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A Religious Regime vs. the Law of God

Voice of the Kingfisher speaks out  …from a different perspective

                                                          by Elinor Montgomery

A Religious Regime vs. the Law of God

February 27, 2011

America is at a crossroads. The direction she chooses to take will determine the state of the nation. She will either remain a free nation under God in truth, or she will become just another religious regime with control over the life and death of its people.

God, in truth, is the Author of life. He made it very clear to Adam that if he should choose to disobey His commandments, it would lead to death; Satan then would take control over his life by way of a religious belief system. Because man accepted the first doctrine of religion in sin and rebellion to the truth, which did lead to death just as God said it would, man was trapped forever in the snare that separated him from life and God.

Two governments were clearly established in the first chapters of Genesis – the government of truth in God, and a government of religion apart from God. His Law gave way to a religious regime, which led into a power struggle of Satan with God in what came to be known, over the centuries, as the empires of man. There would follow seven, religiously-controlled empires, which have literally fought for world dominance under emperors who seek god-like status.

First, there was the Egyptian Empire, then the Assyrian Empire, followed by the four empires of the Babylonian system, which were known as the Babylonian Empire, the Medo-Persian Empire, the Greek Empire and the Roman Empire, the last of which is divided into two parts, spanning approximately a 2200-year period.

When the coming One World Order is formed, the Roman Empire will be revived from out of the ashes of the first Roman Empire. It shall be a time when religion will rule the world and there will be found no place in it for the truth; the coming antichrist ruler will force it underground. The glue holding together the two parts of the Roman Empire is the Romanism upon which the Institutional Christian Church was founded by Constantine, one of the Roman Caesars.

What are we seeing in America today, if not the so-called religious rights groups, such as the ACLU and CAIR, trying to force the Bible and the Ten Commandments out of this nation? By so doing, they are attempting to destroy her heritage in order to build a new multicultural base, where all cultures will have religious rights, that is to say, with the exception of the true American culture, which is based on the truth of God. The nation is falling victim to what is known as the antichrist spirit, first found in the serpent lodged in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which was forbidden by God for this reason.

So, of course, God’s truth will be viewed as the enemy of Satan’s religious regimes, where the godlike dictators have the right to determine who will live and die. This is exactly what Shariah law is all about – wicked, religious men who want to have the right to kill even their own family members for not adhering to their dictates or those of their religion.

Faith to the religious system is enforced at the threat of the guillotine. The religious Imams of the mosques make it their duty to direct the followers of Allah to kill, maim and commit suicide in the name of Allah. They believe that the infidels who do not accept the dictates of this evil regime based on killing should be tortured first by cutting off hands and limbs for lesser crimes, and then killed by beheading and other sadistic forms of murder for not agreeing with such wickedness. Let no one tell you that it is politically incorrect to speak out against such gross acts of human indecency.

It is not even a possibility for a nation in truth under God to share the same territory with those who live by Shariah law. It is putting darkness with light and they are not compatible. Leaven always rises up to fill the entire loaf. This is the leaven of religion to which Jesus referred when He spoke of the leaven of the Pharisees. This is the same leaven about which God instructed Moses concerning the requirements of the Israelites on the eve of their departure from Egypt in the Exodus.

In chapter twelve of the book of Exodus, Moses repeated over and over to the people that there was to be no leaven eaten by them. This was to say that God was in the process of taking His people out of a religious regime to freedom, and if they were to bring any of that religion with them, it would ultimately grow to fill the entire nation and destroy their liberty. Likewise, when the Israelites entered the land, they were commanded to rid the land of the religious nations, which were living in idolatry. The reason was that God’s people were to be separate, for their lifestyle under Him could never be compatible with that of a people who chose to live as sons of the beast in a world ruled by Satan and religion.

Jesus told the religious Pharisees that their father was the devil, which made them sons of the beast. He shared no common ground with the religion of the Jews. He took His own out of the temple and taught them truth, not religion. He declared unequivocally that He was the Son of the God of truth and, therefore, it was impossible for Him to share His space with religious men. He walked out of the temple, declaring that He would not return again. He was never received by either His nation or its religious leaders.

And so, Jesus brought forth His church, called to witness to the truth of the gospels. By this fruit you will know the true church – she will not be able to abide religion, nor will she bow down to false gods that have about as much power as dead cows or pieces of stone and wood, tooled and carved by man.  It is all as dead as the dead wood of the cross upon which Jesus was stretched out by wicked men who hated the truth. Pilate responded to Jesus by asking what truth was. The Romans had never known anything other than religion.

Watch out, America, for those trying to inflict Shariah law upon this nation! But also watch out for the Communist element that allies itself with union controls inflicted upon the workers of the nation. Good, hard-working moms-and-pops business owners are forced to fork out the fruit of their labors to others who do not want to pay the price required for their own social benefits.

May this nation honor men like Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, who want to see injustices righted within the state. He would like to make it possible to pay off the people’s debt that has accrued partly because of the democratic politicians who are in bed with union thugs, endlessly bowing to them for the funding given by them to little dictators and ‘constitution busters’ such as Obama.

Collective bargaining versus free business competition is on the books right now as I write. The outcome of the battle could determine whether or not we will maintain free enterprise or go down under political, religious and fiscal strangleholds. The Federal government under Obama is doing its best to prevent the state from being fiscally responsible. He actually believes he has the right to interfere in the affairs of the state; for, after all, as the perceived messiah, is he not above the law?

Communism, Atheism, Human Secularism, Nazism, Islam and Christianity are all religions, which define people and nations. America is defined by none of them; she is defined by truth. It has been required of our leaders, until just recently, that they be sworn into office on the Bible, because we deem this book, by virtue of our constitution, to be the book of truth. Unless people enter this country accepting this premise, then the face of this country will be altered to reflect the religion of the rest of the world. Unless the church stands up to witness to the truth, then Satan will have his way with America, which will become just another harlot to her God.

Wake up, America! Religious, destructive forces are pouring into this country, to which we have not been closing our borders. If it is religious controls you want, then you will get them. Read Daniel 4:28-35. You cows of Bashan are about to follow in the footsteps of King Nebuchadnezzar. When you choose the beast, then God will deliver you to him, and you shall live like him as a beast of the field for seven years.  

There is another seven-year period coming just over the horizon. Your lovely homes, your endless supply of good food and clean water will all disappear. Medicare will not even be an issue when there are no longer any health benefits. You will come to know the error of your ways when the judgment begins to fall!