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A Journey Through History – Commentary #7

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

                    Opening the Sealed Book (see Daniel 12:4)

 Commentary #7
A Journey Through History

January 27, 2011

Let us never forget, the only history of the world is His story called the Word of God, the Bible. There are two kinds of people on the journey through history – the fool and the wise man. The fool says that some primeval slime somehow came against a wall of force and from the clash came forth that intricate mass of working parts called the human being, somehow placed on the earth within an organized universe. This theory has no answers for the breath of life, which set man into motion, but the fool simply chooses to ignore this part of the missing link.

Then the fool has another theory in which he sees the human, with all his wondrous working parts, interdependent upon each other, as having evolved from an animal state. Though the animal is incapable of reason and understanding in his evolving nature, the evolutionist sees the animal going from no understanding to the human, with the capability for enormous reasoning powers and understanding.

We must always remember that the fool lives by theories and belief systems and not by truth. His conclusions could be equated to a theory about the simple wrist watch and how it came into being. Could this same theorist look at a watch and conclude that it is ticking time away perfectly because a mass of metal came up against some undefined force and immediately took shape as the perfect, working wrist watch, made up of many tiny, intricately-planned, perfect, working parts?

Even a fool would be hard-pressed to believe that a watch, keeping perfect time, had no need of the intelligence of the watchmaker to create this amazing mechanism. Could even the fool believe the watch started ticking away the seconds and minutes in perfect time due to the chaos of metal hitting a wall of force, so to speak? How much more difficult is it to believe such trash about the human, infinitely more incredibly designed with all its working parts, having resulted from either a chaotic bang or from a lesser being of no intelligence, which grew into a reasoning human being capable of understanding?

How is it possible that a greater piece of creation called the human would evolve without need of a greater intelligence that not only created man but also breathed the breath of life into him, which set him in motion with his first cry after separating from the womb of creation? Is the doctor who slaps the baby on the back really responsible for that cry of the baby, or is he merely serving God’s plan for man to breathe in his own strength?

Does this same doctor have the right to abort the child with all its God-breathed capabilities as a potential human being who will become a member of the living, breathing, human race? Is this human killing not just another form of rebellion against God’s Word? There has been no greater genocide in the history of the world than that carried out by the women of America who feel they have the right to choose between life and death for a human being. God sees it as another form of man’s rebellion against His moral Law.

The heavens declare His works. Does the fool look at the perfection of the movements of the sun, moon and earth and think they are doing the dance of happenstance? Does he look away from the brilliance of the sun without understanding that it is a consuming fire, which, if not under divine control, would consume him in a minute?

I write only for the benefit of the wise man who knows that creation requires a Creator and that history begins with Creation, exactly as God describes it in the book of Genesis, the first book of truth written under the influence of the Spirit of life from the God of truth, and the Creator.

The story unravels with an overview of the condition of the earth and the universe in the beginning. The waters immediately become the focal point, for they represent two different kinds of spirits, which are responsible for the two different forms of government that are going to play a major role in history.

Before there were people, other than Adam and Eve, and before there were nations, God tells us that there would be two kinds of government throughout history, based on two very different spirits. God created man by the Spirit of life and placed him east of Eden in the Garden of creation surrounded by the waters of the Pishon river, which came from the source, the throne of God (Eden). Sadly, from there it parted to become four riverheads, three of which were of a very different spirit from that of the Spirit of life. They were described in terms of the empires of man – first, Cush, the Egyptian Empire, then Assyria, the Assyrian Empire, and then the Euphrates at the heart of the Babylonian system of empires.

It would take approximately 2600 years before the final Babylonian system of empires would come to an end, and the Euphrates River, representing these empires would dry up in the latter days. At this time Jesus will return to this earth to put an end to this satanic form of government and set up His kingdom on earth, ruled as the heavens are ruled by God. Only then will peace come. Do not be fooled by the peace treaties of men. Do not be fooled by the empire leaders of men, for their empires take root in the lies, liberalism and religion of Satan.

Following the history of the waters, the message changes to focus on the trees, the fruit-bearing trees, which all look good to the naked eye; but deception lurks in one particular tree about which God warns His first man and woman. He compares man to the fruit-bearing trees, stating that they, like the trees, are to be fruitful as they produce children together for God.

