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The Empire Strikes Back – Commentary #5

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

Opening the Sealed Book (see Daniel 12:4)

Commentary #5
The Empire Strikes Back

January 10, 2011

There were two fruit-bearing trees in the Garden, mentioned from among all of the other trees. These trees symbolized the two spiritual forces present at the time of Creation; one, had the power of light and life, and the other possessed a spiritual force for darkness and death. One represented everything good and the other embodied evil. And the two trees brought forth fruit, according to their kind.

Creation took place in the presence of light, after God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light and there was no darkness in it. God was the Creator, and He is a holy, eternal God who created the human being in His image with eternity built into him to whom He gave the gift of life. However, He also gave this human, called man, free will to choose his own destiny, which would become a matter of life and death.

At the same time as God created all things good, He set up the perfect government for man whereby God ruled over man, but man was called to rule over the beast, subdue the earth and till the ground, which had been separated from the seawaters of darkness. These waters covered over evil, as did the flood of Noah, but evil was not removed from them.

There was only one access point for the separated evil waters to come back over the land to cover the Garden. It was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit of which was forbidden by the supreme Ruler, God, King and Lord of the universe. His ruler-ship was complete, over the entire earth, the seas, and the airways.

The seawaters of Satan had only as much power as God allowed them to have for the purposes of chastising and judging sin, should man decide to disobey God’s Law. Once man made the decision to embrace evil, the spirit of death – the spirit of man’s choice – was allowed to rule over him. Satanic rule is what we call liberalism, which gives the perception of setting men free from the truth of God, as found in His Word.

God gave man perfect freedom within the limitations of the Law, but judgment on sin was sure, swift and righteous in line with the righteousness of a Holy God who cannot co-exist with sin, any more than light can co-exist with darkness.

The lies of the serpent, within the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, began with Satan’s attempt to persuade man that good and evil can co-exist together, making God out to be a liar, with His Word becoming invalid. If man should choose to listen to such nonsense, then God’s policy will be to say in words such as these, “So be it! If you do not want to be ruled by My government rules, then I will allow you to have the government of your choice. You and I shall part ways and I will leave you to the devices of your chosen father, the devil who will not love you and protect you as I do. You shall surely die and no longer remain in My Garden paradise on earth, which is to be ruled in the same way manner as heaven is ruled.”

The devil, or Satan, had once been the leading worship angel of heaven who was cast to earth, along with a third of the angels who followed him, when pride was found in him and he wanted to be worshiped like the Most High God. His rebellion in the heavens was responsible for the darkness on the face of the deep at the time when God began the process of Creation.

God was about to deal with Satan whose spirit had access to the airways. His spiritual activity in the Garden had been limited to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where he was carefully watched under the control of God. Satan was a tempter without power unless, by choice, man should reject the truth of God to replace it with a belief in the lies of the devil.

And so, Adam and Eve disobeyed God, lost their lives to evil through pride to become a son and daughter of the devil, that beast and serpent of old. The lies that created the first belief system became the lies of the first religious system, which introduced liberalism to the world, or a satanic plan for Satan’s government to replace the government of God. The truth is that there is no freedom in governments formed apart from God by man. For liberty is only found in the truth of God.

 Satan had hooked man with his lure, and then reeled him in on the line to place him exactly where he wanted him; man had become a captive of the beast of the sea unto death. He now fell under the control of all future demonic religious/state rulers, in governments where man would fight man to form his own empire of ruler-ship. It went along with being worshiped as a god of this world.

With the fall of man, there no longer was the righteousness of God’s Law, nor was there any justice, where lies rule the day instead of the truth of a God who knows all things about His creation. Justice would give way to injustice, with man becoming the victim of suffering under totalitarian regimes led by men, who want to be little gods like the Most High God. They are bent on war as the result of their empire-building mania, which is all part of the antichrist spirit and the dark side of things.

Man has no one but himself to blame for the suffering he has brought upon himself by rejecting God’s truth and just ruler-ship, as is America doing today, and as Israel did in her day, to both become harlots to their God (see Ezekiel 23).

However, God is a merciful God who put in place a plan for the redemption of mankind whom He had driven out of the Garden, preventing him from having access to the tree of life and, like Satan, live forever in a state of sin. God created for him a way back to the tree, a way, which would run through history to the kingdom on earth, with man being restored to God’s rule and, once again, receive the gift of life in the kingdom.

