirit God breathed into the dust of Adam to give him life. This was an act of creation, in exactly the same way as man was originally given life by the breath of life, from the Spirit of God being breathed into him. Living water flowed through the veins of Jesus, in whom there was no contaminated blood by the seed of Adam.

So, the Spirit of eternal life flowed through Jesus, whose blood, by the Spirit, once again flowed through a man’s veins in purity. But, this was no ordinary Son of Man, for He began life in sinlessness as did Adam, both perfect sons of God, before sin changed the spiritual condition of Adam. The difference between the two was that Jesus honored, loved and obeyed His Father God and so the Father was well pleased in Him; Adam did not obey his Father and it greatly displeased Him.

Having been born into the wilderness of this world, Jesus would have to face the same test of the devil, which Adam and Eve faced in the Garden; He would come face to face with Satan and the lure of his lies. However, Jesus did not succumb to his lures, which would have led Him into the liberalism of separation from God in religion, instead of maintaining His relationship with the Father in truth. Jesus was born a Son of Truth and would remain so throughout His lifetime here on earth; He would worship only the Father in spirit and in truth.

He was sent from God as the Son who could save mankind so man, in turn, could produce the good fruit of sons and daughters for God in the spirit, which the sons and daughters of Eve, mother of all living, could no longer produce. Because Jesus also required a bride to share in the birthing process, as Adam had required Eve, bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh, He formed the church from the spiritual part of His body. Jesus assured His church that the gates of hell would not prevail against it, as they had prevailed against Eve.

The church would have to resist and overcome the religious lies of Satan to stand only on truth as her Beloved had done before her. This could never happen without her being washed clean of all religion through the teaching of her Beloved. She would know that truth is her foundation, whereby she would come to recognize and understand the destructive force of religion by having discernment with regard to the nature of the lures Satan would use to try to corrupt her. She will require new understanding, sealed especially for this time, which only Jesus can open to her, if she is to become an overcomer of the biggest giant of all time who is known as the Antichrist.

Jesus came to earth to join the dust of dying mankind so that the Spirit of life could be returned to any and all who would believe upon Him for salvation. He had the right kind of life-blood in Him, which could survive death because the Spirit of life cannot be destroyed; it can only be required back by God to be shared with His family.

So, Jesus agreed with the Father to take our place in death. He shed His perfect blood in place of our shedding our own corrupted blood by sin, which could never save us from the death we deserve. When He arose in victory over death, we shared in that victory by faith, as was Abraham deemed righteous for his faith and his obedience to God. Abraham received no victory by being the father of a special bloodline; only Jesus could give spiritual victory, by the shedding of His blood, making faith the basis for salvation.

Abraham was the father of Israel and the Jew by faith, and Jesus required that we put our faith in Him, as were the tribes of Israel required, through covenant, to trust in God for national victory over their enemies. He alone can give life through His righteousness and sinless nature, to those who have no life-giving blood within them.

Faith in Jesus for salvation is enough to give life back to man, but the Spirit of life, indwelling man again, is required for sonship. And so, with the departure of Jesus, the Spirit of life, which had indwelled Him from the Father, was sent to the church on the Day of Pentecost. This paved the way for the church to be born anew of this same Spirit, whereby it would now have the free gift of eternal life restored to it. The church would have the Law written on its heart and love the way of God more than it loved Satan and his pathway to destruction.

The Spirit is the Counselor, who keeps man on the Way to the kingdom paradise. The kingdom is coming to earth again in the very near future when Jesus returns to rule and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. To receive the Spirit of life means man is born again of that life-giving Spirit, which sin had removed from him. He would die in the flesh only to live again forever as God had originally intended when He breathed the breath of life into Adam.

The Spirit of life is a gift from Jesus for the mere asking. However, man has a choice to make between the truth of Jesus and the lies of Satan. He can choose to be born in the line of that Jezebel, called Eve, who became the mother of all of mankind, doomed to die, or he can choose to be born in a new line beginning with Mary, birthing sons of God by a rebirth in the Spirit of life. There is no other way; we will be forced to choose between these two lines, a choice that will determine our destiny for an eternity.

Do we want to return to dust or do we want to experience that incredible love of God, of which only a hint is found in the marriage bed of this world? Sad will be the day when we realize we have rejected the marriage bed of Jesus and will never come into intimacy with the God of the universe, who created you to love, for your and His own good pleasure. Sonship leaves one with the choice between being sons of God or sons of the beast. There is no love in the beast.

There is a choice to be made between living and dying, and only Jesus can alter the direction in which you are going. He is the way, the truth and the life. He, alone, can open to you the position of sonship of God. There can be no greater reward awaiting you in the kingdom, which is coming to this earth with the return of Jesus, who will rule and reign with His bride, His brethren and the adopted sons and daughters of God.