Only Adam and Eve are capable of being fruitful. Adam and Steve, attempting to come together, are as two dead trees with no hope of fruitfulness. Of course, Eve and madam cannot produce any more fruit than Adam and Steve. They were never designed to come together by the Master Designer. In fact, He calls such foolishness an abomination. God wants good fruit from His fruit-bearing mankind, which will become part of His family and His kingdom. What better plan could Satan produce than to destroy the marriage bed with a counterfeit of it?

Now, God warns man that there are many good fruit-bearing trees with their own seed in them of distinctive kinds, but He names the one good tree of life and compares it with one other tree called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the tree leading to death. Of all the trees, it is the forbidden fruit for His creation, for it looks good but is totally corrupt in the seed at the core by satanic spirits, which reside in the serpent found in that tree.

This is a spirit fuelled by lies with the purpose of usurping the throne of God reserved for Christ and His bride. It is this root of the antichrist spirit, which, in these final days, will bring forth an antichrist ruler of which Hitler is the prototype. The devil wants to be like the Most High God and have his own empire on earth, to replace the kingdom plan of God. So, from the two trees spring forth the spirits of two very different kinds of government, with history showing that the world becomes the battle-ground between Satan and God, between Satan’s agent, the Antichrist, and God’s Agent, the Christ, Jesus.

Satan’s governments are listed in Genesis in the waters of the seven major empires – Egypt, Assyria, and the Babylonian system of empires, which are also fully described in Daniel. The last of the Babylonian empires is split in two parts, one of which is the early Roman Empire and the other is the latter-day Revived Roman Empire. With the split there are seven in all, the seven mountains on which the Antichrist builds his battle-ground against God’s people.

Do not be deceived by the serpent. The final empire is a One World Order, which God allows as the final test for His people, the overcomers, the ones who refuse to bow down to any emperor, all of whom want to be worshiped like a god. These gods, which are mere men, set themselves up as the gods of religion, all coming from that deadly tree of knowledge, which fuels academics, atheists and other religious men who forsake the truth for the lie.

There was an invisible wall of truth in the Garden, separating the human being from the forbidden tree and its government. Inability to overcome the lure to eat of it caused man to scale the wall, having no way back to the side of truth and life. But an all-powerful God provided one way, and one way only, for man to be redeemed and returned back to Him to dwell with Him in a kingdom like the Garden, which He would provide right here on earth.

This would bring an end of the empires of history and a return to the government of God at the end of the Way established in the Garden to join with the street of the New Jerusalem when God replaces this earth with a new heaven and new earth, fully cleansed of the antichrist spirit by which Satan rules. He will ultimately be sent to the lake of fire with all who would not receive Jesus, being subjected to the same incinerating fire of which the sun in the heavens has been warning man throughout history.

Man is in a spiritual battle for his soul. He has a choice to make throughout history between the way to the kingdom and the broad road to destruction. The fool chooses the broad road and the wise man chooses the Way. God gives us the plan in the Bible with it being our guide, and Jesus gives us the point at which the two roads meet with the option for all of mankind to make each, his own choice for either life or death, regardless of nationality.

Without knowledge of the Bible and revelation from God, man will surely become a fool. Deliberate disregard for God’s Word is an act against the Spirit of life and against God, who has given us the gift of eternity only to have us reject it. He who rejects Jesus rejects life, and so he travels the broad road back to destruction and back to dust. He is as the fool who thinks the watch just happened and ticks without a watchmaker and mankind came from nothing more than a splat against the wall, which took the form of man and started to breathe on his own without a Creator. Can you determine yet whether you have chosen to be a fool or a wise man?

History is the story of Creation, the spiritual rivers, two trees and two governments running side by side to the end. It is the story of the doomed human race being redeemed by the Redeemer, Jesus, so that eternal life lost in the Garden is restored to the kingdom.

The world is a wilderness journey of testing, where God is searching, as His eyes roam everywhere, looking for overcomers who can resist the lures of Satan who will take them to their death. It is the story of victory, but not until the last overcomer is saved from out of the six millennia of judgment under empire rule for every day God worked to create the perfect world for His marriage partner, called man, only to have him refuse God’s work of love.

If you haven’t done so beforehand, do so now. Get out your Bible and begin to read from cover to cover. For it is the good spiritual food, which will put life back in that sick body, which is doomed to die.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth (John 1:14).

Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14:6).”