Before the Way through Israel was established, men were divided into various nations having different tongues and locations throughout the world. They would become the gentile nations of the world, which would vie with each other for control over other nations. This struggle of the empires has the underpinnings of a spiritual battle launched by Satan against God to steal His dominion over the world, and put a stop to anyone who might worship the Most High God instead of him.

Satan’s plan from the fall of man into sin was for mankind to worship only him in a One World Order, orchestrated by his antichrist spirit. It is entirely in control of the liberalism of the religious/state, which serves only Satan.

It is the empire striking back at Israel the nation, ruled by God, and now at America who gave God dominion from sea to sea in the Canadian Constitution, and declared her trust in Him within the Declaration of the United States. The true church has become God’s people called to challenge the satanic move toward the One World Order of empire-building nations, which threatens even from within God’s own nation.

Along the way, God chose a faithful and obedient man called Abraham to establish a nation belonging to God alone. He would rule over this nation, unlike any other nation of the world, so that He could demonstrate to the world the benefits of God’s rule. Through Israel, God intended to demonstrate to the world the difference between light and darkness, good and evil, and the victory and liberty truth provides. Religion can offer no such victory, standing on a foundation of lies.

Victory rests in the hands of God, and He will allow the empires to have victory over His people when they disobey Him so that they can feel the pain of man’s rule. Empire rulers care little for the individual, but rather idealize the state and the ruler’s god-like qualities.

Sinning nations face the judgment in the same manner as sinning individuals. A nation in disobedience to God will die if it rejects its foundation of truth for the lies of religion. Israel belonged to the God of truth whose Law in itself would be the source of either a blessing in obedience, or the curse of death in disobedience.

America should look at the fate of Israel. She was driven into the empires, where she was taken captive, and there she was chastised for her disobedience. God allowed her back into the land, but she chose to still reject Him. Eventually she was dispersed to and scorned by all of the gentile nations of the world, never to find a homeland of peace ever again until Jesus, the Messiah, returns with spiritual Israel at His side, to set up His kingdom.

 Surely that empire seeking dictator called Hitler took the nation to the very burning oven of Abraham’s dream, about which God warned him all those many centuries ago.

Abraham was given the promise of the inheritance of his son, and son’s sons, whose numbers would be greatly increased. The promise came through the nation, Israel, but was never for the nation. It was a promise for a spiritual nation ruled by the throne of David upon which would be seated a divine King born as the spiritual Son of God and not of the seed of man. His lineage of the Way leading to the kingdom would be a spiritual lineage, which would become that of the church of spiritual Israel, whom Jesus would take as His bride.

In the Spirit, together they will bring forth the spiritual sons and good fruit of man, whom God will adopt as His own house of Israel. Together, they will rule and reign forever as life is restored to man with the price of death paid by that perfect, sinless Son of God called Jesus. He bought His bride fairly and squarely, and the gates of hell cannot prevail against her, for she will embrace her Beloved in truth only and never in religion. She will stand as a pillar of the New Jerusalem on the solid rock foundation of truth set in place by her older brothers, the apostles of the early apostolic church.

It is now time for the true church to stand up in truth and come out of the religious tomb of Christianity, just as Jesus raised His beloved friend Lazarus from the tomb before her. Jesus will bring her out into the light of day to witness to the truth of the gospels by opening understanding to her in the same manner as He had opened it to Daniel and the apostle John, in the past.

She will be given understanding by God at this the time of judgment, just as He gave Abraham understanding at the time of the first fire judgment on Sodom. The Father will not hide from her His plans for what He is doing, in so far as He revealed His plans to His chosen one, Abraham, at another time of fire judgment.

Satan hated Israel, and constantly lured her into worshiping the gods of the gentiles, with the empires striking her at every opportunity. Now, Satan’s empire strategy is going to be allowed to reach his goal of a One World Order where he is the king of the world and the lord of the religious system, but for such a short time. He will never be the king or lord of the bride whom he hates because she will not take the mark of the beast and worship him.

Strike at her as he may, Satan will never be able to remove her from her apostolic foundation of truth, for she has the protection of God who will lift her up on the wings of a great eagle and take her to her place of protection in the wilderness of this world where Satan rules. She will cut through the enemy, as the witness of spiritual Israel, with the sword of truth in an army numbering as few as 144,000. No matter how hard the empire strikes back, it will have no power against her.

It is as though she carries a hose, putting out the fires started by Satan in his attempt to burn the true church from the foundation upward. And so the empire strikes back, but God is still in charge of this world and the gates of Hades will never prevail against the bride and church of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God.